FO-019 Room Change due to Upgrade and Upsell

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FO-019 Room Change due to Upgrade and Upsell




Policy Name : Room Change due to Upgrade and Upsell

Effective Date : 01 June 2006

Revised Date : Nil

Applicable : All Staff

Forms to use : Room Rate Change Form, Room Change

    Authorization Form

Refers to : Nil


    The purpose of this policy is to ensure all guests’ room upgrades and rate changes are justified and legitimate.

    Room changes are occasioned as a result of either a guest requesting a different room category or room location, or in the event that an extension of stay is required by a guest occupying a room which is required for another arriving guest. Additionally, from time to time a guest must be moved due to their room requiring unavoidable or emergency maintenance work.


It is the policy of Hyatt Regency Dongguan that all guests’ room upgrades and all rate

    changes are justified and authorized by the proper hotel management with minimal adjustment to the room revenue.

    It is the responsibility of the room’s management team to ensure all guests’ room rates and room changes are verified before every night audit runs.

    Whenever there is a room change for in-house guest, utmost care and security must be practiced to ensure all of the guest’s belongings are safely and efficiently moved to the new room.

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    1. A room change form authorized by the guest and countersigned by the Assistant

    Manager must accompany any request for room changes that involved either an

    upsell or if the guest is willing to pay a higher rate for a better room category to

    avoid potential disputes thereafter.

2. Room upgrades must be authorised by:

    - General Manager

    - Director of Sales

    - Director of Rooms

    - Front Office Manager

    - Assistant Manager for forced upgrades

    3. Reservations with upgrades that do not require authorisation :

    - Courtesy Card Holder upgrade to Regency Club Regency Suites

    Lake View

    - Diamond Card holder upgrade to Regency Club room when available

    upon check in

    - Contractual agreements

    4. Front staff will ensure proper authorization is obtained from the guest on reason

    of room change, change in room rates and moving his belongings whilst he is

    not in the hotel.

    5. In the event that a guest had made prior arrangements to have his room change

    in his absence, security personnel must accompany the bell staff to do the


6. The Bell Attendant must ensure the positions of the guest’s belongings in the

    new room are the same as those in the previous room.

    7. Before leaving the former room, the bell staff must check the mini-bar and

    safebox to ensure consumption is noted and items left behind must be returned

    to their owners.

    8. Once the room change form is returned, Front Office staff must inform

    - Operator in case guests has special request to block his phone lines

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    - Housekeeping to ensure any previous minibar consumption is correctly

    posted to the new room number and in case there is laundry to be


9. Front Office staff will then do the room switch in Opera. The Room Change

    Log must be updated on the above proceedings and initialed by the staff


    10. The staff will then attach the room change authorization form, if any, to the

    Registration card and file the card in its new slot.

Prepared by James Fan Date 01 Jun 2006

Approved by Date

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