The ultimate challenge Marketing of foreign nurse recruitment

By Gary Black,2014-01-20 22:00
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The ultimate challenge Marketing of foreign nurse recruitment

Marketing a foreign nurse recruitment program to U.S.

    Hospitals during the “post 9-11 period of

    immigration and socioeconomic transformation.

    Challenge: Total Care Staffing Services, LLC required a fully integrated marketing and communications campaign to support the launch and growth of their new

    Permanent Nurse Placement program for U.S. hospitals. This campaign was

    implemented during a period of great social controversy and political upheaval

    related to widespread hospital workforce shortages coupled with immigration and

    domestic terrorism issues that emerged in response to the tragic events of 9-11.

    Prior to engagement TCSS had established working relationships with approximately

    5 hospitals. Company sales growth depended entirely upon the charisma of the CEO

    and a handful of independent sales consultants that were using contractual

    documents as sales tools to make presentations to C-level hospital executives.

    Solution: Alexander Creative Consulting developed a complete Marketing & Communications strategy and managed the development of several initiatives

    including a Corporate Positioning, Branding, complete overhaul of the Total Care Web

    site, Internet marketing including Search Engine Optimization, Electronic and Print

    Media Sales Tools, Trade Show Coordination, an Online Media Profile, and industry-

    specific targeted Public Relations. All programs and tools were rolled out to the sales

    team at the first annual national meeting and then ACC functioned as the national

    sales manager to implement the tools and facilitate the sales process.

    Deliverables: As a key component of the Total Care marketing team, ACC provided strategic and technical advice for all aspects of the Total Care launch. The first

    priority was to conduct basic market research and competitive analysis related to

    current trends in hospital nursing recruitment. Corporate positioning statements

    were then crafted to meet the projected market needs uncovered in the research

    project. ACC executives worked closely with hand-picked and client-chosen vendors.

    For example the copywriter, (a highly skilled Seattle, WA based professional), was

    chosen by ACC but the Web developer, (physically located in Manila, The Philippines),

    was selected by the client prior to ACC’s engagement. This scenario required diligent

    communications, (sometimes into the wee hours of the morning due to the variance

    in time zones), but nonetheless was completed within budget and ahead of schedule.

    The TCSS executive team was so pleased with their new web presence,

    (, that a plan was hatched immediately to link the

    corporate website to the operations intranet/production database. This password

    protected interface allowed hospital clients and operations personnel in all parts of

    the world to simultaneously view or update detailed status / tracking reports related

    to the movement of nurses through the education and immigration pipeline. Sales

    and recruitment oriented collateral materials were developed to carry the same TCSS

    branded messages, images and corporate philosophies. These tools included the

    following: Tradeshow exhibit/marketing display board, PowerPoint sales presentation,

    presentation folders, large brochures for presentations, small “mailer” sized tri-fold

    brochures, large recruitment brochures for international nurses, promotional item

    executive pens, 8-minute streaming video posted to website and also on branded

    CD-ROM + case. In addition to rolling out these tools with the sales team the

    corporate executives used these materials and tools at national and regional

    tradeshows to facilitate brand awareness, promote product differentiation, and to

    generate sales leads in 3 key market sub-segments: Hospital CEO’s (American

College of Healthcare Executives + Texas Hospital Association), CNO’s (American

    Association of Nurse Executives), Human Resource Directors, (National Association of

    Healthcare Recruiters). Finally, media and public relations campaigns were launched

    to complement the sales activity. Creative was developed and print advertising was

    placed in the journal publications associated with tradeshows/professional

    organizations noted above. The PR campaign focused on the developing

    opportunities for the CEO to be called upon as a nursing shortage” and immigration

    expert. A media profile was posted prominently on the Internet and a series of

    monthly press releases were developed and transmitted to editors of key healthcare

    publications including nationally distributed professional journals and newspapers

    that were located in the principal geographic target markets of California, New Jersey,

    Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Ohio, Hawaii, Nevada, New York, and


    Alexander Creative Consulting maintains regular contact with TCSS and continues to

    support the Total Care marketing efforts with strategic consulting services.

    Results: Sales penetration grew from 5 hospital accounts to over 45 in a 14 month

    period -- (September 2001 through November 2002).

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