Dear Health Insurance Carrier,

By Douglas Sullivan,2014-05-13 00:34
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Dear Health Insurance Carrier,

Dear Health Insurance Carrier,

Please be advised that the University of California Office of the President

    on behalf of the UC Campuses is inviting qualified health insurance

    carriers to respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP) titled “Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan(s)”. The purpose and goals of the RFP

    which was posted today at are clearly defined in the

    documents on this site.

Qualified health insurance carriers which are directly willing to underwrite

    risk are encouraged to review these documents, take part in the RFP

    process, and to submit well thought out answers to questions outlined in

    these documents. The UC will use the responses from this RFP to:

    1. Evaluate firms in the marketplace which have recent and

    applicable experience in managing student health

    insurance plans.

    2. Evaluate firms in the marketplace which have talented

    and knowledgeable staff with applicable experience in

    handling insurance plans that complement the current

    services offered through the University’s Student Health


    3. Evaluate firms in the marketplace which have the

    resources to support their talented and knowledgeable

    staff in handling these types of engagements.

    4. Evaluate firms which offer a best in class approach and

    will be of value to the UC while it improves the costs and

    conditions for graduate students.

Please note the following key deadlines which are listed in this RFP:

     August 12, 2009 Release of RFP

    Deadline to RSVP to Mandatory 4:00 p.m. PDT August 18,

    Pre-Bid Conference 2009

    1:30 p.m. PDT August 21, Mandatory Bidder’s Conference 2009

    4:00 p.m. PDT September Bid Submission Deadline 14, 2009

Please check the RFP for other deadlines and monitor the website

    frequently for any updates, addendums, or changes to all of the documents.

    UC does not email vendors when our website for RFP’s changes!

Please address questions or comments throughout this process to me as

    outlined in the instructions within this RFP. Do not contact any of the

    campuses directly regarding this RFP or the process.


    Alan Moloney Strategic Sourcing Director University of California Office of the President

    1111 Franklin Street, 10403 Oakland, CA 94607-5200

(510) 987-0824

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