Roscommon IT Leisure Centre -Roscommon IT Leisure Centre

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SWOT Analysis ? consultant report (November 2008). Strengths Weaknesses. State of the art facilities Low staff morale ? losing key staff

    Institute of Technology Ireland ESTIP Project Working group programme

    ESTIP Programme Development ICE Breaker Case Study

    'Roscommon IT Leisure Centre'

Tutor Notes

This exercise is designed to be used at the start of several programmes to act as an ice

    breaker and get participants to start thinking about planning in a practical way. It is simple and

    does not require pre course reading. It is designed to take about 45 to 60 minutes depending

    on how much time the tutor wants to allocate to discussion.

    We have chosen a semi commercial organisation, operating within an Institute of Technology,

    as the subject. This should ensure that no one in the group will be an expert or will be inclined

    to get absorbed in unnecessary detail.

    The exercise is introduced by the tutor using and distributing a handout. (File ‘Programme 6 –

    Case study Ice breaker)

    The scenario summary

The case is about a multi use sports centre set up within an IT campus nearly two years ago. It

    is used by students, schools and the public and is required to break even or make a small

    profit with revenue from these three, or other, groups.

    The centre manager produced a basic strategic / operating plan when the centre first opened

    and has since produced budget statements. There was no consultation with stakeholders or

    staff. There was very little market research, and no competitive analysis.

    The first year of trading produced a small profit but the centre is running at a loss this year.

    Staff are being laid off as revenue declines across the board. There are some emerging

    opportunities but no work has been done to validate these.


The class is split into groups (target 4/5 per group). They are asked to analyse the situation

    using the material provided, and produce recommendations on how to improve things. They

    are then asked to identify the processes required to produce a new strategic plan for the

    centre. (What information do they need, who should be consulted, how they should proceed?

Key Learning Outcomes / messages

Planning (strategic and operational) is vital in every organisation and common sense. Need

    to take a wide ranging view of the many, changing factors which affect plans.

    Need to consider alternative scenarios and plan for contingencies.

    Need good information on which to base plans.

    Consult and Involve staff and stakeholders (current and potential) in plan development and


    People involved in planning need to have the right competencies and skills.

    Need to review plan performance.

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    Institute of Technology Ireland ESTIP Project Working group programme

    'Roscommon IT Leisure Centre'

    Briefing Sheet (Handout)


The multiple use leisure centre was built in the grounds of the Roscommon Institute of

    Technology and opened in August 2007. Half of the construction costs were funded by an EU

    grant and the rest was provided by the Irish government on a long term loan.

    The centre was built as a three way partnership for use by the students, local schools and

    members of the public. The centre generates revenue from these three groups and is required

    to break even financially or make a small profit to fund future growth.

    It is well equipped with a state of the art 50 metre swimming pool with diving area, squash

    courts, badminton courts, five a side football pitches and two well equipped gymnasiums.

    There is also considerable space for expansion if the need arises.

Strategic Plan Extract (2007 to 2010)

Mission to be the leisure services provider of choice in Roscommon.

    High level objectives

    ? To provide high quality service

    ? To operate at optimum capacity (80%) by 2010

    ? To generate sufficient profit to fund phase 2 by 2010

    ? To support the growth objectives of the Institute.

    (Strategic plan was developed by the centre manager personally and has not been updated)

Financial estimates / accounts

    Revenue ?000 actual 2007 est 2008 est 2009 est 2010 IoT use 600 500 750 1,000 Schools 500 450 600 750 Public 400 250 500 625 Total Revenue 1,500 1,200 1,850 2375

    Expenses: actual 2007 est 2008 est 2009 est 2010 ?000

    Employment 500 450 450 500 Operating costs 300 325 350 400 Financing costs 500 525 550 550 Total Costs 1,300 1,300 1,350 1,450 Surplus/deficit +200 -100 +500 +925 Occupancy 50% 40% 65% 78%

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    Institute of Technology Ireland ESTIP Project Working group programme

    SWOT Analysis consultant report (November 2008)

Strengths Weaknesses

    State of the art facilities Low staff morale losing key staff

    Room for expansion Reducing public attendance

    Well qualified staff Reduced student numbers (revenue)

     Reduced schools budgets

Opportunities Threats

    Potential new academic programmes Increased competition

    Ability to develop new facilities Recession impact on personal


     HEA potential rejection of academic


     Local authority budget constraints

Group assignment

You are members of the new Strategic Planning steering group it is now January 2008. You

    have been given the task of preparing a new strategic plan for the Leisure Centre.

    What needs to be considered when preparing the strategic plan?

    Key questions:

    What information would you need?

    How would you get it?

    Who would you ask / involve in the process?

    How would you ensure that the plans are achieved?

    What challenges are you likely to face?

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