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Network design and delivery within the Telecom framework. N+1 high availability platform design employing EMC Business Continuity Volume technology.


12 Furneaux Grove,



    New Zealand.

    Contact: (04) 234 1443; 0274 822 822; CAMERON@COLOURCLOUD.COM

Tertiary Education

Massey University

    Palmerston North, New Zealand

    ; Masters in Business Administration (MBA) 2004

John Moores Liverpool University

    Liverpool, England

    ; Bachelor of Arts: - Business & Finance (BA) 1998

    Specialising in Management Information Systems, Executive Information Systems, and Electronic Data Interchange computer technologies

Hugh Baird College of Further Education (ONC) 1992

    Liverpool, England

    ; Ordinary National Certificate: Business & Finance

Professional Education 2000

    ; IT Technical qualifications: Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

Statement of Intent

    As an independent Consultant I aim to add technical and business value to organisations across New Zealand. This value is based on enterprise grade IT knowledge, academic business leadership, and proven success in project delivery.

Capabilities and Skills

    I am a classically trained manager and business consultant, with both a BA and MBA in Business Administration. I also have ten years IT experience including desktop support, high available technical solution development, SDLC Infrastructure Architecture, Technical Project Management, people leadership & management, and management consulting.


    My focus is Microsoft Distributed Computing Infrastructure with focus in the areas of data centre architecture, Technical Team Leadership, IT Management, and IT Strategy - including migration and strategic road-mapping.


    ; Extensive experience in migration planning and in-situ infrastructure replacement

    ; Extensive infrastructure architecture and applications integration experience

    ; Experience in high availability infrastructure design and delivery

    ; IT Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan investigation, authorship and testing

    ; IS Strategic planning to Board level

    ; IS Risk and mitigation planning

    ; Extensive experience in data storage topology development, including backup and restore and

    NAS and SAN design


    ; Experience in team leadership in IT platform and systems integration

    ; People management both formal and leadership

    ; Extensive mentoring experience with engineers, consultants from technical delivery to

    development and solution lifecycle

    ; Continued learning including ongoing up-skill within the IT industry, trend analyses, business

    best practice, and market analysis

Project Management

    ; Project Management experience in technical lead, governance, IT Program Management

    ; Experience in the use of the PMI project methodology

    ; Extensive experience in solution quality assurance control

    ; Experience in taking projects through the full lifecycle (project values ranging from $1.5

    million to $10,000)

    ; Experience in Project risk analysis and mitigation

    ; Currently studying the CompTIA Project+ program

Client Management

    ; Experience in system support management

    ; Experience in government, banking, insurance and private enterprise Sectors

    ; Experience in project tracking to senior management and stakeholder management

    ; Experience in Communication planning and action

    ; Extensive pre-sales and customer interaction experience

    ; Learning: Fast learn technologies, environments and business environments

Management Consulting

    ; Academic and practical business analysis and design (process, strategy, resource allocation)

    ; Analytics: Strong analytical nature technically, financially, and within the business context

Specific in-depth areas covered in the 2 year Executive MBA Program

    ; Business Strategy

    ; Organisational Behaviour and Design

    ; Corporate Governance

    ; Project Management and governance

    ; Corporate Finance

    ; Financial Accounts

    ; Management Accounts

    ; Dispute Resolution

    ; Marketing

    ; International Business

    ; Economics

    ; Entrepreneurship

    ; Corporate Social Responsibility

Overview of recent career

For ten years I have followed my general interests in IT and developed an enterprise grade

    Architect Consultant level knowledge of high availability infrastructure systems and their design, development, integration, delivery, and support management. I have worked for three

    of the largest IT companies in the world and one of the largest in New Zealand:

March 2005 Current

    Telecom New Zealand 18 month contract: (Network Architect, Management Consultant, Project Manager) IT Architect and Management Consultant

    ; SDLC design and delivery to the business ; Rapid Deployment Kit design and delivery to the business ; Technical Project management ; Technical Project governance ; Network infrastructure design and delivery ; Infrastructure migration planning and delivery ; Green-field infrastructure delivery management ; Technical pre-sales for WAN, VoIP and Wi-Fi networks ; RF solution design, development and delivery

November 2004 February 2005

    IBM New Zealand 3 month contract: (Project Manager) IT support contract Management


    ; IT technical support analysis ; Contract analysis ; Business process and change analysis ; Report writing ; Project management

April 2004 November 2004

    Vehicle Testing New Zealand: IT Manager and Program Manager

    ; IT technical support management ; People management ; Technical architecture development ; Security development and planning ; Budgeting ; Information Systems Strategic planning ; Supplier and customer relationship management ; Risk analysis ; Disaster Recovery planning

April 2001 April 2004

    Computerland New Zealand: Senior Consultant and Architect:

     ; Technical architect Data Centre Infrastructure refresh (multiple sites) ; High availability systems architect multi-site IT assurance ; Disaster Recovery designer, architect and test analysis and design ; Storage Practice Leader In-depth specialisation in design, migration and project leadership ; Project management small to medium project governance ; Cost benefit analysis decision support ; Technical writer project and architecture design, risk analysis and training and support manuals

November 2000 April 2001

    HP (Hewlett-Packard) New Zealand: Senior Technical Pre-Sales Consultant

    ; Pre-Sales of OmniBack Multi-site backup and restore, OpenView Systems management topology design

May 1998 October 2000

    ICL (International Computers Ltd) (member of the Fujitsu group) : Solution Developer and

    Systems Engineer

     ; Product specialist Tivoli Maestro, Knowledge specialist Web based Solution Delivery Kit development, Windows 2000/ Exchange 2000 high availability solution developer


    UK Civil Service: IT support technician and Process Design

    ; Desktop support, Backup support, Printer support, Network support ; Business process development and design across IT

Project experience

    I have managed, technically lead, or been heavily involved in many projects. Below is a wide representation of the work done to date, although there have been many other smaller projects that have ranged from business analysis to technical systems integration. Further details on request:

Telecom New Zealand Architect and Technical Management Consultant:

IT Architect

    Customer: Telecom Gen-I projects ranging from 25k through to programs of many millions.

Engagement included:

    Business development of an 18 month strategic plan for the national Network Design Team.

    Business development, design and delivery of the Solution Delivery Lifecycle to the Network function across Wellington and Auckland.

    Business development, design and delivery of Rapid Deployment kits that enable the business to deliver a technical stream of work quickly with built in quality, method and technical capture.

    Business development, design and delivery of a Design Quality Office (DQO) supporting knowledge management, tools, templates and formalised peer reviews for Network Architects.

    Technical Project troubleshooting, moving distressed project to final delivery

    Technical Project management under rapid deployment for technologies including high availability LANs and WAN and Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) deployments concrete and carpet.

Technical Project management, governance and leadership.

Network design and delivery within the Telecom framework.

    Technical Architecture lead for Gen-i RFI and RFP responses including engagement governance modelling.

IBM New Zealand - (Project Manager) IT Support contract Business consultant:

PM / Business Consultant $40,000

    Customer: IBM NZ

    Through a number of changes and a Trans-Tasman agreement my role as a Project Manager/ Business Consultant was to review the IBM/Customer support landscape, contract, P&L and SLA obligations and through analysis advise senior account management on problems identified and best practice remedy. Within this context my role was to control work done through standard project methodologies.

VTNZ New Zealand - : Covering IS Manager (Program Management)

IS Manager $2.5 million (annual budget) ($150,000 project budget)

    Customer: VTNZ

    In replacement of the IT manager my role was to review the current IT environment (head office and 60 sites) and develop both a technical and management program to ensure the stability and longevity of the IT infrastructure. This role had a large operational management component with two direct reports and a number of supplying vendors.

    The focus of the work was to develop and analyse both technical requirements & architecture and business process, develop a project program within the BAU framework, sell it, and initiate it based on standard project methodology linked to the Technical Solution Delivery Lifecycle (SDLC). All of this was done in the context of a support function in distress.

Computerland New Zealand - Senior Consultant and Architect:

    As a permanently employed Senior Consultant for 3 years my primary role was Solutions Architect and Technical Lead to develop requirements, liaise with tier 1and 2 suppliers and architect conceptual designs to the client with cost benefit, solution fit assurance, and Project framework.


    Infrastructure Refresh - $1.5 million

    Customer: Solid Energy New Zealand

    Role: Architect and technical lead consultant/PM

    Project Deliverables: Conceptual Design and costs for: Centralised high availability SAN storage, Windows 2003 deployment from NT4, Exchange 2003 deployment from Exchange 5.5, Citrix upgrade from WinFrame, Exchange migration to SAN, File migration to SAN, implementation of Outlook Web Access, virus protection upgrade and SMTP gateway management.

Storage Migration - $110,000

    Customer: AMP New Zealand

    Role: Storage technical lead consultant

    Project Deliverables: Lead the upgrade and migration of 2 Terabytes of data from aged SAN storage system to New EVA3000 Storage system to cost and timeframe whilst maintaining business continuity.

Infrastructure Refresh - $750,000

    Customer: Ceritas New Zealand

    Role: Architect and technical lead consultant/PM

    Project Deliverables: Conceptual design and technical delivery of: Layer2/3 LAN WAN over eight sites, centralised high availability SAN storage, Windows 2000 deployment from NT4, Exchange 2000 deployment from Exchange 5.5 and Lotus Notes, Oracle upgrade, Citrix deployment from WinFrame, PeopleSoft upgrade, SQL migration to SAN, Exchange migration to SAN, File migration to SAN, DR planning across multiple sites and the implementation of a dedicated DMZ for Outlook Web Access, virus protection and SMTP gateway management.

Disaster Recovery Planning - $100,000

    Customer: Downer Connect NZ

    Role: Disaster Recovery Architect

    Project Deliverables: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning, including mitigation, management and reaction plans based on ISSP requirements. Architecture of LAN/WAN to accommodate multi-city disaster management. Ongoing disaster planning and addition of other mission critical systems across Oceania. This was a key customer for Computerland, and the recent success of the DRP under test demonstrated an ability to deliver high availability systems across complex environments.

Intranet Refresh $150,000

    Customer: State Insurance NZ

    Role: Architect/technical consultant

    Project Deliverables: High availability Intranet portal architecture design, across two sites based on Foundry and Cisco hardware load-balancing and backup and restore within an emerging MS Windows 2000 environment.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) New Zealand - Senior Technical Pre-Sales Consultant

    As a permanently employed Technical Pre-Sales Lead Consultant my role was to support the sales effort, liaise with Technical Account Managers, Customer Account Managers and Consultancy Services to underpin their endeavours to deliver technical product and service to the HP customer base. I was responsible for the technical sales effort and enabling the sales win, with the assistance of those around me.


    Systems Management Architecture Design $50,000

    Customer: NZ Defence Force

    Role: Pre-sales conceptual design and ongoing solution delivery consultancy Project Deliverables: Design and deliver a working systems management design for NZDF in relation to the employment of HP Proprietary Systems Management.

Central Storage Backup and Recovery $ 1.5 million

    Customer: NZ Dairy Board

    Role: Technical Support Lead

    Project Deliverables: Develop a workaround heterogeneous storage backup and recovery environment that failed to meet the customers original expectations. The redesign was based

    on a central storage array SAN and high availability NetWare cluster. I worked closely with HP international resource to resolve and close some serious design flaws and technical issues. The original solution was a collaborative effort between Axon (the labour supplier for Netware) and HP. This engagement was a key customer engagement that required the management of international HP resource to fix a particular problem. My role was a liaison role between HP California, HP Slovenia, HP Australia, HP New Zealand and Novell, through Axon New Zealand, Dairy Board and other suppliers.

ICL (International Computers Ltd) - Solution Developer and Systems Engineer


    High Availability Microsoft Exchange platform 50,000 seats (UK Tax) - $6 million

    Customer: U.K. Inland Revenue Department

    Role: Technical Product Specialist, strategic relationship management

    Project Deliverables: High availability 50,000 seat + Mailing solution based on Microsoft technologies and ICL N+1 high availability platform design employing EMC Business Continuity Volume technology.

    As Product Specialist for Tivoli Maestro Batch Scheduler I helped develop the backup and recovery scheduling topology. As the engagement progressed, my role shifted into a vendor relationship management role. This was because of the importance of the relationship between ICL, Microsoft, and EMC. To maintain and deliver the project required close relationship building and the development of trust between the parties. My job was to develop this relationship whilst maintaining a technical presence in the software that I championed for the solution.

Enterprise Exchange 2000 (EE2K) 75,000+ seats - $6 million

    Customer: ICL UK

    Role: Solution Development Systems Engineer

    Project Deliverables: Productise Windows and Exchange 2000 high availability, 75,000+ seat application platform - incorporating the migration of Windows NT4 to 2000 Active Directory and Exchange 2000 environment.

    Working in collaboration with Microsoft, Seattle to investigate Exchange 2000 and a three way relationship with ICL, EMC and Microsoft. My primary role was to assist the testing & development team to investigate the new database design and how to develop the mailing and directory product into ICL’s future mailing solutions. Agreement with Microsoft was

    completed and ICL were guaranteed support for their 75,000 seat plus platform designs.

Other interest and activities

    My main interests are in IT and business management both of which I have studied and applied in depth. I enjoy learning a must for a MBA Graduate and IT professional. Away from work I enjoy walking and cycling as well as reading. I also love to write with my main interests in political fiction. I love to travel and embrace new cultures and am learning to fly which will allow me and my wife the freedom of New Zealand to enjoy the splendour that this country has to offer.

    Recently I have undertaken a guest speaker role for Open Polytechnic of New Zealand offering project management students real life experience examples. This I enjoyed immensely and intend to do more in the future.

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