The careful use of kindness

By Ruby James,2014-10-29 21:28
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The careful use of kindness

    The careful use of kindness

Hello, everyone:

     Today, I’ll talk about the careful use of kindness.

     When you hang out with your friends in a street, a man comes to you says his money has been stolen and begs for money, do you believe him? Do you give him money? Most of us must think him as a bilker and politely reply I have no money too, then go away. Thats a common scene in our life. Sometimes, you calm down and think about your behavior, you may ask yourself am I too offish? Do I have kindness? What if he is telling the truth? Shouldnt I show my kindness? In my

    opinion, the point is that we should use kindness carefully rather than blindly.

     Kindness is an ideal that is easily accessible to all of us. We all know that a small kindness can make our journeys lighter and more enjoyable. Even bringing an instance of kindness to mind can put a smile on your face days or weeks later or perhaps even inspire you to share kindness with another. However, nowadays, kind activities are going to extinct. You may scrabble for whether the use of kindness is right. Man and boy, there are many people begging to you. These people may be an old man who is wearing old clothes begging for money on his knees; a little child who is shining his big eyes looking at you; a handicapped writing his miserable encounter on the ground; a vagrant who is singing on the street for money or even some healthy adults. People begin to hide their own hearts after experience these things. Most of time, it is ones reluctance that

    drags you into a trap named kindness.

     Yes, there are many swindles taking advantage of others kindness in order to

    make money. They may even engage in begging as a life-long career. They look for some children who are in poverty families and train them as a tool of begging. These people intimidate children that if they beg for nothing, they will have no meal. You may run into some children who are pulling your clothes or showing their talents. The emaciated body, a pair of avid eyes, you may clearly know there is someone who is directing this. At this time, whats your decision? Give him

    money or not. Thats a difficult question. If you give him money, you kindness is cheated. But if you don’t give him money, what will happen to the little child? Does he starve because of begging for nothing?

     The careless use of kindness can hurt people, especially to the children. Adults have already realized the real world. So if he is cheated by kindness, he can adjust himself. But, if the children are cheated by kindness, they may think that is the real world and never want to help others again. So the careful use of kindness is very important.

     So, please use your kindness carefully. Your careless kindness makes some one abandon their conscience; your careless kindness makes some adults abandon themselves to vice, trample their self-respect; may be your careless kindness promote the job as a professional beggar, makes them reap where one has not sown. Your heart is soft, you are kind, you must give money to beggar. But, please learn to distinguish white and black, give help to the people who are really in need. Thats the real love. So please carefully reach your hands to others, prize your kindness. Also, protecting yourself is the bottom line of using your kindness.

     Also, for those professional beggar who exchanges self-respect and conscience for wealth, please pick up your self-respect and conscience. Let the person who need help gets the help from others.

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