eGRI 409 eExercise 4 SWOT Analysis

By Alvin Knight,2014-05-16 20:12
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eGRI 409 eExercise 4 SWOT Analysis

    eGRI 409 eExercise #4 SWOT Analysis

Instructions: Complete the “My Company” or “Me, Inc.” which mean your own real

    estate business not the real estate company with which you are licensed. If you need

    additional space, please use another sheet. You may type your answers and the box

    cell’s space will increase as you type.

    My Strengths My "Company" (Me, Inc.1)

    What are my business advantages?

    What are my core competencies?

     Where am I making the most money?

    What am I doing well?

    My Weaknesses My "Company" (Me, Inc.)

    What am I avoiding?

    Where do I lack resources?

    What am I doing poorly?

    Where am I losing money?

    What needs improvement?

    Page 1 ?2009, Corky Hyatt & John Mayfield Missouri Association of REALTORS? eGRI 409 1 This is your business under the “umbrella” of your broker’s business!

    eGRI 409 eExercise #4 SWOT Analysis

    My Opportunities My "Company" (Me, Inc.)

    Any beneficial trends?

    Niches that competitors are missing?

    New technologies?

     What the new needs of customers and


    What opportunities do I see that are not described here?

     How am I using “social networking” to

    build my business?

Ability to communicate with all

    personality types?

    Ability to work with all Generations?

    Threats My "Company" (Me, Inc.)

    Obstacles to overcome?

    Aggressive & successful competitors?

    Negative economic conditions?

New brokerage models and alternative

    pricing models?

    Government regulation?

     Changing business climate?


What threats do I see that are not

    mentioned here?

Inability to work with other personality


Inability to work with the other

    generations? Page 2

     ?2009, Corky Hyatt & John Mayfield

    Missouri Association of REALTORS? eGRI 409

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