Marketing Brands

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Marketing Brands

Marketing Brands

     Objectives, Positioning & Strategy


     Origin of term

     Military Campaigns

     Political Campaigns

     Advertising Campaigns

    Origin of term

    ? Fr. campagne, It. campagna - open country suited to military maneuvers

    n Campaign - a series of military operations with a particular objective in a war

    n Campaign - a series of organized planned actions with a particular purpose, as

    for electing a candidate

    Political Campaigns

In politics, as in war, you have to pick your battles. National political campaigns focus on

    key states and voter groups.

    Each single geographic or statewide campaign may have its own objectives and strategies

    which contribute to the overall campaign

    The objective is a majority in the Electoral College.

Advertising Campaigns

     A team effort

     Structured and sequential activities

    An imaginative re-integration of new and existing factors

     Shared objectives and strategies

Advertising Campaign:

    What were the common elements?

    graphic look

    strategic message

    benefit statement

    brand personality

    executional elements - the dog

    anything else?

Advertising Campaign:

Campaigns are built with…

    Plans & Strategies

Situation Analysis

Product Evaluation and History

    Qualities, Price, Distribution

    Prospect Evaluation/Target Market

    Demographics Psychographics Behaviors

    Competitive Analysis






Plans & Strategies:

    Here’s a graphic representation…

    Marketing Objective

    Sell one million of product

Market Strategy/Creative

    Establish brand as superior

    Creative Objective

    Establish brand as superior

    Creative Strategy

    To be determined

Market Strategy/Media

    Target audience W 18-49

    Media Objective

    Deliver Advertising to

    Target audience W 18-49

    Media Strategy

    To be determined

Marketing Objectives

    Goals for the Product Specific Period Market Share or Sales Goals Example

    Increase market share by Jan 2002

    Sell 1000 units by January 2002


    Mission: Overall goals & values your “reason for being”

Objective: What you want to accomplish.

    Strategy: How you are going to do it.

    Tactic: Specific action. (Should be specific action that helps meet strategic goals - tactics should be on strategy.)

    Remember, objectives first, then strategy. (If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.)

The Value Ladder



    Consumer Benefit

    Product Benefit



Some things we know about Advertising

    Branding and Advertising

    Branding = overall brand equity building

    Advertising = specific messages and goals

    Advertising contributes to Branding

    Advertising is concerned with:

    The Advertising Message

    Media Planning and Placement

An Advertising Communication Model

    Note it is more difficult for the audience to communicate back to the advertiser. Feedback is one purpose of Market Research

The Lavidge-Steiner Learning Model

    How people “learn” ads

    Begins with Awareness

    Moves to Conviction and Purchase

    NOTE: Process may be quite rapid and you may try before being totally convinced

Marketing Strategies

    Product Strategy

Functional Appeals

    Performance Measures

    Characteristic Features

    Comparison Information

Emotional Appeals

    Linked with feelings

    Favorable disposition

    Reference based

Distribution Strategy

    Cities, Stores, Shelves, Direct

    Pricing Strategy


    Makers Mark---It taste expensive and it is.



Product/Brand Positioning


    -The way in which a product (brand) is ranked in the consumer’s mind by the benefits

    it offers, by the way in which it is classified or differentiated from the competition, or by

    its relationship to certain target markets.

    In other words how your brand is viewed or perceived by the consumer; what the

    consumer thinks or feels when she/he is exposed to your product (brand) Key Term : Product Differentiation

    Major Goal: Make your brand/product stand out in the consumer’s mind

    ?Leads to strategy

Positioning Strategies

    Positioning decisions are strategic in nature and provide the direction for a campaign to


    Positioning “By Attribute”

     Most common method

     Sets brand apart by performance it offers

    Example Lee Jeans is the “brand that fits”

     Positioning By “Price/Quality In each case “value” must be conveyed in addition to price/quality relation.

    High price = high quality

    Low price = adequate quality


Sears is a “Value” Store

    Positioning By “Use or Application” Example

    Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

    as a baking ingredient

    as a deodorizer

    as a tooth whitener

    Positioning By “Product User” For example Johnson & Johnson’s Shampoo

    Originally positioned toward Babies/Infant Usage

    Gained added popularity when positioned for adults desiring a gentle shampoo

Miller is for blue-collar workers

    Positioning By “Cultural Symbol” Harley Davidson, “Born in the USA”

    Positioning By “Competitor”

     Key strategy, direct comparison to competition


    Avis positions itself with Hertz

Success Stories


    Position not based on any product attribute or benefit

    Originally a weak brand positioned as women’s cigarette

    Repositioned as a strong macho brand

    Became world’s largest selling brand

Success Stories


    Positioning as “Un-Cola” caused retrenchment of entire soft drink industry

    Caffeine-free position led to many new introductions

Planning Introduction

    A Ten Part Process


    1. Situation Analysis

    2. Research

    3. Problems & Opportunities

    Goal Setting

    4. Marketing Objective

5. Budget

    And then...

    Building the Plan 6. Strategies

    7. Advertising Creative

    8. Media

    9. Sales Promotion

     + Other appropriate “IMC” plans and strategies

    10. Evaluation

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