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I. Name of the Institution:

    ? Address including telephone, fax, email:

    Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management

     (An Organization of Ministry of Tourism, Government of India) rdth 3 and 4 Floors, New Block, IHM Campus, Pusa Road,

    New Delhi 110 012. Tel./fax:- 011-25842135

     Email: Website:

II. Name & Address of the Director

    Prof. Sitikantha Mishra


    Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management

     (An Organization of Ministry of Tourism, Government of India) rdth 3 and 4 Floors, New Block, IHM Campus, Pusa Road,

    New Delhi 110 012

III. Governance:

    ? Members of the Board and their brief background:

    As per the Constitution of IITTM, there shall be a Board of Governors for

    the Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management, which will be the

    highest executive body of the Institute. It shall be the function of the Board

    generally to carry out the objectives of the Institute. The board shall be

    responsible for the organization, general superintendence, direction and

    control of the activities of the Institute. The composition of the BOG is as


    Sl.NO Designation Rank Capacity 1 Minister Incharge of Tourism, Govt. of India Chairperson Ex-Officio 2. Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of Vice- Chairperson Ex-Officio


    3. Joint Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of Member Ex-Officio


    4. Addl. Director General, Ministry of Tourism, Member Ex-Officio

    Govt. of India

    5. Financial Advisor, Ministry of Tourism, Govt. Member Ex-Officio

    of India

    6. Nominee of TAAI Member


    7. Nominee of IATO Member 8. Nominee of ITTA Member 9. Nominee of AICTE Member 10. Nominee of FFFAI Member 11. Nominee of Ministry of Railways Member 12 Nominee of NCHM & CT Member Expert Members

    13. Mr. Zubin Karkaria, CEO, Kuoni (India). Member 14. Mr. Ghulam Naqshband, Chairman, Le Member

    Passage to India.

    15 Prof. Kapil Kumar, Director, School of Social Member

    Sciences, IGNOU

    16. Prof. Kalpana Mathur, Dean Faculty of Member

    Management, Jodhpur University

    17. Prof. S. Kulsherstha, Professor, IITTM, Member


    18. Prof. Sitikantha Mishra, Director- IITTM Member Secretary

    ? Members of Academic Advisory Board

    The executive cum Finance committee is also empowered to act as

    academic advisory body which consists of following members:-

     1. Secretary (T) Chairperson

     2. Addl. Director General (T) Member

     3. Joint Secretary (T) Member

     4. Financial Advisor (T) Member

     5. Prof. Kapil Kumar, IGNOU Member

     6. Mr. Ghulam Naqshband, Chairman, Member

     Le Passage to India.

     7. Director IITTM Member/Convener

    ? Frequency of the Board meetings and Academic Advisory Body.

As per Bye Laws Meeting of the Board of Governors should be held at least twice in a

    year and meetings of the Executive Committee are held as and when required.


    ? Organizational Chart and Processes

     Chairman Minister IC Tourism, Govt. of India

     Vice President Secretary (Tourism), Govt. of India

    Director IITTM

     Nodal Officer IITTM, Delhi

    Faculty Administrative


    ? Nature and Extent of involvement of faculty and students in academic


    Decision on academic affairs of the institute is taken by the faculty council

    consisting of faculty members of the institute. The faculty council meets

    on a regular basis to assess the requirements of the students and industry

    and incorporate necessary inputs in terms of new courses/ modules.

    Besides, students are also consulted in the process.

IV. Programmes

    ? Name of the Programme (Full Time) approved by the AICTE

    1. Two-year full time Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) Tourism

    and Leisure.

    ? Name of the programmes (Part Time) approved by the AICTE: Nil

    ? Name and duration of Programme(s), if any, not approved by

    AICTE and being run in the same campus: Nil

Two-year full time Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Tourism and Leisure)

Number of Seats 60

    Duration Two Years

? Cut off marks for admission during the last 2 years: N/A (New Institute)

    Minimum 50% marks in graduation. The institute has used the CAT scores for shot

    listing the candidates. Group discussions and personal interviews were conducted by

    the institute for the first batch.


    ? Fee(for year 2007-08) Rs.76,200/- for first year and Rs. 50,500/- for second year

    (All Inclusive)

    ? Placement facilities are Available

    ? Campus Placement in last two years with minimum salary, maximum salary and

    average salary: N/A (New Institute)

    ? Name and duration of Programme(s) having affiliation with Foreign University:



    ? Number of faculty members:

     Permanent faculty : Four

    Visiting faculty : Seven

    Adjunct faculty : Ten

    Guest faculty : Twenty Five

    ? Profile of faculty

Core Faculty

S.No. Name (s) of the Qualifications with field of Age Experience Duration of the Teaching Faculty specialization Year a) Teaching Employment at b) Industry the institute c) Research (years)

    UG PG Doctorate

    B.Com MTM PhD 1 Dr. Pawan Gupta, 32 10 Yrs - 6 months (Tourism) Nodal Officer

    PGDTHM R&D B.E. (Comp 10 Yrs 2 Mr. Dinesh C Soni, 38 - 4 Yrs 5 10 Yrs Experience Sc.) 10 Month Lecturer Month 10 Months MTM 1 ? Yrs BBA 3 Ms. Shailja Gupta, 25 - 6 months PGDJ(MC) -- Lecturer UGC, JRF MATM BA (Tourism) 4. Mr. Rinzing Lama, 24 02 Yrs - 6 months UGC, JRF -- Lecturer

    Visiting Faculty

Smt. Lajvanti Naidu, Industry Expert

    Wg. Cdr PK Gupta, United Aviation Company

    Mr. Jagdeep Ramchandani, Corporate Trainer

    Mr. Vijay Dhawan, HOD, Food & Bev. IHM Pusa

    Dr. RK Gupta, Faculty, IHM Pusa

    Smt. Anita Sharma, Faculty,IHM Pusa

    Mr. Prem Subramanium, Head Tourism, IDFC, New Delhi


Adjunct Faculty

Dr. R K De, Management Consultant, New Delhi

    Dr. Kamal Ghosh Ray, IILM, New Delhi

    Dr. R P Das, Director, Institute of Management, Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla Univ,.Raipur Dr. Kapil Mohan Garg, IBAT school of Management, Noida

    Dr. E. Sivanagi Reddy, NITHM, Hyderabad

    Dr. Harsh Sharma, IILM, New Delhi

    Mr. Vijay Kumar, Dy Secretary, Deptt of Tourism, Govt of India

    Prof. Freda Swaminathan, Fortune Institute of International Business, New Delhi Prof. Y.P Gupta, Maharishi Institute of Management, Noida

    Mr. Jayanta Das, Vice President, Reliance Industries

     Guest Faculty

Prof Chris Cooper, Strathclyde University, UK

    Prof Namichand Jain, Professor Arizona State University, USA

    Mr. Larry Bowman, SAITHRDP (Co-ordinator India, NCHMCT, Pusa, New Delhi) Mr. Harsh Verma, Representative, Asia Pacific Region, WTO, Madrid, Spain Mr. Nic Humphries, First Secretary, The British Council, New Delhi Mr. M.P. Bezbaruah, Ex- Secretary ( Tourism), Govt. of India

    Dr. P.K. Choubey, Professor, Economics, Indian Inst. of Public Admn., Delhi Prof Harivansh Chaturvedi, Director, Birla Inst. of Management Techn, Delhi Prof Rakesh Mohan Joshi, IIFT, New Delhi

    Prof Bashir Ahamd Khan, Head, Tourism Management, Pondicherry University Prof D.S. Bhardwaj, Head, Tourism Management, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra Dr S.P. Bansal, Chairman, Institute of Vocational Studies, HP University, Shimla Prof D.M. Dutta, Department of Business Management, Burdwan University, Burdwan Prof. P.C. Purkayeshtha, IISWBM, Kolkata

    Prof R.C. Sharma, Retd. Professor, Jawahar Lal Nehru University, New Delhi Mr. S.C. Tripathi, Retd. DGP M.P. Bhopal

    Dr. R.S. Nigam, Retd Director, Delhi, Delhi School of Economics, Delhi Prof DPS Verma, Deptt. of Commerce, Delhi University

    Dr. Gulshan Kapoor, Prof. SBS College, Delhi University

    Prof Sudipti Banerjee, Commerce Department, Kolkata Unviersity, Kolkata Prof P.K. Yadav, Business Administration Department, Rohilkhand University, Barielly Dr. M.K. Sharma, Business Administration Department, Tezpur University, Assam Dr. Prasanna Patsani, D.Litt., DSC, Member of Parliament & eminent writer Prof. G K Brahma, Eminent historian and a literary critic

    Dr. S A Ansari, Professor, department of Commerce & Management, Allahabad University


    ? Number of faculty employed and left during last two years.


    Left- Nil

    ? Profile of Director/Principal with qualifications, total experience, age and

    duration of employment at the institute:

    Name: Dr. Sitikantha Mishra

    Qualification: M.Com, FDPM (IIMA), Ph. D (Business Administration)

    Total Experience: 29 Years

    Date of Birth: 05.02.1955

    Duration of Employment: 10 years

    At the institute

    ? Whether student assessment of faculty is in force : Yes

    VI. FEE

     Details of fee, as approved by the Committee:

    1. Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Tourism and Leisure)

    First Year (two semesters)

     Admission fee Rs. 4000/-

     Tuition fee Rs. 50,000/-

     Sports, cultural & welfare activities fee Rs. 2,700/-

     Technical visit/study tour Rs. 7,000/-

     Library & computer laboratory fee Rs. 6,000/-

     Examination fee Rs. 1,500/-

     Caution money (refundable) Rs. 5,000/-


     Total Rs. 76,200


    Second Year (two semesters)

     Tuition fee Rs. 30,000/-

     Sports, cultural & welfare activities fee Rs. 1,000/-

     Library & computer laboratory fee Rs. 3,000/-

     Examination fee Rs. 1,500/-

     Placement activities Rs. 7,500/-

     Technical visit/study tour Rs. 7,000/-

     Alumni membership Rs. 500/-


     Total Rs. 50,500


     Grand Total Rs. 1,26,700


    ? Time schedule for payment of fee for the entire programme: Annual fee is

    taken before starting of each year

    ? Fee Waivers granted with amount and name of students: N/A.

    ? Number of scholarships offered by the institute with the name of the students,

    duration and amount: As per the rules of the Govt.

    ? Criteria for FEE waivers/scholarships: As per the rules of the Govt.

    ? Estimated cost of Boarding and lodging in hostels: N/A


    1. Post Graduate Diploma in Management(Tourism and Leisure)

     No. of seats sanctioned with the year of approval 60, year 200-09

    No. of students admitted under various categories each year in the last two years:


     Number of applications received during last two years: N.A.


     Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Tourism and Leisure)

     Mention the admission test: CAT, MAT, XAT, IIFT and Test

     Conducted by the institute

    ? Number of Seats allotted to different Test Qualified candidates CAT, MAT,

    XAT, JMET, ATMA, CET, JEE (state conducted tests/university tests):

    There is no policy of allotment of seats based on the testing agency; however

    a scale of equivalence is devised on order to obtain the merit list of students

    to be invited for group discussion and personal interview.

    ? Calendar for admission (current year) already submitted

    ? The policy of refund of the fee in case of withdrawal: As per rules of the Institute,

    the fee once deposited is non-refundable, only caution money is refunded.



     Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Tourism and Leisure)

    ? Describe each criterion with its respective weightages i.e Admission test, GD,

    Interview etc. :

    CAT/ IITTM test score percentile - 70 %

     Group Discussion - 10%

     Interview - 20%

    ? Mention the minimum level of acceptance, if any, for any criteria - depends

    on merit

    ? Mention the cut-off levels of percentage & percentile scores (section-wise

    and/or total as the case may be) of the candidates in the admission test who

    are called for GD/Interview: 25 percentile of CAT score.

    ? Mention last two years cut-off percentage & percentile scores (section-wise

    and/or total as the case may be)of the candidates called for GD/Interview:


    ? Display marks scored in test, GD, Interview etc and in aggregate for all

    candidates who come for GD/Interview: Displayed on website


    ? Downloadable application form, with online submission possibilities: Yes


    ? List of candidates whose applications have been received along with

    percentile/percentage scores for each of the qualifying examination in

    separate categories for open seats. List of candidates who have applied along

    with percentage and percentile score for management quota seats.: Displayed

    on website



    ? Norms adopted for calling the candidates for Group Discussion/Personal

    Interview: Candidates strictly on the basis of merit prepared out of

    written test in the ratio of 1:4 (no. candidates: no. of seats) are invited for


    ? Attributes for evaluation in GD/ Interview

     The following attributes are evaluated for candidates.

    - Communication/presentation skills

    - Personality

    - General aptitude

    - General inclination towards management programme

    - Academic/non academic achievement


    ? Composition of evaluation team with the brief profiles of members:

     Professor / Chairman Academics

     Programme Head

     Subject Expert (outside)

     Subject Expert (inside)

    ? Score of individual candidates called for Group Discussion and Interview

    in each of the components including the test and in total, arranged in

    order of merit: Displayed on website.

    ? List of candidates who have been offered admission under each category:

    Displayed on website.

    ? Waiting list of candidates in order of merit to be operative from the last

    date of joining of the first list candidates, category wise: Displayed on


    ? List of candidates who joined within the date vacancy position in each

    category before operation of waiting list: Displayed on website



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