Volume 8, Issue 22 q May 28, 2001

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Volume 8, Issue 22 q May 28, 2001

     The Weekly Update

    High Performance Manufacturing Consortium Making World Class Make Sense

    GMT meets Willow Front Office Change the Volume 11, Issue thinking & the processes will look after themselves 06 February 09, 2004

    most unique… etc. Lot‟s of discussion to come. Important Dates to add to your calendar... Following the GMT meeting held at GE Power Systems, ? Feb 18, HPM Board Meeting Host: Samuel the members were given an exclusive showing of the Strapping. Guest Speaker HPM‟s Knowledge new Willow front office… and that is where the story Supply Chain link ~ Dr. Jay Myers, Chief Economist, begins. CME. Topic: „Trends & Prospects for the CDN$‟. It all began with an idea that originated from a fellow

    GE consortium member. The idea began to form around ? Feb 20: Practitioner-to-Practitioner Value the concept of the roles for the „Front Office‟ vs. the roles Stream Mapping Forum. Host: COM DEV Space for the „Back Office‟ in competing to win. In a nutshell, the in Cambridge, Limited to 25 People. rdFront Office is where the customer is touched. It is these ? Feb 24-27: 3 Western Canada conference on contacts, according to SAS‟s Juan Carlson, that determine Best Practices in Lean Excellence 2004 Theme: the „moments of truth‟ which influence whether a customer Applying Lean to remain profitable as the will want to work with you ever again or, will be very clear Canadian Dollar rises.” they never want to see you again. ? Mar 3: Lean Case Study: One on one with a The Idea Lean Journeyman ~ Insights into a Lean The first principle of Lean is that the only assessment cultural transformation. Half-Day 12:30-5:00 of value that matters is the one made by your customer. Host: Avnet Electronics, Miss. See HPM web And if true, perhaps it is time to think about how much at to register. contact, face-time, or one-on-one discussions you really

    have with your customer to understand clearly just what ? Mar 4&5: HPM‟s Practice of Leadership & they believe your value to be. Coaching Begins 7 Dates: Apr 1&2, May 20&21, th The Front Office is the one making the contact and Jun 24 This 4-month long, results-based process building the link with the customer… while the Back Office focuses on achieving breakthroughs. Thirty people is where the products, services, tools, etc. are hatched to are required for it to run as HPM is utilizing a General be put into the hands of the Front Office folks so as to Electric USA trainer with a proven record of generate the sales that will enable the Front Office and the achievement. 24 of 30 are confirmed to date. To Back Office to both live and do their thing. reserve space, call Laura at 519-893-6260 for The Innovation Generated full details & brochure. Limited to 30 people. Dennis Wild, Willow Manufacturing‟s President, and ? Apr 27&28, Intro to Lean Accounting 1.5 days HPM‟s Chair: Vision, began to think about the concept and There will be a series across Canada in 2004 an idea he could not put down was „why don‟t I put wheels culminating this fall in a “Lean Accounting Roundtable” under the „Front Office‟ and get it out there in contact with th? May 12, Consortium-to-Consortium Phone customers. This would mean more production space for Exchange HPM will be continuing to chat with „con-the „Back Office‟ team. senting consortiums‟ from Newfoundland to BC via The Solution simple conference calls to share greetings, practices To indeed put wheels under the concept, Dennis and basically doing what consortiums do best purchased a full Prevost highway coach complete with exchanging ideas on their best practices for mutual satellite down-link capabilities, servers, computers, benefit. There will be a series of calls on this day & scanners, printers and top notch display panels. This more to come. Interested consortiums should email means a customer can have any of his drawings pulled up Dave at or call 519-893-6260. (or entered) as if he/she were actually in Dennis‟ Front nd? June 2, First Annual HPM Consortium-Office. In fact, the bus is really not like a bus it is what Consortium Challenge Cup This fun-oriented, the concept of „Front Office‟ suggests: it actually is a Front

    Office, with a very comfortable seating area for 14 people. opportunity-rich exchange of practices is proposed for ndNow Dennis can be on the road for as long as it takes to Wednesday June 2 where various Consortia would be where the customers are and that can be anywhere select one of their members to share their best within the Bus‟s 2,400 km span as that is how far it can practice. The idea is not to generate competition but go on one tank of diesel fuel. to gain value from the exchange process. The cup It is a mind-jarring initiative that stimulates other may be awarded by the participants voting for whom innovative ideas to flow… and one that is rooted in what they think was the best. The criterion is yet to be may be required to compete and win in the brave new confirmed but could include the most innovative; the world. A world where Chinese floating factories depart Remember… whenever you have a customer internal from the mainland with casings aplenty which are shaped or external there is always a Value Stream… your and matched to their US customer demands by a constant

    challenge is to see it!! - Jim Womack 101 flow of internet data as the factory floats toward San

    Francisco where the product yet to be built on the waves

     High Performance Manufacturing Consortium ~ 10 Pioneer Drive, Ste. 202, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2P 2A4 Page 1 of 3 Telephone: 519-893-6260. Fax: 519-893-3685. E-mail: Website:

     The Weekly Update

    High Performance Manufacturing Consortium Making World Class Make Sense will arrive ahead of the lead times many North American “Lean Is A Way Of Thinking, plants can match. Not A List Of Things To Do” And, oh yes, when Dennis‟ land ship does return to

    Tycos Avenue just one connection is required and all Hajime Ohba, GM Toyota Supplier Spt Ctr data bases are synchronized & ready for the next voyage.

     If 50% of Rockwell PC users leave their PC on during Practical Sense Means Savings evenings and weekends, it can cost ~$39,258/year

    Lean energy saving strategies for PC's If 75% of PC users have their monitor go to sleep for

    2-5 hours during unused periods of time, if could save HPM’s acknowledgement goes out to Rockwell‟s Energy an additional ~$1,650 - $4000/year. Team who brings an excellent perspective. Many thanks to Individually these changes might not amount to much, Shazia McCormick & Paul Deckert for the update. but collectively they can make a significant difference ast year's power outage reminded us of how much we if all PC's were set this way. all take electricity for granted. Recently the Ontario L Questions? For general information regarding Government announced it was fixing the cost of electricity; energy-saving initiatives, contact Gary Comeau at however, it continues to cost more to produce than we Rockwell on extension 4125. currently pay. It is clear that the cost will continue to rise Thanks to Rockwell‟s Energy Team for helping to “Light the and everyone needs to find ways to use less. There is not way”. - Many thanks, Sazia one big thing we can do to conserve energy - success

    will come from numerous smaller efforts. Value Stream Mapping Forum th Rockwell has well over 600 PC's in use and this Friday February 20 ~ COM DEV Space number can use a considerable amount of electricity. Here “Value Stream Mapping is the most powerful are some of the down-to-earth recommendations the team productivity weapon to appear in the would like everyone to use. last 8 years.” - MEP, US Government 1. Screen Savers Screen savers are energy wasters. Most computers use „Whenever you have a customer, there is twice as much energy illuminating the screen as they do always a value stream… for processing. Originally, screen savers were designed to your job is to see it!‟ stop screens being burnt by a constant image, but they are - Jim Womack Lean Thinking not needed for modern screens. Not only can screen If you have not registered at savers use as much energy as a full screen of work, but contact Laura as space is limited to the first 25 to register. many require considerable processing energy as well. To Over the next two weeks, we will provide a brief save energy set your saver to "none" or "blank screen".

    profile of the 5 Case Studies & presentations to be made… 2. Turn off your PC at night and weekends Case Study: Canada Post Lessons from a Leader 3. Sleep Mode Robert Knox, Process Excellence Advisor, and Jeff Sleep Mode does NOT turn off your hard drive; it only Caswell, Value Stream Leader, from the Parcel Plant of turns off your monitor. Monitors use about 80% of the Canada Post will be sharing their approach to the energy consumed by a personal computer so the energy application of Value Steam Maps. savings are significant. The following instructions show Canada Post is one of the leading appliers of VSM how to activate this energy saving option. The Team‟s internationally and has the absolute results to prove it as recommendation is to set it to go to sleep after 30 minutes. many manufacturers have found by visiting them. Both If the computer is not used for 30 minutes the monitor will Rockwell and COM DEV came away impressed, as did go blank and will awaken when the mouse is moved or a your Update editor, by the depth of achievement and key is struck. Remember to set the screen saver to blank application in place. Their achievement is attracting otherwise it may prevent the monitor from going to sleep. international attention from Germany, the Netherlands and Click on "Start", then "Settings", then "Control Panel" many others who recognize how CPC has driven Double-click on the "Display" icon tremendous amounts of waste out. A small window will appear that has tabs to select. Robert and Jeff will share with us how they not only Choose "Screen Saver", then "Power" apply VSM in the high-velocity parcel business… but also Go to "Turn off monitor" and select the down arrow extend it into the very important area of performance beside it. Select "After 30 min" measurement and scorecard metrics. They use the Click "Apply", then "OK" National Quality Institute (NQI) standard as part of their Due to the many variables, it is difficult to calculate how process excellence strategy. Theyll share with us their much energy this may save but here are a few samples lessons learned & current challenges in an open exchange. taken from other industry experiences using local average Case Study: The one you have been „clamoring‟ for costs. now you will hear how VSM thinking has transformed one A PC left on for 24 hours day 365 days a year cost national food processing industry… and there are lessons ~$95/year here to be garnered by any manufacturer.

     High Performance Manufacturing Consortium ~ 10 Pioneer Drive, Ste. 202, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2P 2A4 Page 2 of 3 Telephone: 519-893-6260. Fax: 519-893-3685. E-mail: Website:

     The Weekly Update

    High Performance Manufacturing Consortium Making World Class Make Sense Is Workplace Literacy Crimping your moves to Increased Competitiveness? For many, the move toward a Lean-Six Sigma culture is filled with concern because of an underlying lack of their workforce’s literacy skills. It is not trivial. For many, it’s the building block or stumbling block to productivity and competitiveness. If this is a consideration one way of accelerating your solutions-thinking is to visit a company who not only who has struggled with it but has done something about it. You Have The Opportunity - at no cost. The following initiatives are sponsored by CME along with HRDC. If interested call 1-800-798-0210 and talk to Diane.

    ~~~ While no charge you must pre-register ~~~

    Literacy Opportunity 1: Honeywell in Scarborough, ON March 23, 2004 9am - Noon Following their delivery of "English as a Second Language" courses, Honeywell identified a need for a culture that

    encouraged employees to value learning for personal or professional development. They saw it as a key to their success in the global marketplace. Companies seeking to improve their quality, productivity, and employee work ethic should consider

    using this example benchmark for their own development plans. It is a chance to learn from an award winning firm. In fact, they won the Conference Board of Canada's Award for Excellence in Workplace Literacy for the Learning for Life program

    and National Quality Institute Canada Awards for Excellence for 2000.

    Literacy Opportunity 2: Delta Chelsea Hotel, Toronto, March 3, 2004, 9am-Noon

    Inspiring Employee Engagement ~ If learning in a different and highly successful environment can provide you with valuable insights, here is a chance to learn from a company whose success demands its people communicate effectively

    with their customers. They have deployed „people practices‟ that align directly with short and long-term business objectives - and have to. This event will show how to implement an effective framework that creates an empowering workplace.

    Their success has been recognized by being the only hotel to win the top National Quality Institute‟s, Canada Award rdfor Excellence. And in 2003 they captured for the 3 consecutive year Globe‟s ROB recognition as one of the 'The 50 Best

    Companies to Work for in Canada'.

    Key to competing against China & others demands increased Innovation If Innovation must be strengthened in your firm here are opportunities provided by CME & the Gov. of Ontario to visit firms who will share with you what they have done, what worked, and what they are planning to do to strengthen innovation further. These firms are opening their doors at no cost, & as above, if interested call 1-800-798-0210 and talk to Diane. thInnovation Opportunity 1: Home & Park Motorhomes, Kitchener, February 24, 9am to 11:30am Home & Park Motorhomes, is in their thirtieth year as manufacturers of the ROADTREK, the best selling camper vans in

    North America. They are built by 200 employees based in Kitchener, Ontario. By offering innovative products, industry

    leading quality, having partnerships with both dealers and suppliers, superb customer and marketing support and leading-edge people programs for their employees, Home & Park Motorhomes has captured more than 50% of the North

    American market share. Home & Park is also the only North American RV manufacturer that is registered to ISO

    9001:2000. Over the past three years, Home & Park has placed a heavy emphasis on new product development and completely revamped their entire product line up. In addition, the company has embraced Lean Manufacturing, including Continuous Improvement, and has improved their profitability. This week they celebrate 500 days without a lost time injury which is an indication of the excellence of their approach.

    Innovation Opportunity 2: Messier-Dowty Inc., March 4, 2004, 8:30 am to Noon

    Messier-Dowty Inc. has CDN facilities in Ajax, Montreal & Peterborough, and is dedicated to the design, development, manufacture and logistics support of complete landing gear systems for commercial & military aircraft. The Ajax operations

    design, test and manufacture landing gear systems for both fixed wing aircraft and rotorcraft, with an emphasis on regional

    and business aircraft. It maintains an extensive computer-aided design and manufacturing engineering capability along with

    specialized expertise in the development of fully integrated landing gear systems. On-site services also include mainten-ance, repair and overhaul stations. When visiting this facility, participants will see:

    - Lean Concepts throughout the entire enterprise; 5S concepts and results; the implementation of true Pull Systems - Machining of High Strength Steels

    - unique Kits of parts received from suppliers

    - the "value" of Lean Concepts in an enterprise! thInnovation Opportunity 3: Arriscraft International, Cambridge, February 24 Noon (luncheon) 2:30pm Arriscraft was formed in 1949 when the founder, then a home builder, could not get enough masonry for his houses. His family had produced a cement based stone in the 1920's, so he decided to get back in the business. However, cement and

    concrete based products have their limitations. Being a chemical engineer he went to work on duplicating Mother Nature and making stone. He was successful, as Arriscraft manufactures stone some of you may remember it as „Angel Stone‟.

    Using much the same process as in nature, silica sand, lime and other natural ingredients are forced together using 1000

    tonnes of force and then exposed to a high pressure steam environment, where the particles bind and new minerals are

    formed. These stone units are then sawn, rocked, split or otherwise finished using traditional stone working techniques

    providing stone masonry units which are used both residentially and commercially throughout North America.

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