Pre-Termination Hearing Recommendation for

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Pre-Termination Hearing Recommendation for

     Director Michael O'Brien


    Ray Kirk

    Steve Shelton

    Ben C. White

    January 26, 2009

    Please see the attached brief status reports from the Units in Management Services Division (MSD).

MSD is comprised of the following units:

    Human Resources Joanie Batty, Administrator

    Policy Develop. /Program Standards Sandi Stokes, Administrator Central Dept. Services Randy Weaver, Administrator Information Services Jonathan Woodward, Administrator

    Development Officer Larry Bishop

    The attached reports include some of the recently completed projects along with key projects that staff in these units is working on currently.

    Please let me know if you need any additional information or have any questions regarding the attached reports.

As always, I appreciate your continued support.


Goli Dunkle,

    Administrator, Management Services Division

    th 3535 N.W. 58 Street, Suite 500 • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112-4824 • Voice/TTY: (405) 951-3400 • Fax: (405) 951-3529



TO: Goli Dunkle, MSD Division Administrator

FROM: Joanie Batty, HR Programs Director

     DRS Human Resources Unit

DATE: January 26, 2010

RE: Report of Human Resources Unit Projects

    ; Participating in the Protégé Pilot Project: 8 protégés will be teamed up with 8 mentors for

    a period of 6 months. Paula Land and Mike Hamrick working together on the pilot st project. The second phase will of this project will begin July 1

    ; Document Imaging Project in the Human Resources Unit. The goal is to have all

    documents scanned and put into a retrievable format. The HR Unit staff has completed

    the scanning of inactive and active personnel files and is now working on scanning the

    inactive and active payroll and benefits files.

    ; Paperless by 2012 Project: The goal of this project is to identify and remove barriers to

    the agency becoming paperless by 2012 within policy, forms, statutes or administrative

    code. Tasks to be accomplished are: Meet with MSD Units to identify policy, forms,

    statutes, merit rules, and administrative codes that are barriers to paperless operation.

    Convert DRS forms to electronic process. Revise DRS policy. Meet with other agencies

    to discuss possible revisions to statute or their administrative code that prevents paperless

    operation. Ray Leard and Paula Land continue to address policies and forms to pave the

    way for the agency to be paperless by 2012.

    ; Participates on the Support Services Awards & Recognition Committee.

    ; Participating in the Distance Learning Project: Continue to work with Central

    Departmental Services to award contract for learning management system for New

    Employee Orientation and other DRS training sessions.

    ; Currently reviewing Human Resources policies and procedures to determine if revisions

    are needed in order to insure compliance with legislation and Merit Rules and to look for

    any hindrances to going paperless by 2012.

; Serves as CORE Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) training solution ELM

    Nominating Official

; Serves as State-wide Training Coordinator’s Council Meeting – Distance/E-Learning


    ; Coordinating and implementing the training and development programs for the agency

    which includes the mandatory supervisor training. Track mandatory supervisor training

    for 2009

    ; On an ongoing basis, provides guidance to supervisors regarding the appropriate

    procedures related to the Progressive Discipline process.

    ; Plans and directs activities involving the establishment and proper allocation of positions,

    preparation of job announcements and the review and on-line posting of various

    personnel transactions.

; Oversees the distribution of new employee packets.

    ; Developing and implementing Human Resources policies and procedures within the

    framework of laws and regulations.

    ; Serving as the agency’s Retirement Coordinator for the Oklahoma Public Employees

    Retirement System and the Oklahoma Teachers Retirement System.

    ; Planning, coordinating and implementing the training and development program for the

    agency which includes the mandatory supervisor training, Certified Public Manager

    (CPM) program, Quality Oklahoma program, HIPAA training for appropriate new

    employees, OPM/HRDD and DRS/HRD spring/fall training to include New Employee

    Orientation each quarter, required mandatory supervisor training (PMP & Progressive

    Discipline), training that's been identified by MSD Management Team (Customer

    Service), and requested training from divisions/schools.

    ; Enrolling 45 new DDD employees into the various systems including personnel &

    payroll, benefits, and retirement.

    ; Preparing CY 2009 OK 300 Form for all DRS facilities, and participate in the annual

    statistical survey of occupational injuries and illnesses with the Department of Labor

    reporting system on the internet.

    ; Managing the accurate and timely processing of multiple payrolls (regular, supplemental

    and off cycle) using the PeopleSoft Payroll System on a monthly basis close to 1,000


    ; Developing long range plan to train new timekeepers and update existing timekeepers

    utilizing a PowerPoint presentation on Compass.

    ; Developing long range plan to train new and current first line supervisors regarding

    time/leave and payroll responsibilities.

    ; Developing the training for all DRS employees on the upcoming PeopleSoft Employee

    Self Serve project.

    ; Prepare and update timekeeper lists. Communicate PeopleSoft updates and leave

    information to timekeepers. Review and audit leave posted by the timekeepers on

    PeopleSoft and Unit time reports.

    ; Providing technical assistance/consultation on a continuous basis to DRS unit

    timekeepers and backup timekeepers regarding time/leave issues.

    ; Explaining and interpreting for all levels of staff, the laws, regulations, Merit Rules and

    agency policies and procedures governing human resources activities.

    ; Planning, directing and implementing all phases of the employee insurance and disability,

    workers' compensation and wellness programs.

    ; Providing guidance to staff concerning the DRS Progressive Discipline policies,

    grievance process, and the mediation program.

; Serving as the Agency Awards and Recognition Committee Advisor.

    ; Serving as the agency’s Safety Coordinator and Civil Emergency Management

    Emergency Preparedness Officer.

    ; Serving as the State Office Chairperson for the Emergency Evacuation Plan Committee.

    Providing safety training opportunities and/or training materials to State Office staff on a

    quarterly basis.

    ; Tracking and distributing the State Service Certificates and Pins to employees.

    ; Working with CORE and OSF to update information and procedures for processing

    payrolls. Audit all payrolls for accuracy reconciling any discrepancies; improving current


; Process and oversee the DRS Direct Deposit and Pay Card program.

    ; Audit and explain employee leave without pay in reference to DRS Policies to employees,

    supervisors and timekeepers. Contact supervisors regarding not completing information

    for leave usage, leave without pay and/or not completing the Family Medical Leave

    Forms for employees they supervise. Review shared leave for completeness and process

    shared leave information.

    ; Process, audit, print and distribute the employee monthly leave reports.

    ; Calculate tax levies and garnishments. Contacting attorneys, DHS and other vendors

    regarding garnishments, child support and tax levies. Prepare and complete information

    submitted with employee garnishment, child support and tax levy payments.

; Prepare information to purchase savings bonds.

    ; Complete and prepare the Teachers’ Retirement Spreadsheet and the teachers’ retirement

    report for monthly salaries and submit the information to the Teachers Retirement System.

    ; Research and provide information to OPERS and Teachers’ retirement regarding

    employee contributions completing spreadsheets for Current/past years’ contributions.

; Enroll new employees in OPERS.

    ; Provide information to employees regarding the SoonerSave/Deferred Compensation


Training Courses Completed:

    th; Progressive Discipline by Merit Protection Commission Oct 27 th; Violence in the Workplace by Trooper Howard Payne (DPS) Oct 12 thth; Two New Employee Orientation Sessions Dec 4 and 17 nd; Emotional Intelligence conducted by Dr. Mary Jo Major Dec 2 th; Support Services Conference D.R.E.A.M. Nov 6


    Department of Rehabilitation Services

TO: Goli Dunkle, MSD Administrator

FROM: Sandra Stokes, PDPS Unit Administrator

DATE: January 26, 2010

SUBJECT: Activity Report, October through December, 2009

PDPS Unit activities focus on the following functions:

    ; Managing the policy development process to ensure compliance with the Oklahoma

    Administrative Procedures Act;

    ; Administering the VR/VS consumer fair hearing and grievance process under the

    Rehabilitation Act, the Business Enterprise grievance process under the Randolph-

    Sheppard Act, and the Teacher contract grievance process;

    ; Administration of program standards and quality assurance activities including

    conducting studies and issuing reports that measure program performance, consumer and

    employee satisfaction as well as other data analysis to assist in agency decision making;

    ; Performance of case reviews to monitor VR/VS case file management for compliance

    with the Rehabilitation Act and agency policy; and,

    ; Staff support and supervision of the state office reception desk function.

Unit activities include:

Policy Management and Fair Hearing/Grievance Programs

    1 staff member

    Ray Leard, Administrative Programs Officer

Completed Projects/Activities:

    ; Initiated formal policy and rule-making process:

    1. Received draft proposed policy from initiating divisions.

    2. Formatted and distributed to E-team and Unit Administrators for comments.

    3. Posted proposed rules for comment on Compass.

    4. Submitted proposed rules to director for Commission hearing.

    5. Submitted Notice of Rulemaking Intent to Office of Administrative Rules.

    6. Presented proposed rules to DRS commissioners

    ; Completed the process of hiring additional Impartial Hearing Officers. This process is

    conducted in collaboration with the Divisions of Vocational Rehabilitation and Visual

    Services as well as the Oklahoma Rehabilitation Council. Forty-five applications were

    received; 6 applicants were interviewed; 4 contracts were initiated.

    ; Received governor approval of Emergency Rule for On-the-Job training to obtain/sustain

    the provision of federal stimulus monies.

    ; Participated on self-employment policy committee.

    ; Participated on CARF policy development committee.

    ; Participated on Paperless Project 2012 committee.

    ; Staff attended CARF procedures training and Emotional Intelligence Training.

    Current and Upcoming Projects/Activities:

    ; Continues to provide support and guidance on policy process and policy revisions. ; Continues to administer Fair Hearing process as necessary when a fair hearing is


    ; Continued participation on relevant committees.

    ; Shadow training for facilitating staff adverse action hearings.

    Program Standards

    1 staff member (with assistance from PDPS Administrator)

    Lyuda Polyun, Statistical Research Specialist

    Completed Projects/Activities:

    ; Submitted Federal Quarterly Performance Reports, RSA 113, and distributed report and


    ; Submitted Annual Federal Performance Report, RSA 911.

    ; Completed Transition Study. Transition Study involved surveying three separate

    populations involved in the transition program: DRS Counselors, School Teacher

    Coordinators, and Parents of Transition Program Students.

    ; Completed Older Blind program study and published results. The older blind study

    involved surveying 107 elderly program participants by phone, recording their responses

    and compiling the qualitative data to produce the final report.

    ; Developed electronic survey for VR/VS regarding Transit Issues faced by consumers.

    Survey was distributed to all VR/VS counselors for their input and the results provided to

    the United We Ride program staff.

    ; Initiated VR/VS Consumer Satisfaction survey project. Study is a mail-base survey

    resulting in the distribution (and subsequent re-mail to non-respondents) of over 4,700

    surveys. Report scheduled for publication in February, 2010.

    ; Developed and implemented registration survey for the 2009 Support Services

    Conference. Fifty-three staff from MSD, FSD and Executive used the system to register

    for the conference and notify conference planners of special needs/accommodations. ; Developed and implemented registration survey for DRS Mentor/Protégé Program.

    Results were utilized by the HR training staff to match prospective mentors and protégés. ; Developed and implemented registration survey for DRS Expo event. 237 DRS staff,

    guests, and external vendors utilized the system to register for the event. ; Responded to miscellaneous requests for data including AWARE data and demographic

    data from US Census sources.

    ; Met with VR/VS administrators and VR/VS leadership team members to propose

    research projects for FFY2010.

    ; Staff participated in and volunteered to work at the DRS Expo event. ; Staff completed training in the following areas: Teamwork and Emotional Intelligence as

    well as participating in the Annual Support Services Conference and attending Oklahoma

    Rehabilitations Association conference.

    Current and Upcoming Projects/Activities:

    ; Continue development of a survey to obtain feedback on the satisfaction levels with

    Assistive Technology. This project is in the initial planning phase with no completion

    date set.

    ; Continue development of on-line staff self-assessment for VR HRD.

    ; Initiate development of a Data Validity Study to examine the accuracy of data entered

    into the AWARE case management system.

    ; Initiate development of a closed-case Consumer Satisfaction Survey instrument and


    ; Continue planning for DRS Employee Engagement Survey. The survey is scheduled for

    distribution to all DRS staff in January, 2010.

    ; Continued production of RSA federal reporting, including the RSA 113 quarterly and

    RSA 911 annual reports.

    Case Review Program

    2 staff members

    Victoria Drake and Becky Wiersig, Programs Field Representatives

    Completed Projects/Activities:

    ; Development of new case review instruction guide.

; Case Review production:

    Month Cases Audited % of Total Cases Closed Miles Driven

    October 160 25.1% 5,486

    November 172 27.1% 4,814

    December 119 36.6% 3,906

    ; Continued development of the Case Review database through expanded report development and


    ; Initiated Case Review reporting process. Quarterly reports generated and provided to Director,

    Division Administrators, and Field Coordinators.

    ; Participation on the Support Services Awards and Recognition Committee.

    ; Staff received the Einstein Award from ORA for participation in the development of a case

    management guide for field staff.

    ; Staff attended training in Ethics, Emotional Intelligence, and participated in the Support Services

    Annual Conference as well as attending Oklahoma Rehabilitation Association conference.

    Current and Upcoming Projects/Activities:

    ; Implementation of Phase II of the Case Review auditing process providing a check-and-balance

    system for accuracy for auditor performance. Additional audits are performed, duplicated by each

    auditor, and results compared to determine inter-rater reliability rates. Auditors are required to

    maintain 90% inter-rater reliability levels.

    ; Initiate development of training curriculum for field staff regarding the auditing process and the

    auditing instrument utilized by case review.

    ; Continued development and refinement of paperless auditing process and Case Review


    State Office Front Desk/Receptionist Supervision and PDPS Staff Support

    1 staff member

    Clayette Tucker, Secretary

    Completed Projects/Activities:

    ; Participation on the Agency Cultural Diversity Committee.

    ; Continued support of the state office receptionist position.

    ; Unit time reports submitted as required.

    ; Maintenance of unit p-card program, including purchasing, records maintenance, reconciliation

    and reporting.

    ; Maintenance of additional support of PDPS staff through coordination of travel arrangements as

    needed, with emphasis on required monthly case audit review staff travel.

    ; Maintenance of process to track budgetary statistics for case auditing function including

    associated programmatic costs and dedicated vehicle mileage.

    ; Staff completed training in the following areas: Progressive Discipline and Emotional Intelligence

    as well as participation in the Annual Support Services Conference.

    Current and Upcoming Projects/Activities:

; Continued support of reception desk function.

    ; Continued support of PDPS staff.

    ; Initiation of unit paperless process including scanning and indexing unit documents for electronic


    ; Continued additional support of PDPS staff through coordination of travel arrangements as

    needed, with emphasis on required monthly case audit review staff travel.

    ; Coordination of logistics for public hearings for policy development including vehicles, hearing

    sites, and interpreters.

    ; Continued maintenance of budgetary statistics for case auditing function including associated

    programmatic costs and dedicated vehicle mileage tracking.


    Department of Rehabilitation Services

TO: Goli Dunkle, MSD Administrator

FROM: Randy Weaver, CDS Administrator

DATE: January 26, 2010

    SUBJECT: Activity Report, October through December, 2009

Materiel Management:

In the materiel management area, there were quite a few things going on last quarter. Below are a few of

    the numbers of different transactions in the many areas of materiel management.

Furniture move requests 31

Records deliveries/pick ups 5

    Surplus deliveries to DCS for sale 2 for a total of 121 items Items requested from consumable supply 1717

    Number of outgoing mail 9190 Number of incoming mail 3693 Number of work requests for reproduction 99 for a total of 32380 copies Requests for brochures Total number of brochures 8555 Folding jobs 5457 sheets Number of book binding requests 2 for 18 total books Total number of inventory transfer documents 810

    Customer service call request for vehicles 711

Purchasing and Contracts:

This has been a very busy and hectic quarter for this area. Here is a part but no inclusive picture of what

    took place in purchasing and contracts:

Purchasing Section:

Purchase Orders 107

    RFQ’s 14

    Purchases with P-Cards $12,233.16

    P-Card Audits 155

    P-Card Training 6 employees Cell Phones 78

    Wireless Cards 45

    Assisted FSD with incoming P-Card documents

Contracts Sections did:

Year to date Contracts Initiated: 923

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