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2.4 SWOT Analysis. 2.4.1 Strengths. 2.4.2 Weakness. 2.4.3 Opportunities. 2.4.4 Threats. Explain key issues and opportunities when you write a marketing plan



Your marketing plan can be divided into appropriate chapters. Please bear in mind that the

    Faculty (FBA) deplores overlong or confusing papers. It is the students’ responsibility to

    provide a well-organized and well-written report. The following ordered list of marketing

    plan contents is supposed to serve as a guide. Not all marketing plan will include all items

    listed below, as it may vary considerably among companies. Therefore, students are

    advised to discuss with their respective supervisors in advance before they start writing to

    avoid unnecessary changes in the final version of the report.

List of Sections/Parts

    Sections/Content Coverage Marks Parts

    1.0 Executive Summary Include a summary at the 10%

    beginning. Like any business

    report, your plan write up

    should begin with a summary.

    The summary should permits

    the reader to grasp the main

    goals and recommendations. 2.0 Situation Analysis This section provides relevant 30%

    background data on market,

    competitors, and the various

    forces in the macro

    environment. How the market

    defined, how big is it? And

    how fast is it growing? What

    are the relevant trends

    affecting the market? What is

    the product offering and what

    are the critical issues facing

    the company? All this

    information is used to carry

    out on a SWOT analysis.

     2.1 Market Summary

     2.2 The Market Identify your target

     2.2.1 Target Markets customers.

     2.2.2 Market Demographics

     2.2.3 Market Needs

     2.2.4 Market Trends

     2.2.5 Market Growth

     2.3 The Company

     2.3.1 Mission

     2.3.2 Product/Service Offerings

     2.3.3 Positioning

     2.4 SWOT Analysis Explain key issues and

     2.4.1 Strengths opportunities when you write

     2.4.2 Weakness a marketing plan. These can

     2.4.3 Opportunities best be identified through

     2.4.4 Threats industry and/or competitive


    Describe the strengths,

    weaknesses, opportunities,

    and threats your business

    faces (SWOT analysis).

    Include the trends in your

    industry and how they affect

    both online and offline

    activity. Show growth


     2.5 Competition Explain the business

    environment. What are your

    competitors’ strategies? What

    potential substitutes are


     2.6 Keys to Success

     2.7 Critical Issues 3.0 Marketing Strategy Here you need to define the 30%

    mission, and marketing and

    financial objectives. You are

    also required to define those

    groups and needs which the

    market offerings are intended

    to satisfy. All this is done

    with inputs from other

    organizational areas, such as

    purchasing, manufacturing,

    sales, finance and human

    resources, to ensure that the

    company can provide proper

    support for effective

    implementation. The

    marketing strategy should be

    specific about the positioning,

    branding strategy and

    customer strategy that will be


     3.1 Mission

     3.2 Marketing Objectives

     3.3 Financial Objectives

     3.4 Target Marketing

     3.5 Positioning Write one or more

    positioning statements. In the

    statement(s), specify the

    customer needs you are

    fulfilling, benefits your

    products/services offer, and

    features that deliver those


     3.6 Strategies

     3.7 Marketing Mix

     3.7.1 Product Marketing

     3.7.2 Pricing

     3.7.3 Place

     3.7.4 Promotion

     3.7.5 Service

     3.8 Marketing Research 4.0 Financials, Budgets and Forecasts Financial projections 15%

    included a sales forecast, an

    expense forecast and a break-

    even analysis. Detail the

    financial aspects when you

    write the marketing plan.

    Include break even analysis

    for your products or company

    as well as for the tactics

    included in your plan. The

    breakeven analysis shows

    how many units must be sold

    monthly to offset the monthly

    fixed costs and average per-

    unit variable costs.

     4.1 Break-even Analysis

     4.2 Sales Forecast

     4.3 Expenses Forecast

     4.3.1 Monthly Expense Budget

     4.3.2 Marketing Expenses

     4.3.3 Budget

    5.0 Controls The last section/part of the 15%

    marketing plan outlines the

    controls for monitoring and

    adjusting implementation of

    the plan. The goals and

    budget are spelled out for

    each month or quarter so

    management can review each

    period’s results and take

    corrective action as needed.

    The contingency plan will

    outline the possible steps you

    would take in response to

    specific environmental


     5.1 Implementation

     5.2 Marketing Organization

     5.3 Contingency Planning

     5.4 CRM Plans

     TOTAL 100%

When developing a marketing plan, knowing where to start is often a challenge. To better

    develop effective marketing plan, begin by gathering information about both your business

    and the larger business environment (competition, trends, statistics, etc).

    Internally, the amount of information you gather about your own business will depend on

    your company size. Information can include business strategies and plans; company

    marketing plans; pricing; and income statements. Employee knowledge is also a valuable

    resource. While, external information about the business environment often takes the form of

    existing research, articles, competitive information, and industry news. While these are often

    available in both print and digital such as articles, magazines, annual reports, books,

    newsletter, white paper, company publications, search engines and etc.

    To get more marketing plan information from an online, you can go to:



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