Enterprise Literacy and Learning through the SWOT analysis of

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The report template structure is based on the SWOT analysis - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to demonstrate thefor and against'

Enterprise Literacy and Learning

    Enterprise Literacy and Learning’ through the curriculum

    Parkside Community College 2007

    The ‘Enterprise Literacy and Learning model (ELL) is a very new idea created by Parkside Community College; Plymouth aimed at years 8 or 9. We have piloted the ELL model with two

    separate groups. Once on a collapsed curriculum day and the other through core curriculum

    subjects through seven 1- hour slots. Both worked well but there is more potential for building this

    model into an assessment programme by delivering it through existing core subjects. The students

    felt very proud to have completed a professional business report within the deadline and to have

    had ownership of the style and creativity.

How it works

    The structured tasks have been designed to create opportunities for students to: research, read,

    use creative writing, oral and design communication, write for a specific audience, meet deadlines,

    work as individuals but also collaboratively, take ownership, come up with new ideas and present

    written information. It encompasses many of the valued enterprise skills; including taking

    responsibility for learning, decision making and meeting deadlines.

The model also encourages students to identify the enterprise, literacy and learning skills they will

    use and did use.

    ? This model is based on a topic of interest and known to the student’s - mobile phones.

    ? The activity is designed to be delivered through subjects English, Maths, Science, PSHE, IT

    and Technology or delivered as a collapsed curriculum day.

    ? The structured tasks are designed so that students build up a report about the potential use

    of mobile phones for educational purposes the fictitious target is The Government.

    ? The report template structure is based on the SWOT analysis - Strengths, Weaknesses,

    Opportunities and Threats to demonstrate the ‘for and against’ arguments.

    ? Student ownership is encouraged by each students creating an individual report including

    designing the cover and completing individual tasks.


Enterprise Literacy and Learning

    Lesson Plan

Subject of the report:

    Should mobile phones be designed to have more educational features so that they can be

    used in lessons for students aged between 10-12 years of age?

To: Jim Knight, Minister for Education

    ? Using the template below students create an individual report over the course of the

    day/week. Each piece of completed work is put in individual folders and passed onto the

    next lesson. At the end of all of the sessions students put the report together with binders

    and clear plastic protection thus creating ownership and pride.

    ? Students start with designing the front cover drawing, bubble writing, importing pictures,

    text etc.

    ? Students will have hour long chunks (with set deadlines) to complete the different sections

    of the SWOT report.

    ? The curriculum subject and some ideas are outlined under the SWOT headings below

    (obviously feel free to use your own, but they need to develop the Enterprise, Literacy and

    Learning skills see table below).

    ? Students can work together with another person to get their individual tasks completed, if

    they think that person can help them.

    ? By allowing students to choose who they work with you are helping to create ownership but

    this can be taken away if students are not able to take responsibility for their learning.

    ? As they are only year 8/9 we are using a certain amount of artistic licence to help students

    get the message across and to have some fun. As we know reports are usually plain but

    students can be creative on Pages 5 9 and draw images, use catalogue pictures to get the

    message across but will also have to write some words in the report under each SWOT

    and in the ‘Summary and conclusion’ – page.


    Subject Report Activity Enterprise Literacy and

    headings Learning Skills

    English Create front Set the scene student will be All actively listen PSHE cover adding to a report about mobile Make sense of instruction

     phones Why because students Ideas are noted down are at the cutting edge and the Responsibility government wants their opinion on Decision making a new topic read the title. Design and making things

    Should mobile phones be Teamwork

    designed to have more commitment

     educational features so that they

    can be used in lessons for

    students aged between 10-12

    years of age?

    ? What is a SWOT report?

    ? What skills do they think

    they will use?

    ? Design the front cover


    Enterprise Literacy and Learning

    English/IT Strengths As group read for meaning ? Talk about and students to

     Make sense of text research about how mobiles Advantages of All actively listen and - to are getting increasingly

    idea, resources, each other powerful, new graphics cultural effects, Decide how to develop technology etc. attitude emerging ideas ? (tip to get round internet

     Research and record ideas filter Google radio

    as they are developed waves/masts etc)

    Organisation of writing

     ? Discuss and then create a

    A ‘can do’ approach poster/mind map showing

    Respect for evidence some the research findings

    Decision making

    Thinking and learning skills ? Show what educational Design and making things features a new mobile could have.

    English Weaknesses All actively listen ? Do a mind map showing the

    Science or IT Engage in purposeful talk issues/disadvantages of an

    Disadvantages See how to develop educational mobile. of idea, costs, emerging ideas ? As a group look at the

    other issues All talking and thinking mobile phone instructions

    together collaboration and state 3 issues/problems

    Clarity of explaining complex with them for the 10/12 year

    ideas olds.

     ? Each student to create a

    Teamwork new set of instruction to suit

    A ‘can do’ approach your target group. Make

    Responsibility them more visual and

    Commitment creative by using clip art or

    Decision making other illustrations.

    Thinking and learning skills ? Create a ‘text’ dictionary of 5 Design and making things popular educational shortcuts, make it easy to


    PSHE or Opportunities Decide how to develop ? Students to design a new

    Technology emerging ideas phone that will appeal to the

    Global Engage in purposeful talk 10-12 age group. influences, All talking and thinking ? Use the phone shapes

    trends, market together collaboration provided or draw your own. developments, Achieve clarity of presenting Show the colour scheme

    changing written ideas and the new educational

    attitudes Organisation of writing features you will offer

     ? Draw some designs on a

    A ‘can do’ approach shoe box for your new brand

    Decision making of mobile phones and then

    Thinking and learning skills transfer those onto the

    Design and making things mobile phone shape in the


    ? Come up with a brand name

    and design a logo.


Enterprise Literacy and Learning

    Lesson Report Activity Enterprise, Literacy and

    headings Learning Skills Science Weaknesses clarity of presenting written ? Research about two mobile

    Disadvantages ideas phone issues that affect the

    of idea, costs, clarity of explaining complex environment.

    other issues ideas 1) Disposal

    organisation of writing 2) Energy consumption.

     ? Make a poster to show all

    A ‘can do’ approach of the research findings

    Responsibility (you can mix this up with

    Respect for evidence drawings, clip art or mind

    Thinking and learning skills map to get the ideas


Maths Threats Financial calculations Organisation of writing

    Environmental clarity of presenting written ? What is the cost of energy of

    threats, ideas the phone charger left on for

    obstacles, 8 hours a day over 2 years?

    political and Respect for evidence ? How much landfill will be

    cultural issues Thinking and learning skills used up in disposing of old

     mobile phones over 2


    ? Etc, etc

English Summary page, clarity of presenting written ? Whole class to help

    (following finish off report ideas summarise the key points week) clarity of explaining complex that they have put under

    ideas each of the SWOT

    organisation of writing headings.

    Engage in purposeful talk

    All talking and thinking

    together, collaboration



    Thinking and learning skills

    PSHE SPLATS clarity of presenting written ? Student volunteers to read

    What went well, ideas out cards (SPLATS) to the

    reflection, skills clarity of explaining complex class. Ask for an

    gained, ideas explanation and get

    presentation etc Decision making students to individually write

    Thinking and learning skills down when they used this

     skill in writing the report.

    ? Present your report to a

    panel of judges or to the rest

    of the class.


    ? To make SPLATS - on pieces of shaped card write down the skills phrases in the end

    column ie organisation of writing

    ? Each student has a report template, either a hard copy or networked and a folder.

    ? Coloured card for the front and back of the report.

    ? Access to the internet and research magazines/books


Enterprise Literacy and Learning

    ? Pens, coloured pencils, felt tip, pencils, scissors, magazines, rulers etc

    ? Enterprise literacy and learning certificate

    ? Use Splats to identify the Literacy, Learning and Enterprise skills


    Enterprise, literacy and learning guidelines

In line with the Secondary Curriculum Review starting Sept 2008)

Mary Haslam (Plymouth, Lifelong Learning)

    Enterprise Education Literacy Education (extracted from Secondary Curriculum (Extracted from Literacy and Learning

    review Framework)

    Knowledge and Understanding: Good communicators

     Structured and organised writing Organisation Creative and inventive writing Innovation Trying out new styles/presentation Risk Talking and thinking together Teamwork Talking, reading and writing with different

    Managing change degrees of formality Personal effectiveness Developing clear and appropriate expression

    Consider audience Skills: Making choices of what and how to talk, read

     and write. Consider purpose. Decision making Talking and thinking together, using talk to

    Thinking and learning skills clarify ideas, question, hypothesise,

    Design and making things speculate, evaluate and solve problems,

    Leadership using writing as a tool for thought. Managing risk Use writing for thinking and learning by

    Selling recording ideas as they develop to aid

    Team working reflection and problem solving. Key skills In group work, act as chair, lead discussion.

    Active listening, reading for meaning.

    Synthesis information from a range of


Attributes: Developing research and study skills.

     Independent learner Self reliance Identify underlying themes, implications and

    A ‘can do’ approach issues. Compare presentations, infer and

    Responsibility deduce meanings using evidence in texts,

    Ambition identifying where and how meanings are

    Open-mindedness implied.

    Respect for evidence Discuss and evaluate conflicting evidence

    Pragmatism and arrive at a considered viewpoint. Argue

    commitment and justify an idea.

    Recognise bias and objectivity distinguishing

    from hypothesis, theories and opinions. Note: adapted from QCA Curriculum dimensions Enterprise Capability and the Literacy and Learning



Enterprise Literacy and Learning

Mobile Phone Report


Enterprise Literacy and Learning

     Should mobile phones be designed to have more educational features so that

    they can be used in lessons for students aged between 10-12 years of age?

    Report subject:

    To: Jim Knight, Minister for Education

Report written by:



    Enterprise Literacy and Learning Summary








Enterprise Literacy and Learning


    (Advantages of idea, resources, cultural effects, attitude)


Enterprise Literacy and Learning


    Mind map features for new educational mobile


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