NGA Student Employment Recommendation Form - Recommendation Form

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NGA Student Employment Recommendation Form - Recommendation Form

    NGA Student Employment Program

    Summer 2011 Recommendation Form

    Deadline: October 22, 2010

Student’s Name:___________________

    The student named above is applying for a position in the highly competitive NGA Student Employment Program.

    NGA’s student program provides an opportunity for students to gain valuable, professional, and relevant paid internship experience related to their field of study, while being part of a mission-ready, highly skilled, results-oriented workforce. NGA is committed to providing a structured program with formal and informal training to give students the opportunity to work in positions related to their academic and career goals, while earning valuable work experience to begin a career at NGA. In accordance with NGA mission needs, permanent positions with NGA may be offered to students who perform successfully during work periods and complete the program requirements. Visit for additional program information.

    Your candid assessment of the applicant’s academic performance, potential for success, and qualities as

    a person will help us in making our selections for admission.

Evaluator’s Name:___________________





For the questions below, please continue on an additional sheet if necessary.

1. How long have you known the applicant? In what capacity?

    2. Please share with us why you are recommending this individual. What contributions do you feel he/she will make during this experience?

    3. Please provide a brief appraisal of the applicant’s academic capability (class ranking), motivation, attitude and personality.

    4. Using the definitions below, how does the applicant compare with his/her peer group in the following areas?

     Truly Exceptional: Equivalent to the best you have known a person who, in your experience, appears only every few years Outstanding: Comparable to the best student in your current class Well Above Average: Top 25% Above Average: Demonstrated high ability Average: Able to complete the program Below Average: Lower 50% Inadequate Opportunity to Observe

    Areas Your Evaluation

    Overall academic ability

    Intellectual potential

    Ability to follow through, complete projects,

    meet deadlines

    Ability to work with others





    Communication skills: oral

    Communication skills: written

6. Please make any additional comments pertaining to the student’s qualifications as a student intern at NGA

    or directly relating to your evaluation of the above characteristics.

     Please return form by October 22, 2010 Mail to: Student Employment Program Coordinator Office Code, Mail Stop X NGA Area 12310 Sunrise Valley Drive Reston, VA 20191-3449 OR Email to:

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