theres A more sophisticated traveler out there

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theres A more sophisticated traveler out there





This is the large and highly profitable market

    niche we refer to as Generation E.

    We’re taking the Executive brand to the We’re looking for hotel partners who next level international.

    Industry studies indicate that Generation E cater to Generation E today’s affluent believes brands represent convenience and

    consistency. They’re looking for trustworthy business and leisure travelers. brand experiences not only for business but also

    for family and leisure travel. Executive Hotels and Resorts are aggressively pursuing opportunities to expand this lucrative market For fourteen years Executive Hotels and Resorts throughout North America, Europe and Asia. By has developed into a dynamic chain of properties establishing international sales offices in by delivering an increasingly high standard of prestigious locations such as Vancouver, London, service to our global guest base. These are Toronto, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and San sophisticated business travelers between the ages Francisco. With special programs geared to of twenty-five and fifty-five who want an attract Generation E guests. By adding hotels immediately recognizable standard of service that deliver a consistent brand experience. And and style. We’ve developed a steady relationship through a special partnership with one of the by understanding them the kind of people they largest and most established hospitality are, what they like, what they want in a hotel.


reservation and marketing system providers

    worldwide VIP International.

Can you belong to our brand?

     We offer Brand/Marketing Services.

     We offer Management Services. We are targeting high calibre hotel or resort

    partners in such major financial centers as

    London, New York, Los Angeles, Milan, Tokyo,

    Hong Kong and Sydney. Exceptional four and Increasingly, a brand is far more than five star properties who offer a unique

    experience and will benefit from a proven brand just a name on a hotel. The Executive identity and a strong management system

    implemented by a combination of European, brand to reservation channels. At every Asian and North American marketing and

    hospitality industry executives. Executive Hotel or resort throughout the

    Our professional staff manage for profit. world. This consistency of experience is As we expand our brand internationally, we

    bring to our partner hotels more than just image what the customer values most. And and REVPAR expectations. We take an active

    role in achieving realistic sales figures for each what makes them loyal to our brand. On area of the hotel, from restaurants to gift shops.

    Partner hotels benefit from our Executive a global level, everything we do is branding package and our international hotel

    management services. All Executive properties designed to support this.

    receive the strength of our international sales,

    marketing and reservation system providing priority bookings in 66 countries worldwide.

    We not only keep what’s unique about your hotel, we enhance it. By becoming part of the Executive family, you’ll automatically be introduced to a global market. As our hotel management client, your property will receive hands-on strategic planning, management and supervision of day-to-day operations with an overall focus of developing your profit margins and implementing international levels of customer service. E- Branding bring in guests.

    Systems are built around what you already do analyzed and optimized for maximum profit. Individualized local marketing campaigns will be Global reservations powered by VIP and custom designed around your existing strengths. the EXECUDEX System

    Innovative programs will be developed Serving more than 2200 hotel properties and car incorporating your property’s personality, to be rental locations in over 66 countries, VIP run exclusively in your market. The goal will be International comprises North America’s largest to effectively increase your market share without reservation system. As ownership partners with sacrificing what makes you and our brand VIP, Executive Hotels & Resorts has developed unique. its EXECUDEX reservations system to

     seamlessly integrate with every major travel

    agent and airline GDS system in the world, all


    major internet travel portals, our international call center and our own corporate websites. This means guests can book in their local language by

    phone, through any travel agent, airline desk or directly online. This real time seamless global connectivity also ensures our room rates and

    hotel inventory are always current. Our brand is always accessible.

     Technology that makes sense.

    Accessibility to the rest of the brand is also crucial. That’s why all our global sales offices

    are networked with each other, so booking With Executive Hotels & Resorts opportunities can be shared quickly. We also

    provide software to link your home page or providing your hotel management website to the EXECUDEX/VIP Central

    Reservation System for fast and effective online services, you’ll immediately see a clear

    reservations. We provide the technology for your

    front office to dedicate a single PC that directly difference in our philosophy. The links your property management system to all

    reservation distribution systems, allowing you to Executive management style is not become your own Central Reservations Office.

    You’ll also be featured on the Executive website dictated from generic off-the-shelf which provides guests with access to our online

    bookings, corporate account applications and rulebooks. It’s a fluid, customer- centric even online meeting planning. All our corporate

    and affiliate information is also online at a approach that allows for greater special resource website. You can download

    your answers in seconds. flexibility and creativity in optimizing

Marketing that makes an impression. your existing systems and adapting a

    Our corporate marketing efforts are designed to

    promote the overall brand personality. High profit-centered management model for

    quality advertising and imaging that presents a

    consistent tone and manner helps unite every each part of your operation while property in the chain. We optimize all GDS

    marketing and messaging opportunities, maintaining and enhancing an automatically handle all consortia programs, and

    provide steady, professional representation at all international level of customer service

    the major international travel agent, trade and

    GDS shows. Our industry participation and and intimacy. attention to the big picture assures us constant

    and memorable positioning in the international


    A Loyalty Program that builds customers. We offer a sophisticated program that rewards your guests with airline points and merchandise and builds frequency. All customer information is easily captured and processed at the Point-of- Sale and hotels receive monthly reports tracking travel trends, customer frequency and other valuable information. E-management drive up profits.


    dedicated GDS account management with the We start with a plan.

    You’ll be assigned a dedicated Productivity ability to swiftly open up distribution channels, Manager and a dedicated team consisting of a releasing room inventory for reservations Regional Account Executive and the full whenever appropriate. This immediate resources of our advertising, automation and accessibility and discretionary control has accounting departments as needed. Together, produced dramatic results in occupancy rates for they’ll develop a strategic business plan based on our properties. We also use our partner VIP realistic budgets for operations, sales and International to maximize exposure through marketing and capital improvements. The Alternative Distribution opportunities that only Executive team will provide specific action, come with being an industry leader. As an yield management and marketing plans for each international chain, we can also take advantage revenue stream in your hotel in order to increase of our group buying power for supplies, services the productivity and margin of that department. and advertising media.

    We’ll develop a complete market penetration and We develop customer intimacy. positioning plan just for your hotel and place that Through our sophisticated guest tracking plan in effect, both efficiently and effectively; programs, we produce a comprehensive locally. Our in-house creative department will customer database which is used to encourage produce your own custom ads that accurately repeat business and understand stay patterns of mirror our overall brand while still reflecting our targeted customers. With the information we your unique property. You’ll also receive capture and share throughout the entire ongoing operational audits, P&L analyses as Executive system, we can fine-tune service well as detailed monthly financial reports levels to better suit individual guest preferences covering inventories and cash flow forecasts. All and enhance the customer experience. focused on developing and maintaining profitable operations. And at all times, we work We’ll market your hotel globally. diligently with your hotel ownership Our brand is our product. Consistently high guest representatives to obtain prior written approvals, service and satisfaction standards, marketed budgets and established timelines for the internationally and connected at every level implementation of any plan. through Executive and VIP’s extensive network.

     Strategic advertising across all channels

    positions our brand to the selective traveler who We optimize your operations.

    Executive will analyze and maximize rate wants something more. We’re not selling them structures, conduct competitive studies, compile rooms and beds. We’re selling them their image guest tracking reports, review labor costs and of themselves as Generation E. productivity, implement energy cost controls and preventative maintenance programs. Your We’ll market your hotel locally.

    Productivity Manager will work with your Our product is your hotel. We’ll market, manage people to devise system and service and operate for profit, individually tailoring our enhancements that will provide an impressively systems to complement your existing style. effortless experience for your guests, designed to We’ll develop property specific marketing inspire return visits. initiatives to drive traffic to the various revenue

     centers such as lounges and restaurants. All

    designed to attract your brand of customer We manage your people.

    Executive assumes all responsibilities for human Generation E. resources management and staff training. Everything from uniforms to incentive programs will be examined and thoroughly considered. All with an eye to lifting the standards of service and

    the overall guest impression that their standards are being catered to and exceeded.

    We leverage our connections. Your hotel Productivity and Automation Managers will ensure your reservation system

    operates smoothly and efficiently. We provide


    Make an Executive decision.

    Partner with Executive Hotels & Resorts.

    Executive Hotels & Resorts

    8th Floor, 1080 Howe Street,

    Vancouver, British Columbia

    Canada V6Z 2T1

    Tel: 1.866.393.2866 / 604.642.5250 / 604.642.5254

    Fax: 604.642.5251 / 604.642.5255



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