Weekly Internship Report

By Renee Lewis,2014-05-05 16:16
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Weekly Internship Report

    Weekly Internship Report

Name: Robert Smael

    Week: 7-8

    Organization: Radisson SAS London Stansted Airport

    Telephone: +441279661012

    Department: RDM Housekeeping HR Manager: Tessa Jansma


    Coach (Housekeeping Exc.): Agnieszka Nowak


    Tutor: Jeroen Frerichs

    Email: J.Frerichs@hszuyd

Address: 44 Bentfield Road

     CM24 8HP Stansted, Essex

     United Kingdom


Reaction on Feedback:

    When the feedback arrives I will respond to it.

1. What have I been doing?

    The past two weeks I‟ve been doing different shifts. I started the first week with the early 5.30

    shift and also did the “normal” 8 „o clock shift. I also did my first 7.30 shift and had the

    opportunity to do a linen stock take. This week I had my job chat with my coach and I also

    brought up all the paperwork I have to do for school, such as daily‟s, weekly‟s, the report and

    of course my website. After this very interesting and helpful conversation Agnieszka will be

    more able to “guide me in the right direction”.

1b. Innovations

    The Radisson SAS London Stansted Airport is the first Rezidor hotel to experiment with

    check -in and -out kiosks. For over a year the hotel has been testing the devices in it‟s lobby

    but unfortunately there are still some bugs to be fixed. When the kiosks will work, the guests

    are able to check in or out like they check in at the airport. However there will be no staff

    involved so the costs for the hotel will go down, the goal is to provide a faster service without


Another innovation is called the satellite reception. Instead of having a large check in desk,

    the hotel has 5 satellites. Each one of them is a complete Front Office workstation and can

    be used to serve guests. When it‟s not busy only one of them will be used and the more busy

    it gets the more satellites will open. The satellites provides a better and more personal

    guests contact and also the option for staff to move to the front of the desk (think of having

    children or people in a wheelchair).

2. How do I look at my job right now?

    Last week I stated that there were not many learning opportunities and I looked forward to

    my job chat with Agnieszka. After this job chat everything seems to be clearer for me and of

    course I‟ve received some feedback. After the job chat I was given the more “challenging”

shifts for me and I really believe they will bring me more learning moments. So I‟m looking

    forward to tell you about my learning moments of the next two weeks which I will write in

    weekly number 5.

    Beside this I have a strange feeling right now, because I really like working at the

    housekeeping department, but on the other hand I also like to step into the new challenge at

    the Front office. So I believe I really have to enjoy my time the next weeks and try to gain as

    much experience as I can at the housekeeping department.

3. Learning moments

    Last Saterday, I had the evening shift, I‟ve found out that I‟m still not used to the Yes I Can!

    “authorization”. After a woman had lost her pair of pyjamas in the laundry I had to fix it, or as

    we say in the hotel “make it right”. Because she wanted a refund I called the duty manager

    and he gave me advise. Later on in the evening I started realizing that I had been able to

    deal with the situation on my own, because of the Yes I Can! “tools” we have which I can use.

This past two weeks I‟ve also learned a lot about the characters of people. Especially the

    employees at our department are using emotions and manipulative tricks all the time to “get

    what they want”. Some of theme do it very obvious but others do it almost without me

    noticing it. In the job chat Agnieszka gave me some helpful advise and learned me that I

    should put my foot down.

    Last Saturday during my evening shift I had to deal with a cleaner who really didn‟t want to do what I told her to and it took a lot of my skills to make her do it. It was a moment of victory

    for me to see that in the end she finally did her job correctly.

4. Internship plan

    Making new contacts Although there weren‟t many new people to meet these past two weeks, I had a really nice

    conversation with the account manager of our linen company. He explained me after the

    stock take a lot of “what‟s happening in the world of linen.”

Learning to deal with a confrontation

    The best conversation was last Saturday with the girl who didn‟t want to do her job. I really

    stepped into it with a clear vision and got the result I wanted without any compromises. I feel

    more sure of myself and believe it will be easier for me next time when I will have a conflict.

    Improving my social skills I‟m really tested the last days at the staff house, because my fellow roommate has a 9 to 5

    job and has a complete different way of life. He can go to bed at night while I have to go to

    bed at 21.00 because I have to get up at 4.00 in the morning. Sometimes it‟s difficult to live

    with people who just can‟t understand me because they live an entirely different life. So I‟m

    really learning to live with completely different people.

5. Communication and feedback

    During my job chat I had all the time to give and receive feedback. Agnieszka and I looked

    together what thing I could improve and what would be new learning moments for me. After

    that we had a look at my SWOT and learning goals to see how I‟m progressing. I also

    showed her my weekly‟s. The upcoming weeks we will work on a few points which are

    mentioned in a form we have written down together. I haven‟t got a digital version of it, but

    when I obtain it I will sent it to you.

6. Other things

    Right now I‟ve really got a lot of motivation from the job chat. Together with Agnieszka I‟ve

    made a few points to focus on for the next two weeks (some of these points involve

    shadowing here):

    - Handling of lost property (getting to know the entire procedure)

    - Doing in-house requisition orders for housekeeping equipment

    - Doing daily and random inspection of public area‟s, conference rooms and other

    housekeeping area‟s

    - Check linen closets and carts for cleanliness and supplies

And since I‟ve been given a lot of feedback and have some extra goals set I believe I will be

    fine for the next two weeks.

Thanks for reading and for the feedback,

Greetings from Stansted Airport


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