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http://instechtusdk12azus/emc/indexasp emc@tusd1org 909 Ci, Civitas: A Framework for Civic Education 909 Ha, Handbook of Research on Social



    EMC -- 225-4783


    027.8 Fa Cooperative Learning Activities in the Library Media Center.

330 Ec Economics.

330 Go Economics and You.

330 Ka Growing Money: A Complete Investing Guide for Kids.

331.1 Go The 2010 Meltdown: Solving the Impending Jobs Crisis.

332.024 Sa Personal Finance: A Simulation of Managing Financial Activities in Everyday


372.44 Ma Building Academic Vocabulary: Teacher’s Manual.

372.64 Mc Literature Frameworks: From Apples to Zoos.

372.8 Me Meeting the Standards: Social Studies Reading fro K-6.

372.8 Sa Create-a-Town Simulation, Grades 2-5.

372.83 All Social Studies Excursions, K-3.

372.83 Cr Passport to Learning: Teaching Social Studies to ESL Students.

    372.83 En Endless Possibilities: Generating Curriculum in Social Studies and Literacy.

372.83 Lep Nonfiction Writing Prompts for Social Studies: Lower Elementary.

372.83 Lep Nonfiction Writing Prompts for Social Studies: Upper Elementary.

372.83 Li Ways that Work: Putting Social Studies Standards into Practice.

372.83 Se Active Experiences for Active Children: social Studies.

381.44 Ga The Indian Slave Trade: The rise of the English Empire in the American South,


    SPANISH Selección de Terminos Juridicos, Politicos, Economicos, y Sociologicos. 468 So

    510 Cr 15 Irresistible Mini-Plays for Teaching Math.


    510 Fa Kids are consumers, Too!: Real-World Mathematics for Today’s Classroom.

510 Gl American History Math: 50 Problem-Solving Activities that Link Math to key

    Events in U. S. History.

510 Gu Real World Math: Money & Other Numbers in your Life.

513 Cr Money, Grade 1-2.

658.5 Re The Life Cycle of Everyday Stuff.

    700.707 Wa Visual Knowing: Connecting Art and Ideas Across the Curriculum.

    909 Bu Performance-Based Curriculum for Social Studies: From Knowing to Showing.

909 Ci Civitas: A Framework for Civic Education.

    909 Ha Handbook of Research on Social Studies Teaching and Learning.

909 Na National Standards for History.

    909 Na National Standards for World History: Exploring Paths to the Present, Grade 5-


973 Lo Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything your American History Textbook got


973.2 Jo Daily Life in Colonial New England.

CL One Estela’s Swap.

CL Ste Carlos and the Carnival = Carlos y la Feria.

SPANISH Un Sillón para mi Mamá.

    BB Wil


    GF Eco Economics Education.

    Immigration in Colonial Times. (Jackdaw) GF Imm


    Social Education March 2007 Cool Websites and Other Technology Resources for Teaching

    About the United States Economy.

Social Education March 2007 Teaching Economics in U.S. History.


Social Education March 2007 Why Did the Colonists Fight when they were Safe, Prosperous,

    and Free?

Social Education March 2005 Credit: Your Best Friend or your Worst Enemy?

Social Education March 2005 Importance of Financial Education Today.

    Social Education March 2005 The Interdependence of Economic and personal Finance


    Social Education March 2005 Teaching About Saving and Investing in the Elementary and

    Middle School Grades.

Social Education March 2005 What are Mutual Funds?

    Social Education March 2004 Macro or Micro: Teaching Fifth-Grade Economics Using

    Handheld Computers.

Social Education March 2003 Activity-Based Economics.

Social Education Oct. 2001 Hyperinflation and the confederacy: An Interdisciplinary Lesson

    in Economics and History.

Social Education May/June 2000 Take a Break: A Token Economy in the Fifth Grade.

Social Education Oct. 1996 The Political Trade-Offs of Trade.

Social Education Jan. 1994 How to Use an Economic Mystery in your History Course.

Social Education March 1993 A Simple Economics Project that Students Enjoy.

Social Studies and the Young Learning about Community, Geography, and Economics.

    Leaner March/April 2007

    Social Studies and the Young The Little Red Hen: A Story of Productive Resources and Leaner March/April 2005 Incentives.

Social Studies and the Young A Fair to Remember: Elementary Economics.

    Leaner March/April 2003

    Social Studies and the Young The Candy Store Lesson: Sweetening the Integration of Subject Leaner Nov./Dec. 1998 Areas.

Social Studies and the Young Inquiry into a Trading Center: the Case of the Cahokia Empire.

    Leaner Nov./Dec. 1998

Social Studies and the Young Teaching about Goods and Services using Benny’s Pennies.

    Leaner Nov./Dec. 1998


    Social Studies and the Young Teach Kids Economics and they will Learn. Leaner Nov./Dec. 1998

Social Studies and the Young Economics in elementary Schools.

    Leaner Nov./Dec. 1998


    FAP Murillo 2 The Little Fruit Seller.

FAP Rivera 2 The Flower Seller.


    NUMBER TITLE LEVEL TIME MP 2394 VHS Bound for Freedom. I-M-S 50 Min.

    MP 3471 VHS Ujamaa: Noel’s Lemonade Stand. P-I 9 Min.

    MP 3943 VHS Provide for Family Need. I-M 15 Min.

    A Chair for My Mother. (Reading Rainbow) MP 5726 VHS P-I 29 Min.

    Fox on the Job. (Reading Rainbow) MP 5778 VHS P-I 29 Min.

    MP 5915 VHS All the Money in the Wrold. P-I 23 Min.

    MP 5916 VHS Transportation. P 15 Min.

    MP 6581 VHS Exploring the Global Economy. M-S 22 Min.

    MP 6914 VHS The Money Story. I-M-S 33 Min.

    Saturday Sancocho. (Reading Rainbow) MP 7096 VHS P-I 29 Min.

    MP 7170 VHS Fundamental Economic Concepts. M-S 31 Min.

    MP 7171 VHS Macroeconomic Concepts. M-S 29 Min.

    MP 7172 VHS Microeconomic Concepts M-S 27 Min.

    MP 7205 VHS Attorney / Financial Planner. I-M-S 31 Min.

    MP 7274 VHS Very Basic Economics. M-S 18 Min.

    MP 7918 VHS The Thing About Money: Earn it, Save it, Spend it, M-S 22 Min.

    Share it.

    Lemonade for Sale. (Reading Rainbow) MP 8052 VHS P-I 29 Min.


    Money. (Math for Children) MP 8379 VHS P-I 23 Min.

    MP 8558 VHS Capitalism. I-M 19 Min.

    MP 8577 VHS From Farm to Table. P 23 Min.

    MP 8578 VHS Growing Our Food. P 23 Min.

    MP 8580 VHS Where Food is Grown. P 23 Min.

    U.S. Industries & Resources. (Economics for Children) MP 8877 DVD P-I 23 Min.

    What is Economics? (Economics for Children) MP 8878 DVD P-I 23 Min.

    Starting a Business. (Economics for Children) MP 8879 DVD P-I 23 Min.

    Saving, Spending & Investing Money. (Economics for MP 8880 DVD P-I 23 Min.



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