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Fall 2004

    Managerial Sciences Dept.

    College of Business

    University of Nevada

Dr. Kyung-il Ghymn

    Office: BB 311C ;

    Office Hour: 4:30-5:20 MW and by appointment

    Course Objectives This is an advanced marketing class. The objective of this course is to acquaint students

    with the marketing management problems and policies in the following major marketing

    decision areas: marketing research, buyer behavior, market segmentation, product

    development, promotion, place, and pricing. Emphasis will be placed on marketing mix

    decision making process from the total marketing management point of view, not from a

    well informed consumer's point of view. Also emphasized will be the integration of global

    markets into decision makings.

Specifically, this course is designed to increase your ability to:

    ? Interrelate and coordinate the multiple functions involved in the marketing

    decision-making process.

    ? Integrate customer behavior factors into plans and strategies.

    ? Gain further understanding of the product development processes, pricing

    decisions, promotion decisions and channel of distribution alternatives.

    ? Specify and use marketing information in marketing decisions.

    ? Create innovative and workable marketing plans, strategies, and approaches.

    ? Controlling/auditing marketing plans and marketing performance.

    ? Gain understanding of international impacts on marketing plans and strategies.

Assignments: 1) Chapter readings.

     2) Case Discussions/presentations

     3) Marketing Audit Term project.

Conduct of the Class

    The course is designed for students to make a series of marketing decisions using various

    marketing cases (actual cases happened in the industry). Therefore, the class will be

    conducted more on the basis of discussion rather than straight lecture. Individual

    participation in class discussions will be graded and will constitute an important part of the

    course grade. All assigned readings must be done in advance.

6 cases and 2-3 caselets will be discussed during the semester. Each student is required to

    submit a two-page written report of the case analysis including:

    ? the case's problem statement(major and minor)

    ? decision questions to be raised;

    ? solution(s)

    ? and (4) your explanations for the solution selected.

    Every student will participate in at least one oral presentation. The presenter's manner,

    creativity and originality will be graded. No late reports will be accepted. The final

    examination will be based on case materials in the text (discussed or not discussed in the


    Group Term Project: One way of integrating and "putting together" the concepts of marketing management

    involves the preparations of a Marketing Audit. Each group (4 persons) will select a

    company or an organization for the development of a comprehensive marketing audit

    report. A detailed explanation of the paper's major elements will be discussed in class.

Choice of Product/Service

    --an existing organization/company is preferable to a "concept" organization.

    --may be a manufacturer, or a distributor or a service such as Washoe Med., University, or

    a government agency, etc.

    --may be a profit-seeking or non-profit organization.

    --normally products/services of local and small organizations are better candidates. (e.g..

    Jones-West as opposed to GM or Ford).

Important Note for the Term Project Report/presentation

    It is important to include analyses of the following areas:

    1. The firm's brief history

    2. The firm's environment, its competitors and its main market

    3. MIS systems

    4. Product development

    5. Pricing

    6. Distribution

    7. Promotion

    8. Recommendation/conclusion

    *Note: For the above listed 4P analysis, a brief comparison between the textbook

    theories/instructor’s lectures on 4ps and the audit firm’s decision practices must be

    included in both the oral and the written report.

Research Sources/Documentation

    --personal interviews, company (internal) materials, secondary references (trade journals,

    government reports, etc.) all appropriately documented.

    --15-20 pages, typewritten, double-spaced, one or two page "Executive Summary.

    --standard format (use your textbook format) for title page, footnotes, bibliography, etc.

Mid-term and Final Exams:

    Since this is a case-oriented course, exams will be based on cases in the textbook.

    Detailed information about exams will be given later

Student Evaluation:

    Final Exam 30%

    Case Discussion & 20%

     Written Reports

    Project Paper 20%

    Mid-term Exam 20%

    Participation 20%

    (+), (-) grading policy will be implemented for this course.

    *Project team member must submit a confidential grade report ( A,B,C,D) on his/her

    fellow team member's participation/ performance on the project.

    No make-up exams, no late reports will be accepted.

    For an emergency case, discuss it with the instructor.

    Team may invite the project company managers to its class presentation. Plan it well in advance if your team wants to invite them.

Attendance Policy

    Three or more unexcused absences may bring one grade level down.

    Text: Kerin and Peterson, Strategic Marketing Problems 10th ed., Prentice Hall, 2004. And other articles.

Dr. Ghymn--Mkt 495/695 - Syllabus - Fall 2004

    Date Topics Reading & Assignments ______________________________________________________________________ 8/23 Course Introduction

8/25 Importance of Marketing Chapter 1

    8/30 Financial Aspects of Mkt (Chapter 2 exercises) Chapter 2

9/1 Mktg Concepts and Mktg Management,

    Strategic Mktg planning and Mktg Information Systems

9/6 Labor Day

    9/8 Decision Making and Case Analysis Chapter 3

9/13 Consumer Behavior

    9/15 Opportunity Analysis & Mkt Targeting Chapt. 4

     Marketing Audit Project Memorandum Due

9/20 Project Day

    9/22 Marketing Research: Data, Information and Intelligence Chapt. 5

     Monetary Value of Information (handout exercise)

9/27 Case: Quetzal Collections, Inc



9/29 Guest Speaker

    10/4 Case: Curtis Automotive Hoist: Opportunities in the European Union



10/6 Product and Service Strategy

     New Product Development Strategy Chapt. 6

10/11 Total Quality Marketing

    10/13 Case: Manor Memorial Hospital:Downtown Health Clinic



    10/18 Promotion Strategy Chapt. 7

10/20 Project Day

10/25 Chesterton Carpet Mills, Inc



10/27 Channel Strategy Chapt. 8

11/1 Case: Throckmoten Furniture (A)



11/3 Pricing Strategy Chapt. 9

11/8 Case: Bristol Myers



11/10 Ethics in Decision Making

11/15 International Marketing and International Management

11/17 Internet Impact on 4Ps

11/22 Customer Relationship Management: An Important Marketing Tool

11/24 Marketing Audit Final Report Preparations (Make an effort to invite your

    audit company manager(s) to your class presentations. Submit their name

    and full address, so that the instructor can send a letter of appreciation to


11/29-12/1 &6 Students’ Audit Presentations. Marketing Audit written report due on 12/1

12/10 Final examination (4:30-6:30p).

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