DISTRICT 12 - Jan Bauer

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DISTRICT 12 - Jan Bauer

150 District 12 Ontario Lawn Bowls Association

     District 12

Chair Bill Donald. 904-17 Farmstead Road, Toronto, M2L2G1, (416)-449-5348


    Vice George Dominy, 181 Stibbard Ave., Toronto, M4P 2C4, (416)-483-7190


    OLBA Board Rep: Alan Dean

     Ontario Championships District Playdowns

    Entries must be in 3 days prior to start of event

     May 29/30 9:00AM Willowdale WF/F

     June 19/20 9:00AM Willowdale WP/P

     June 26/27 9:00AM Willowdale MP

     July 10/11 9:00AM Willowdale WS/S

     July 13/14 9:00AM Willowdale Sr.WT/T

     Aug 21/22 9:00AM Willowdale Nv.WT/T

     District Tournaments

    Proof of membership may be requested at any tournament


    Thurs. 3 9:30AM TCSCC Mixed Triples MT

    Sat. 5 9:30AM Willowdale Michael Adelson Realty Shield MF

     Combo Fours, 2M/2W


    Sat. 3 9:30AM Willowdale Canaccord Summer Classic MP

     (Woman Skips)

    Tues. 6 9:30AM TCSCC Womens Triples WT Thurs. 8 10:00AM Willowdale Keith Dawson Investors Group W5

     Financial Services, Womens Combo

     2x14 ends, W5, 1 Novice

    Thurs. 8 9:30AM TCSCC Reg Little Men’s Pairs P

    Sat. 17 9:30AM Willowdale R.S.Kane Trophy MF

     Steak Lunch included


    Sat. 7 9:30AM Willowdale Delmanor Northtown MT

    Fri. 13 9:30AM TCSCC Mixed Rinks MF

    Sat. 14 9:30AM Willowdale Willowdale Gold Cup T

     Max Averbuch

    Thurs. 19 9:30AM TCSCC Womens Pairs WP

2010 Annual District 12 151

Thurs. 26 12:30PM Willowdale Amica at Bayview, 4-3-2-1 WT

     3x10 ends, bring your own supper


    Sun. 12 9:30AM Willowdale Sophie Inch Memorial WT

     Lunch included, 3x12 ends

    Sun. 19 9:30AM Willowdale Open Novice Pairs Nv.OP

     Lunch included

    Sat. 25 9:30AM Willowdale Lipton Iced Tea Festival MF

     Bring your own lunch

     Club Listings District 12

Granite Club Lawn Bowling Club (1220)

    2350 Bayview Avenue, Toronto (416) 449-8713


Club Mail To:

    Lawn Bowling Office, 2350 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, M2L 1E4

Tournament Contact(s):

    [All] Melissa Weston, 2350 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, M2L1E4

     E-mail: (416) 446-4462

Lawrence Park Lawn Bowling Club (1225)

    61 Alexander Muir Road, East from Yonge Street, Toronto (416) 488-4244


    Directions to Club: East from Yonge Street 2-1/2 blocks south of Lawrence Avenue.

Club Mail To: Mildred Maasland, 146 Eastbourne Ave, Toronto, M5P 2G6

Tournament Contact(s):

    No Tournaments planned for 2009

    Another Tip for New Bowlers

    Lawn Bowling is not a

    contact sport …

    Suggestion: Take a look at

    the OLBA Code of Conduct

Moore Park Lawn Bowling Club (1230)

    Moore Vale Park, Moore Avenue & Kingsmere Road, Toronto

     152 District 12 Ontario Lawn Bowls Association Club Mail To:

    Velma Davis, 216-1177 Yonge St. Toronto, M4T 2Y4

Tournament Contact(s):

    [All] Bill Davis, 216-1177 Yonge St, Toronto, M4T 2Y4 (416) 963-4373


North Toronto Lawn Bowling & Croquet Club (1235)

    Lytton Park, junction of Alexandra Blvd. & Lytton Blvd., Toronto


Directions to Club: Lytton Park at the junction of Alexandra Blvd. & Lytton Blvd. Lytton

    Park is approximately 300 yards east of Avenue Road on Lytton Blvd. Lytton Blvd. runs

    west off Yonge Street across Avenue Road to Strathallan Wood and is 9 streets (4 stop

    lights) north of Eglington Avenue West.

Club Mail or Inquiries To:

    Claire McGeachie, 134 Keewatin Ave., Toronto, M4P 1Z8, (416) 483-6338

Tournament Contact(s):

    No Tournaments planned for 2010

Toronto Cricket Skating & Curling Club (1240)

    Lawn Bowling Office, TCS&CC, 141 Wilson Avenue, Toronto (416) 487-4581, ext. 2213 Website:

Club Mail To:

    Lawn Bowls Office, 141 Wilson Ave, Toronto, M5M 3A3

Tournament Contact(s):

    [All] Janet Langevin, TCS&CC, 141 Wilson Ave, Toronto, M5M 3A3

     (416) 487-4581, ext. 221;

    Yet Another Tip for New Bowlers!

    Difference of opinion? Suggestion: Okay … See the OLBA

    Yelling and arguing? Harassment Policy & Not so much … Code of Conduct

Willowdale Lawn Bowling Club (1250)

    150 Beecroft Road, Willowdale (416) 221-6362 2010 Annual District 12 153 Website:

Directions to Club: From Hwy 401 take the Yonge Street exit north and go 3 stop lights to

    Sheppard Avenue. Go west one block to Beecroft Road, turn north. The club is on the

    west side of Beecroft. Free parking at north end of club. (On week-ends, $2/day parking

    in Beecroft Municipal Garage just south of club on east side of Beecroft. Bring parking

    stub to club for stamping and signing.)

Club Mail To:

    Willowdale Lawn Bowling Club, 150 Beecroft Rd, North York, M2N 5Z5

Tournament Contact(s):

    [M/Mx] Arnon Zangwill, 1014-7460 Bathurst St., Thornhill, L4J 7K9

     Email: (905) 763-7078

    [M/Mx] Bill Donald, 904-17 Farmstead Road, Willowdale (416) 449-5348


    [W] Sharon Jeffrey,

     Alice Mittelstaedt, (416) 222-4297


    141 Wilson Avenue, Toronto, M5M 3A3

    Lawn Bowling Section


    (NB: Teams may now consist of members from more than one Club)

     Thursday June 3 Mixed Triples M T

     Tuesday July 6 Women’s Triples WT

     Thursday July 8 Reg Little Men’s Pairs P

     Friday August 13 Mixed Rinks MF

     Thursday August 19 Women’s Pairs WP

    * * * * * * * *

    Phone, mail or email entries to:

    Lawn Bowling Office, 416 487-4581, Ext. 2213

    154 District 12 Ontario Lawn Bowls Association

    Willowdale Lawn Bowling Club

    150 Beecroft Road, Willowdale M2N 5Z5; 416-221-6362

    Co-Host of the 2011 Canadian Nationals


    Sat. June 5 9:30AM Michael Adelson Realty Shield Combo 2M/2L

     Sponsor: Michael Adelson

    Sat. July 3 9:30AM Canaccord Wealth Management MP

     Summer Classic (Woman Skips)

     Sponsor: Richard Bruton

    Sat. July 17 9:30AM R.S. Kane Trophy (Steak Lunch) MF

     Sponsor: R. S. Kane Funeral Home Sat. Aug. 7 9:30AM Delmanor Northtown Tournament (3x14) MT

     Sponsor: Delmanor Northtown Sat. Aug. 14 9:30AM Willowdale Gold Cup (3x14) T

     Sponsor: Max Averbuch

     Raymond James Ltd. Sun. Sept. 19 9:30AM Novices Tournament, BBQ included OP

     Sponsors: Bill Donald, Anne Baillie,

     Angus & Sandy McKenzie

    Sat. Sept. 25 9:30AM Lipton Iced Tea Festival (3x12) MF

     Sponsor: Alan Koval, Unilever Canada

    Entries to:

    Arnon (Unky) Zangwill: 905-763-7078 or 416-602-3465

    Assistant: Bill Donald, 416-449-5348,


    Thurs. July 8 10:00AM Investors Group Financial Combo 5’s

     Services Inc. 1 Novice

     Sponsor: Keith Dawson Tues. Aug. 24 12:30PM Amica At Bayview, 4-3-2-1 WT

     Sponsor: AMICA at Bayview 1 Novice

     Mature Lifestyles

    Sun. Sept. 12 9:30AM Sophie Inch Memorial WT

     (Luncheon) 3x12 ends

     Sponsor: Elsie Gibson

    Entries to:

    Sharon Jeffrey,

    Assistant: Alice Mittelstaedt, 416-222-4297


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