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    Paper 2 Vocabulary and Grammar (第二卷 词汇及语法)

    ?.Choose the best answers ,选出最恰当的答案!50%

    1. Ken can play _____ basketball very well, but he cant play _____ piano.

     A. /, / B. the, the C. /, the D. the, /

    2. All the students are _______ an exhibition about Expo.

     A. in B. of C. at D. on

    3. Marys job is _________ English in a middle school.

     A. teach B. teaches C. to teach D. teaching

    4. Susan drinks _____ soft drinks, so she is getting fatter and fatter.

     A. too many B. too much C. too little D. too few 5. You usually have a _____ because you watch TV for a long time.

     A. stomach ache B. toothache

     C. headache D. fever

    6. In two _____ time, we will finish cleaning the classroom.

     A. hour B. hours C. hours D. hours

    7. _______ will I ________? Ill be taller and heavier.

     A. What ,be B. What, be like C. How, like D. How, be like 8. My cousin doesnt like fried rice. Hed rather _____ sandwiches.

     A. has B. have C. to have D. having

    9. Would you like _____ ice cream?

     A. some B. any C. something D. anything

    10. It ____ about two hours to travel from Shanghai to Tokyo by plane.

     A. costs B. takes C. spends D. has

    11. --- _____ will Tommy stay with his aunt and uncle in L.A.?

     --- For two months.

     A. How far B. How long C. How much D. How many times 12. I don't like the salty rice dumplings with meat, but I love the sweet _____ without red beans.

     A. one B. ones C. it D. them

    13. Linda will be 20 centimeters _____ when she is 25 years old.

     A. heavy B. heavier C. tall D. taller

    14. ______ with her dad is Tinas favourite outdoor activity.

     A. cycle B. cycles C. cycled D. cycling

    15. You must look _______ yourself and keep ________.

     A. for, health B. after, health C. after, healthy D. for, healthy 16. There ______ some orange juice in the glass.

     A. is B. are C. has D. have

    17. I am going to have a swimming match next week. So I need to practice _________.

     A. swim much B. to swim more

     C. swimming more D. swimming, much

    18. Does your grandpa know how ________ the computer?

     A. uses B. using C, to use D. is using

    19. Alice _______ a new camera last week.

     A. buys B. bought C. has bought D. will buy

20. A: Have you had your lunch _______, Alice?

     B: Yes, I’ve _________ finished my lunch..

     A. just, also B. already, yet C. yet, still D. yet, just 21. Hurry up. There is _________ time left now.

     A. little B. few C. a little D. a few

    22. Bob will __________ Beijing to have an important meeting.

     A. come B. leave for C. arrive in D. take a plane 23. About __________ people came to Shanghai to visit the EXPO in 2010.

     A. millions of B. 8 million C. 8 million of D. 8 millions of 24. Alice does her homework as _________ as Kitty.

     A. good B. careful C. carefully D. better

    25. A: I think Kitty will be a reporter in 15 years time.

     B: ________________

     A. Yes, I think. B. Yes, she will. C. Yes, I agree. D. Yes, she does. ?.Complete the sentences with the proper forms of the given words (用所给单词的适当形式

    将句子补充完整) 30%

    1. Middle school students must wear red ___________ (scarf) in China. 2. Daniel thinks that hell ______________ (possible) be a doctor.

    3. People have many _____________ (healthy) problems because of their bad habits.

    4. I help Mum do the housework ____________ (two) a week. 5. Theres a new ____________ (bake) near the cinema. Id like to buy bread and cakes there. 6. You should watch _____________ (little) television, my boy. 7. How can you go shopping ____________ (with) a trolley? 8. My grandma has been ____________ (die) for 5 years. 9. Mountain climbing is a _____________ (danger) sport. 10. What is the _____________ (different) between VCD and DVD? 11. We can work out this problem ____________ (easy). 12. Do you know the ___________ (weigh) of the baby panda? 13.Five days ___________ (late), he returned there again. 14. Sandy lives on the ____________ (nine) floor of the building. 15. Youd better show ___________ (we) your new project.

    ?.Rewrites sentences as required (根据要求改写句子,每空限填一词) 10%

    1. They saw a film together last Sunday. (改为一般疑问句)

     _________ they _________ a film together last Sunday. 2. Jason put a 20-yuan note into the magic camera. (改为否定句)

     Jason __________ __________ a 20-yuan note into the magic camera. 3. Danny has to do more exercise. (改为否定句)

     Danny _________ __________ to do more exercise?

    4. I play table tennis with my brother four times a month. (对划线部分提问)

     __________ __________ do you play table tennis with your brother? 5. Kelly is good at painting. (保持句意不变)

     Kelly __________ _________ in painting. .

    6. We eat moon cakes to celebrate Mid-autumn Festival (中秋节). (对划线部分提问)

     _________ __________ you eat moon cakes?

7. He weighed 26 kilograms when he was 7 years old. (对划线部分提问)

     __________ ___________ did he weigh when he was 7 years old. 8. I like playing badminton best. (保持原意)

     Playing badminton is __________ __________ outdoor activity. 9. I have enough exercise every day. (保持原意)

     I have __________ _________ exercise every day.

    10. Ben is not as tall as Jack. (保持原意)

     Jack is ________ ________ Ben.

    Paper 3 Reading and Writing (阅读与写作)

    I. Read and answer the following questions,回答下列问题! 6%


    Christamas is the most important festival for peple in the west. Families usualliy have a big

    thdinner and turkey is the most popular food. Christmas is on 25 Decemeber. In Australia, it is in summer. A lot of people have barbecues at the beach.


    Easter is another very important festival in the west. It’s in Mrach or April.

    Children love Easter eggs very much. They can be real eggs or chocolate eggs. Kids love to

    eat the chocolate eggs.

    The Dragon Boat Festival

    The Dragon Boart Festival is in May or June. It is one of the most important festivals for

    Chinese people all over the world.

    People usually eat Zongzi on that day. Some Zongzi are sweet and others are salty. You can call them “rice dumplings” in English.

    The Mid-autumn Festival

    The Mid-autumn Festival is in September or Octocber. It is also one of the most important

    festivals for Chinese people. The moon is the biggest and brightest in a year on that day, so people

    like to watch the moon in the evening.

    The Mid-autumn Festival is also a day to eat moon cakes. There are many kinds of moon

    cakes. Now, there are moon cakes with fruit, chocolate or ice cream. 1. How many festivals does the writer talk about here?

    _________________________________________________________________ 2. Which festival is the most important festival in the west?

    ________________________________________________________________ 3. When do people usually celebrate Easter?

    ________________________________________________________________ 4. What do people usually eat on the Dragon Boat festival?

    ________________________________________________________________ 5. What is the moon like on the Mid-autumn Festival?

    ________________________________________________________________ 6. Which festival do you like best? Why?

    My favourite festival is ___________because __________________________

? Choose the best words or phrases and complete the passage,选择最恰当的单词或词组填


    Nowadays, a lot of boys and girls are 1 the same clothes. Many of them have long hair.

    It is often 2 to tell who are boys or who are girls.

    One day, an old man went for a walk in a park. He was tired and sat down on a chair by a lake.

     He 3 a child playing on the other side of the lake.

    “Oh,” the old man said to the person next him. “Do you see that child 4 shorts and long hair? Is it a boy or a girl?”

    “A girl,” said the person, “She’s my daughter.”

    “Oh, ” the old man said quickly. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know that you were her 5 .”

    “I’m not,” said the person. “I’m her father.”

    1. A. wearing B. putting on C. having D. taking 2. A. easy B. difficult C. interesting D. possible 3. A. see B. saw C. look D. looked

    4. A. of B. in C. with D. on

    5. A. mother B. father C. sister D. brother

? Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words (在短文的空格内填入适当的

    词,使其内容通顺,每空限填一词) 5%

    Water and food are really important to life. All flowers need water. They also need f_____. But

    they never e________ cakes or hot dogs.

    For some flowers, flies are their favourite food. One k_______ of flower is called flytrap(捕蝇

    ). Along comes a fly. It s________ on the flower. The flower closes fast. The fly can’t get away. F________ the flower eats the fly.

    You know why we call it a flytrap.

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