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     16. Beijing is cold this time _________. You need _______ warm clothes if you go there. Unit 7 Where would you like to visit?

    一、单项选择 A. of the year, to pack B. of year, packing 1. Mount Emei is one of_______in China. C. of year, pack D. of year, to pack

     A.the most beautiful mountains B.most beautiful mountains 17. The two men walked _________ the forest and got to a small house.

     C.the most beautiful mountain D.most beautiful mountain A. across B. through

     2.There are_____stars in the sky and you can see them at night. C. crossing D. over

     A.thousand of B.two thousands C.thousands of D.two thousands 二、完形填空

     3.The dictionary_____me $5. Dear Mom,

     A.paid B.cost C.spend D.took How are you? I’ve been in Singapore for a whole day. I 1 my day in the Universal Studios 4.You look tired, why not____a short rest? Singapore.

     A.have B.having have D.will have The Universal Studios theme park 2 seven parts: Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient ( )5. I'd like to visit Sydney _________ my next vacation. Egypt, The Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar. There are also many small 3 , and I have

     A.for B.on bought some nice gifts for you and Dad.

    ( )6. What _________ can you tell me? First, I went to Sci-Fi City. It is an exciting place for science fiction fans. Unluckily, I couldn’t ride the

    A.other B.else C.the other D.others roller coaster there because it didn’t 4 today.

    ( )7.Would you like to go out for a walk with us? 5 will miss Far Far Away if he or she likes the film series, Shrek. The most famous6 of this place

     _____, but I must finish my homework first. is the Shrek 4-D Adventure film. I enjoyed it very much.

     A.Of course not B.That's all right C.I'd love to D.Yes,I do The visit 7 Madagascar was a pleasant way to end my tour. I met the Madagascar characters, 8

     8.What about going to BeiJing this coming Spring Festival? Alex, Gloria and Donkey. I waved to them9 they were passing.

     I don't think it's a good idea. I like places _______ the weather is always warm. It was a really wonderful experience, 10 I didn’t have enough time to visit the other parts of the

     A. that B. what C. where D. it. park. I hope you will visit this country one day. 9. The room isn't _______ to have a meeting. Yours,

     A.big enough B. enough big C. bigger enough D. the biggest Andy

     10. Do you know the place _______ she was born? ( )1. A. took B. spent C. gave D. made

     A what B which C when D where ( 2. A. includes B. visits C. leaves D. opens ( )11. They have many pets, two black cats. ( )3. A. bookshops B. clothes shops C. pet shops D. souvenir shops

    A. include B. to include C. including D. included ( )4. A. matter B. mind C. work D. raise ( )12. You won’t improve your English you work hard at it. ( )5. A. Everyone B. Nobody C. Anyone D. Somebody

    A. if B. though C. unless D. because ( )6. A. character B. attraction C. food D. cinema ( )13. Have you considered to Niagara Falls next year? ( )7. A. to B. of C. from D. with

    A. going B. to go C. went D. go ( )8. A. as well as B. instead of C. for example D. such as ( ) 14.-How about going hiking this weekend? ( )9. A. if B. until C. while D. after

     -Sorry, I prefer _____rather than _____. ( )10. A. although B. and C. or D. so

    A. to stay at home, go out B. to go out, stay at home

    C. staying at home, go out D. going out, stay at home. . 阅读理解

     15. Can you provide us _________ some information _______ the computer? A

     A. for, with B. with, about Robin traveled to the USA some days ago. Here was her timetable.

     C. about, with D. with, with July 31st August 2nd

    A. No limit. B. At least 50 C. Not more than 50. D. More than 50. New york Washington D.C.

    ( )8. Why did the Other Club get its name? Broad way The center of Washington D.C.

    A. Because it was a political club. Empire State Building The White House

    B. Because it offered free wine. Chinatown Chinatown

    C. Because it was the largest club at that time. Statue of Liberty House of Parliament (国会大厦)

    D. Because it aimed to hear the other man’s idea. August 3rd August 5th

    ( )9. Which of the following statements about Pancake Day is NOT true? Los Angeles San Francisco

    A. It is on the first day of Lent. Universal Studios Fisherman’s Wharf (渔人码头)

    B. It is a popular festival in Britain. Hollywood Golden Gate Bridge

    C. It usually occurs between February 8 and March 2. Chinatown Chinatown

    D. It is celebrated to make people remember butter and eggs. Disneyland Silicon Valley (硅谷)

    ( )10. According to the last paragraph, which of the following statements about Speech Day is ( )1. Robin spent ________ days in the USA. TRUE? A. four B. five C. six D. seven A. All British schools have it at the end of the school year. ( )2. Robin visited Los Angeles on ________. B. Formal dances will be given on that day. stA. July 31st B. August 1 C. August 3rd D. August 5th C. The best students will make speeches. ( )3. Robin traveled to ________ on August 2nd. D. On this day, prizes are given to the best students. A. Disneyland B. House of Parliament C. Silicon Valley D. Universal Studios ( )4. Robin went to visit Golden Gate Bridge in ________. 四、课文填空 A. Los Angeles B. New York C. Washington D.C. D. San Francisco For your next vacation ,why not consider 1_________ Paris? Paris is the 2_________ of France and is ( )50. Which place didn’t Robin visit on July 31st? one of the liveliest 3_________ in EuropeIt doesn't have any beaches 4_________ mountains, but A. Broadway. B. Hollywood. C. Statue of Liberty. D. Empire State Building. there are still many things to do thereFor example, it has some fantastic sights, 5_________ the Eiffel B Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the most famous churches in the world British people are famous for their conservative (保守的) nature. However, they also have some Traveling around Paris by taxi can cost a lot of money, but it's usually convenient to take the interesting ways to enjoy themselves. underground train to most placesIn general, 6_________,France is quite an expensive placeOne Club life which started with coffee drinking began around 1650. At that time, the number of people thing that is not expensive in France, however, is the 7_________! was limited (限定的) to fifty per club. So most of the clubs were only open to the distinguished (尊贵Most people in France have learned EnglishBut many people don't like to speak English ,especially ) wealthy politicians and businessmen. However, one of the famous clubs was a nonpolitical club. It in ParisSo unless you speak 8_________ yourself ,it 's best to travel with someone 9_________ can was given the name the Other Club because it aimed to hear the other man’s opinion. 10_________ things for you Compared with clubs, there is the popular Pancake Day. It is on the first day of Lent (大斋节) and usually occurs between February 2 and March 8. People celebrate this festival to remember butter and eggs which are forbidden during Lent. In Britain, there are no formal dances or social occasions when it comes to school life. Some schools have Speech Day at the end of the school year. On this day, prizes are given to the best students. The

    head teacher and sometimes an invited guest will make speeches. ( )6. According to this passage, when did the first club in Britain start? A. About 1550. B. In 1630. C. About 1650. D. In 1680. ( )7. How many people were there in an early club in Britain?

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