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    ( ) 1. I hope Mr. Li Yang will teach ______ English. He is ______ favorite teacher.

    A. me; my B. I; mine C. my; me D. me; mine

    ( ) 2. UN Secretary(联合国秘书长) Pan Jiwen_______ China last month, and there ______

    another visit to Iran for him next month.

    A. visited; was B. visited; will be C. will visit; will have D. will visit; has ( ) 3. _______ orange do you need and_______ oranges your mother need?

    A. How many; How manyB. How many; How muchC. How much; How manyD. How much; How much ( ) 4. ---Why are you so_________? --- I read a_______ story just now. Have a look!

    Asurprised; surprised Bsurprising; surprised Csurprising; surprising Dsurprised; surprising

    ( ) 5. ---You look beautiful in this sweater! How much did you for it?

    ---198 yuan.

    A. take B. cost C. pay D. spend

    ( ) 6. Theres________ air pollution in the town than in the city.

     A. much B. little C. a lot of D. less ( ) 7. The World Wide Web(万维网) is sometimes jokingly (开玩笑地) called the World Wide Wait because it ________

    be very slow.

    A. should B. must C. can D. will

    ( ) 8. You should _____ yourself in the days without me.

    A. take care B. look for C. take care of D. look around ( ) 9. ---What does the sign mean? --- It means_______.

    A. crossroadsB. straight on C. traffic lightsD. zebra crossing ( ) 10. ---I’m terribly sorry to keep you waiting so long. ---____________.

    A. You are welcome B. Never mind C. Thank you D. No problem

    ( ) 11.. There ______ any poor people in China in fifty years, I think.

    A. aren’t B. don’t have C. won’t be D. won’t have

    ( )12 ---- When ______ the teacher _________ back from Beijing?

    ---- Next Sunday afternoon.

    A. will, come B. dose, come C. did, come D. will, coming ( )13. You ________ return the book now. You can keep it till next month.

    A. can’t B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. may not

    ( )14 ---- Could I see your dictionary?

    ---- ______________. Here you are.

    A. Yes, you could. B. Sure. C. Sorry. D. It doesn’t matter

    ( )15. ---- May I put my bike here?

    ---- No, you ______________. You should put it over there.

    A. couldn’t B. needn’t C. mustn’t D. won’t

    ( )16. What ____________ at nine o’clock last Sunday morning.?

     A. was you doing B. were you doing C. are they doing D. does we do ( )17. What were you doing when the UFO ____________?

    A. arrived B. arrives C. gets D.reached ( )18 All the students were sweeping the floor _________ they heard a man ________ “help”.

    A. when, shouting B. while, to shout C. when, to shout D.while, shouting

( )19. ---- Excuse me, may I speak to Mr. Smith?

    ---- Sorry. He ________ work here __________.

    A. didn’t, any more B. didn’t, either C. doesn’t, rither D. doesn’t, any more

    ( )20 The teacher told him __________ again.

    A. not late B. no be late for C. to be not late D. not to be late ( )21. No one knows ____________ in fifty years.

    A. what will our life be like B. what is our life like

    C. what our life will be like D. what our life is like ( )22. ---- I don’t know if he ____________ .

    ---- He will come if it _____________.

    A. comes; won’t rain B. will come; doesn’t rain

    C. comes; doesn’t rain D. will come; won’t rain

    ( )23. He ____________ better in English if he works harder.

    A. do B. does C.will do D. is doing ( ) 24. Henry went to the beach last weekend, and ______________ .

    A. so was I B. so I did C. so I was D. so did I ( )25. If you eat ________ sugar, you will get fat.

     A. much too B. too much C. too many D. more ( )26. You don’t like the picture. I don’t like it, ________ .

    A. too B. also C. either D. still ( )27. Maybe you should ___________.

    A. call up him him up C. call on him D. call him in ( )28. These movies are suitable for ________ only. We kids should not go to.

    A. adults B.children C. adult D. girls ( )29. He could do nothing except __________ TV.

    A. watch B. watches C. watching D. will watch ( )30. How __________ I was at that time!

    A. surprised B. surprise C. surprising D. surprises

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