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SDLC: presentations, prototyping, high-level design, detailed analysis, development, unit and project tests, product distribution, project upgrades,




    Curriculum Vitae Note: Brief Resume is available at:


    ? To obtain a Senior Software Engineer/Architect hands-on position.

    ? Position type: Full time, permanent, long term commitment (no contracts via third parties).

    ? Location: Northern Virginia.

    ? U.S. status: Permanent Resident (Green Card).


    ? Started career in 1982 working on Mainframe computers using Assembler and IMS database;

    ? During mid career developed information systems using C++ and FoxPro;

    ? Since 1996 work with Microsoft technologies, developing Database and Web solutions.


    ? State-of-the-Art software development. Reusability as the way to robust product.


    ? Self-motivated, well organized, multi tasking, solution generator, problem solver. Like challenges.

    Simultaneously worked on up to four projects on different environments and platforms.

    Throughout the career made several accomplishments that were unique to the industry/area.

? Dedicated to reusability and to object oriented and modular design.

    Wherever feasible always create libraries, functions, templates and reusable objects to avoid

    implementing similar functionality more than once.

? Easily learning new programming languages, environments and technologies.

    While working on a project, learned new areas such as Internet and COM technologies, Java and

    Oracle and produced valuable practical results in relatively short period of time.

? Equally adept working individually, within a team, or supervising IT department.

    Sole developed medium size, highly complex project for worldwide satellite community.

    Led/participated in team work (inter team communication, common reusable development blocks).

    Built and managed the IT department.

? Full lifecycle software development. Hands-on experience:

    Information systems, databases, applications, User Interfaces, engineering software, utilities (areas:

    business, government, finance, engineering, education). WEB development. Object Oriented, Multi-

    tier, SOA, Client-Server and Internet Technologies. Strategic IT planning. SDLC: presentations,

    prototyping, high-level design, detailed analysis, development, unit and project tests, product

    distribution, project upgrades, version control, management, CMM, documentation, training, work

    with the clients. Understanding and knowledge of security: Information, business, military, civil.

    Language Summary (in years)

    Recent From 1982 To 1997 MS.NET(C#/VB/ASP/ADO) Borland C/C++ (6) (10) MS VB 6, MS Access Assembler (6) (8) MS Visual C++ Fortran (3) (2) HTML, ASP, CSS FoxPro/Clipper (7) (6) COM, ADO, ActiveX Dbase, Paradox (4) (5) SQL Server, T-SQL ADABAS/Natural (7) (4) Oracle, PL/SQL MODEM programming (1) (4) InstallShield PL/1, JCL (2) (2)


    MS., Electrical Engineering. (Automatics, Tele-mechanics and Programming Languages)

    Moscow Power Engineering Institute. (Russia) 1976-1982.

Additional Certified Professional Training:

    2007. e.POWER 6.5 Developer Course Training. 2006. MCP: Microsoft SQL Server 2000. "Designing and Implementing Databases" (70-229).

    1996. Academy of the National Economy of the Government of Russia, Moscow.

    Course: Information Security in Data Processing Systems.

    1995. Society for Worldwide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunications, St. Petersburg.

    Course: Standards of Society for Worldwide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunications S.W.I.F.T.

    1987. Combined Computer Association of Russia, Moscow Research Center.

    Course: System Programming in OS MFT/MVT (Mainframe/ IBM 360).


    Since 1982 designed, developed and distributed a number of complete complex solutions, some of

    which were unique and used not only within the company, but also within the field, the industry and


    ? Designed and implemented the architecture of the Web Portal Application and the Security Model

    which supported integration of all corporate internal and external applications. Designed the Data

    Access Layer as a database agnostic solution for application User Interface. (2007. Worldcell)

? Provided sole support in design and development of a Pilot DoD PKI compliant, Client-Server Digital

    Signature solution for the implementation within the U.S NAVY. (2006. InterImage, Inc. Client: U.S.


? Proposed, established and contributed into the corporate Library of Reusable Development Blocks.

    All developers got the access to the common reusable objects and were able to contribute into the

    corporate development knowledgebase. This resulted in more productive team work and in the robust

    and more maintainable software architecture. (2005. InterImage, Inc.)

? By own initiative developed the tool for data parsing, which eliminated the manual work and

    essentially reduced processing time. Utilizing this tool it become possible to process the formats of

    data that previously were considered as "un-processable". Company received special recognitions

    from FTC Management for processing cases in these complicated formats. (2005. InterImage, Inc. Client:

    U.S. FTC National "Do Not Call" Registry)

    ? To resolve the security issue, during development of the Windows application, learned the Internet

    and COM technologies, and developed the multi-tier solution, which provided end users with the vital

    numbers, calculated on the Web Server, without exposing classified source data. (2002. US. Intelsat.

    "Satellite Antenna Gain")

    ? Picked up the incomplete, complex satellite engineering project (LST5). Met the six month

    deployment deadline and completed the working BETA version in time. Re-designed and delivered the

    fully functional product to the Worldwide Satellite Community within a year. The first version of LST5

    was used to plan the part of the satellite transmission of the Olympics 2002. (1992-2002. U.S. Intelsat.


    ? Built and managed the IT Division from the ground up to 25 employees, including departments: In-

    House SW Development, Bank Operations System Support, Network group, Telecommunication Unit.

    (1993-1998. MetallInvestBank, Russia)

    ? Sole developed electronic Bank-Client Telecommunication System, one of the first in the industry.

    Being user friendly and stable in transferring data, Bank-Client attracted many clients from the

    distant regions, which helped the Bank to survive two banking crises. (Only 200 out of 8000 banks

    survived). Bank-Client had been used by the Bank's clients and successfully co-existed with Internet

    technologies until 2003. (1994. MetallInvestBank, Russia. "Bank-Client MODEM Host Server")


    ? Developed unique integrated database application, which made it possible to operate data from two

    different type of database (Paradox and dBase) within one application. This eliminated the necessity

    of data re-entry and duplication from one database into another and vise versa. (1992. SDM Bank,


    ? Developed industry competitive security solution for protecting software products, distributed on a

    Floppy Disks, from unauthorized copy. At that time in the Country there was no Copyright Law on

    software products. This solution served the purpose to protect the intellectual property. (1989.

    Independent proprietor, Russia)

    ? Upgraded the source code and included the extra functionality for remote terminals access into

    NATURAL monitor system for ADABAS database, which resulted in multi-million saving on hardware

    upgrade. At that time ADABAS was widely used for development. Updates to interaction with

    communication channel were unique within the Country. (1988. NIISA, Russia. Mainframe (EC Computer) unit: "EC 7920")

    ? Before the commercial drivers for international fonts appeared on the market, designed custom

    fonts for printers and displays. Product was distributed to several Printers and Monitors distributors.

    (1987. Independent proprietor, Russia)

    ? Developed the "Binary File Editor" (FED), which was included as a System Utility into RSX-11

    Operating System for PDP mini computer. (1983. Institute of Atomic Energy, Russia)

    SKILLS: From 1982 to 1997: Recent:

    Hardware - Mainframe (IBM 360); - IBM PC compatible. - Mini Computers. (PDP-11);

    Operating Systems and Technologies - IBM PC: MS DOS, OS/2; - Microsoft Windows: IIS. Client-Server. Object Oriented. SOA; - Mini Computers: OS RSX; - MS .NET (ADO, ASP), SOAP, SSIS, ActiveX, COM, DLL, ADO, XML; - Mainframe: OS MFT/MVT/SVS/VM - Digital Cryptography - RSA algorithm;

    - BPM systems

    Programming Languages - MS DOS: Borland C++. Assembler. - MS .NET VB, C#: (UI, application logic, reusable components); FoxPro. Clipper. Pascal. Basic. - T-SQL: (queries, stored procedures, UD functions, cursors); Telemate (MODEM); - MS Excel API: (used Excel component for reporting); - Mainframe: Assembler. Fortran. PL/1. Cobol. JCL. Natural; - HTML, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, CSS: (Web development, Web - Mini Computers: Assembler. Fortran Services);

    - VB6, Visual C++: (UI, db access, COM, ActiveX, utilities); - PL/SQL: (queries, cursors, functions);

     - Java/J2SE: (basics)

    Databases - MS DOS: FoxPro. dBase III. Paradox; - SQL Server 2000/2005: (db design, sp, UDF, DTS/SSIS packages); - Mainframe: IMS. ADABAS - MS Access 97/2000: (db design, relations); - DBase: CodeBase 4.0 (WatCom C++); - Oracle 9.0: (import/export data, views, snapshots, indexes) - PARADOX: Paradox Engine 2.0 (C++)

    Development environments From 1982 to 1997: Recent: - Microsoft: C/C++, Assembler; - MS Visual Studio .NET 2003/2005. (C#/VB/ASP/ADO). Visio 2003; - Borland: Pascal, Assembler - MS Visual Studio 6.0. (InterDev. Help Workshop);

    - Microsoft Office 2003. (Access. Word. Excel);

- e.POWER 6.5 (Northrop Grumman); MICHAEL BUGAEVSKI. Page 4

    Development environments (continue) Recent: - ActrivIdentity PKI SDK 2.0 for CAC cards; - Crystal Reports/Business Objects XI; - Active Reports;

    - Adobe PhotoShop 6.0/7.;

    - Micromedia Fireworks 4.0;

    - InstallShield 6.30 (Software deployment);


    KFORCE, Inc. (10/2007present) Senior Software Engineer

    Client: Northrop Grumman

Project: USPS EEO-DS. Equal Employment Opportunity Data System for US Postal Service


    - Analyze USPS EEO and DAPS legal and business processes such as Informal, Formal, Appeal,

    Counseling and paperwork flow;

    - Study new system requirement documents and existing components and applications;

    - Create sections and diagrams for EEO-DS System Requirements Document (SRD);

    - Design Data Model and Business Process Model for EEO-DS with focus on modularity and reusability

    of components;

    - Create a prototype of EEO-DS Business Process Management (BPM) system;

    - Prepare and perform interactive Demo of EEO-DS BPM system prototype to USPS;

    - Initiate and contribute into Corporate Development Framework of reusable components, using

    software development design patterns.


    e.POWER development environment: Activator Manager (Container/Non-Container objects; Default/Custom;

    Workflow forms; Internal/External/Linked lookup lists and Data Groups). WorkManager: (Top Level and Sub

    Workflows; Item Distribution; Data manipulation at workflow events). WorkPlace Manager: (Groups of users in

    accordance to USPS EEO roles). WorkFlow Activator: (Process workitems; creating hierarchy/relations between Case

    objects). Extensibility: (Intelligent Agents, Out Route SQL statements).

    MS Visual Studio .NET 2005: C#, ASP, ADO. MS SQL Server 2005. MS SourceSafe. MS Visio. Design patterns.

    WorldCell, Inc. (10/200610/2007) Lead Software Developer


    - Architect the corporate multi applications Web Portal;

    - Design and develop the Security Model for the Web Portal and Applications;

    - Design and implement the Single Sign On solution;

    - Develop the framework of reusable building blocks;

    - Design and develop the SOA architecture for integration of external application into Web Portal;

    - Create and utilize the project deployment environments and strategies;

    - Develop the prototype of Document Repository project, compliant with the corporate Security Model.

Tools: MS Visual Studio .NET 2005: C#, ASP, ADO (Common reusable objects: base and abstract classes,

    templates, libraries of common and custom objects, database agnostic Data Access Layer, Web user controls; UI;

    application logic; Web Services). MS SQL Server 2005: (T-SQL: stored procedures, UDF functions. SSIS). MS

    SourceSafe (project version control). MS Visio.


    BRTRC. (06/2006 10/2006)

    Software Developer

    Clients: U.S. Army; U.S. Air Force; National Institute of Health


    - Maintain and update numerous applications per client request. Develop new features and


Tools: MS Visual Studio .NET: C#, ASP, ADO. MS SQL Server 2000. MS SourceSafe, SourceGear. MailBlast.

InterImage, Inc. (02/2004 06/2006)

    Senior Software Engineer

    Project: Fleet and Family Support Management Information System (FFSMIS) Client: U.S. NAVY


    - CMM project management. Contribute into documentation for the Company CMMI assessment;

    - Analyze requirements. Provide estimates. Generate immediate and long term solutions;

    - Design and develop the "User Roles" and other reusable objects for multi-tier project architecture;

    - Modify existing project functionality per client requirement, including structural, database, UI and

    code updates. Create and run test plans. Unit and project tests. Project deployment.

    Tools: MS Visual Studio .NET: VB, C#, ASP, ADO (UI, application logic, common reusable objects). MS SQL Server 2000: (T-SQL: stored procedures, UD functions, DTS packages). MS SourceSafe (project version control). MS Visio

    (DB design). Crystal Reports/Business Objects (communicate with reports on BO Server from ASP pages).

    Project: National Do Not Call (DNC) Registry. Data processing

    Client: U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC)


    - Clarify with the client the task description and formats, if necessary;

    - Mediate data from different input formats (TXT, MS Excel, MS Access, Adobe PDF, Dbase 5, FoxPro, etc.);

    - Import and process data. Run reports and deliver results to FTC in the required format.

    Tools: Oracle 9i (up to 85 Million records), Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle SQL Plus (PL/SQL: queries, tables, views, snapshots, indexes, cursors, functions). TOAD Version 7.6. (by Quest Software. Visual

    Studio .NET: C# (data parsing application, text conversion).

Project: Corrections Management Information System (CORMIS)

    Client: U.S. NAVY

    Section: PKI Pilot program: DoD PKI compliant, Client-Server digital signature solution, using CAC card.

     (Working solution was successfully delivered to the U.S. NAVY.)


    - Analyze requirements, define task, generate solution, develop project plan;

    - Design and develop prototype of the solution for digital signing of a document on a Web server,

    using credentials from the CAC card on a Client PC.

    Tools: ActivIdentity CAC SDK (to communicate with CAC card). C++ (utilize SDK libraries to retrieve digital certificate from CAC card and perform digital signing; COM object to communicate with CAC card from ASP).

    VS.NET: C#, ASP (parse digital certificate, calculate hash function, verify signature). ASP: (communicate with

    CORMIS project). SQL Server (manage the digital certificates repository). RSA cryptographic algorithm.

Project: CORMIS. (Client: U.S. NAVY)

    Section: CLEOC



    - Analyze requirements, define task, generate solution;

    - Design and implement tools and scheduled tasks for various data import.

    Tools: MS SQL Server 2000. (T-SQL: Stored procedures, triggers. DTS packages: data import and manipulation, scheduled tasks.)

    Other Duties:

    - Prepare the corporate CMM document "Software Development Standards";

    - Conduct technical job interviews with candidates.

Computer Automation Systems, Inc. (07/2003 01/2004)

    Software Developer

    Client: U.S. Poison Control


    - Migration of Poison Control Automation System from VB6 application into VB.NET platform;

    - Develop various output reports per client's request;

    - Contribute into the corporate library of reusable objects.

Tools: Visual Basic 6, VB.NET, ADO/ADO.NET, Active Reports, MS Access, SQL Server (up to 10 Million records).

Dialogue Consultants, Inc. (04/1998 - 06/2003)

    Software Developer / SW Development Manager


    - Responsible for the corporate software development operations in US;

    - Project management. Full life cycle software development;

    - Manage SW development outsourcing to Russia and Holland;

    - High-level design, detailed analysis. Project prototypes, distribution, upgrades and documentation.


    ? Migration of "Smart Chest" project from VB6 into .NET Web application.

    Tools: MS Windows XP/Personal Web Server, C#/VB/ADO/ASP.NET, JavaScript, VBScript, HTML, ASP, XML, ADO, SQL Server, MS Access, VB 6, MS Visio.

    Apr.1999 Dec.2002 Work for the client: Intelsat. ( Contractor, Software Engineer


? Satellite Frequency Lease Transmission Plan (LST5).

    LST5 is the complex satellite engineering software for evaluation and leasing of the satellite resources.

    Project is used by wide range of worldwide customers, from sub-leasing dealers to satellite engineering

    community. (Project screen shots:

    Tools: Windows NT/95/98/2000. MS Web Server 2000. Visual Basic 6 (UI, project logic, ActiveX controls, COM object for weather calculations, reporting utilizing MS Excel API, ADO to communicate with Access DB). Visual C++

    (COM object for DB access and calculations). MS Access API (used for project file repository on the Client). SQL

    Server (store classified data on the Web Server). MS IIS (HTML, ASP, ADO, VBScript, JavaScript - UI and online

    calculations). MS Help Workshop (project documentation and Help system). InstallShield (project base line

    distribution, project upgrades, version control).

    ? Satellite Antenna Gain Calculations. (two versions: DLL library and COM object for multi tier Web project)

    Purpose: calculate the values of satellite antenna gain towards earth station.

    Previously these values were manually retrieved from the multi-volume, thousand pages Reference

    Guide. Solution, besides of elimination of the tedious manual search and the accuracy of the results,

    made it possible to provide the end users with the vital numbers, calculated on the Web Server,

    without exposing classified source data.


    Tools: HTML, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, VC++ COM, MS SQL Server. Client-Server tiers: VB6 Windows

    Application/ASP/COM-ADO/SQL Server.

    Metallurgical Investment Bank (Moscow, Russia) (1993 1998)

    IT Department Manager

    Employed by the Bank since foundation. Built the IT Department from start-up to 25 employees.


    - Strategic IT planning. Deliver IT solutions to the Board of Directors;

    - Supervise departments within the IT division: In-House SW Development, Bank Operations System

    Support, Network Group, Telecommunication Unit. Participate in In-House software development;

    - Conduct duties of the Information Security Officer (S.W.I.F.T telecommunication unit);

    - Communicate with Bank clients and partners nationally and worldwide.


    ? Bank-Client MODEM Host Server (1994) unique corporate Bank-Client telecommunication system. ? Paradox-dBase (1993) unique integrated multi-database application.

    Tools: MS DOS, C++, FoxPro, dBase III, Paradox Engine 2.0, Codebase, Telemate 4.0, FTP Zmodem.

    Other Institutions (Moscow. Russia) (1975 1992) Programmer / Software Developer / Lead SW Engineer

    Operating Systems generation. System programming. Information security. Databases. Financial

    software. Customized fonts for displays and printers. Drivers for smart cards. Automation of the

    integrated control boards manufacturing. Developed “Binary File Editor”.

    Tools: PC MS DOS: Assembler, C++, FoxPro, Pascal, Paradox, dBase.

    Mainframe: Assembler, PL, JCL, IMS, ADABAS, Natural.

    Mini Computer (PDP): Assembler, FORTRAN.


Personal Information:

? Work status: U.S. permanent resident.

    ? Languages: English, Russian (native), Ukrainian (basics).

    ? Hobbies: Music, art, photo, travel.

    ? Contribution to community: Participation in the charitable organization “Committee for Helping

    Others” (CHO). (Domain financial support, Web master:

    ? Web sites:;

Note: Professional references will be provided per request at the time of discussing the employment.

Additional Skills:

? Small Business Accounting:

    Accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, Federal and State TAX. Quick Books Pro. Forms: F-940, VA-5, W-2.

    ? International Banking:

    Accounting; funds transfer; statements; credit counseling; inter-bank correspondence; personnel

    management; ISO TELEX, SWIFT.


    For more information and samples of work visit:

    Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (exam: 070-229) Jun.17. 2008. (W6/7/2003-RFT.doc)

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