Marketing Internship Handbook

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Marketing Internship Handbook

    Marketing Internship Handbook

If you have questions about the Marketing Internship

    Program, please contact

    Mr. Fred Pragasam

    Marketing Internship Coordinator

    Coggin College of Business Administration, Room 3226

    University of North Florida

    4567 St. Johns Bluff Road, South

    Jacksonville, FL 32224-2675

    904-620-1382 (phone)

    904-620-2782 (fax)

    ? HYPERLINK “” ??

    This Handbook contains the following forms

    ? Thirteen Item Checklist

    ? Instructions for Students Seeking a Marketing Internship


    ? Five Objectives Form

    ? Student Information Sheet

    ? Student Contract

    ? Mid-Semester Time Sheet

    ? End-of-Semester Time Sheet

    ? Employer’s Evaluation of Marketing Intern form

    ? Intern’s Evaluation of Internship Experience form

Thirteen Item Checklist

    This page is to help the student to track his/her progress in meeting internship deadlines.

    See the following pages for a complete description of each activity.

     Due Dates 1. Draft your resume 3 months before

     internship begins

    2. Meet with the Marketing Internship Coordinator to improve your 3 months before

    resume, make necessary changes, and receive approval of your internship begins

    resume from the coordinator.

    3. Obtain marketing/sales clearance request form to be approved by

    your advisor.

    4. Arrange your internship, including duties; hours; amount, form and One week before

    timing of payment; and supervisor. Obtain a signed letter on registration begins

    company letterhead from the supervisor stating these facts.

    5. Complete “Request for Approval to Register for MAR 4946 One week before

    Marketing Internship” form, Student Contract form, and “Five registration begins

    Learning Objectives” form and submit them to the Marketing

    Coordinator with the letter from the firm.

     st6. UNF gives you permission to register for the marketing internship 1 day of registration


    7. You register for MAR 4946. During your normal

     registration time

     th8. Submit “Mid-semester Time Sheet” to Marketing Internship End of 7 week of

    Coordinator and attend the mid-semester internship seminar. A classes

     mid-term report also will be required.

    End of last week of 9. Complete end of semester time sheet.


    Beginning of last 10. Have supervisor complete “Employer Evaluation.”

     week of classes

    11. Complete 5-10 page written paper and “Student’s Semester Report End of last week of

    and Evaluation” form. classes

    12. Submit 5-10 page written paper, end of semester time sheet, and End of last week of

    classes “Student’s Semester Report and Evaluation” form to Marketing

    Internship Coordinator.

    13. Marketing Internship Coordinator must have received the completed First day of finals

    “Employer Evaluation” form.

    Instructions for Students Seeking a Marketing Internship You may obtain a copy of this document and all other Marketing Internship information and

    forms from the Department of Management, Marketing, and Logistics during regular business


    Note that items 1-13 below correspond to items 1-13 in the Thirteen Item Checklist. All forms

    discussed in these items appear below in this Handbook.

    If you have questions, call the Marketing Internship Coordinator (IBIC), Mr. Fred Pragasam, at

    620-2780 to discuss them or to schedule an appointment (see below for additional contact

    information for Mr. Pragasam).

    1. The first step in preparing for your internship is to ensure that you meet the requirements

    for enrolling in the course. The requirements are that you:

    a. are a junior or senior majoring in Marketing

    b. are in good academic standing (not on academic probation or suspension)

    c. have a grade point average of 2.50 or higher

    d. have completed at least two (2) of the following courses with grades of C or better:

    i. MAR 4613 Marketing Research Information

    ii. MAR 4503 Consumer Behavior

    iii. MAR 4156 International Marketing

    e. The best time to do your internship is during your second-to-last semester. Waiting

    until your final semester can put you at risk of not finding an internship. Moreover,

    having an internship during your final term will decrease the amount of time that you

    can devote to your job search.

    2. Now you can arrange your internship.

    a. There are two ways of doing this

    i. Find an internship on your own

    ii. Work with the Coordinator to set up an internship

    b. In either case, you must ultimately have the internship approved by the IBIC

    c. To be approved, an internship must consist of the following:

    i. at least of 180 supervised hours

    ii. a variety of marketing learning experiences

    iii. exposure to the marketing aspects of the company’s operation

    iv. agreement by the company to do the following

    1. certify the required number of hours you work and the tasks that you perform

    2. sign a weekly time sheet

    3. complete an evaluation of the intern and discuss the evaluation with the intern

    4. accept a one-time visit during the semester from the Coordinator

    v. a letter on company letterhead signed by the supervisor that explains the details of

    the internship

    d. . It will be a paid internship

4. Once you have arranged an appropriate internship, you must

    a. Complete the form entitled, “Request for Approval to Register for MAR 4906 b. Complete the form entitled, “Five Learning Objectives,” which must be

    i. developed in consultation with your employment supervisor

    ii. signed by him or her

    Be sure to retain a second copy of the learning objectives for you to use in the

    preparation of your final report.

    c. Complete the “Student Contract” form and take any required actions that it mandates. d. Submit these forms and the supervisor’s letter on company letterhead to the

    Coordinator no later than one (1) week prior to the beginning of the UNF registration


5. The Coordinator will then determine whether your internship meets program


    a. If your internship meets the program requirements, then UNF will give you

    permission to register for the Marketing Internship course, MAR 4946, before the

    beginning of the registration period.

    b. If your internship does not meet program requirement, then the Coordinator will

    notify you of that decision and the reasons for it.

    c. Regular communication with the Coordinator throughout your internship search

    should ensure that you are not stuck with a non-approved internship once registration


6. To receive credit for a marketing internship, you must actually register for MAR 4946

    just as you would for any other course. Don’t forget to pay for the course, too.

7. Once your internship begins, you will have to ensure that several reports

    and forms are submitted to the Coordinator on time. The first of these is the “Mid-Semester Time Sheet.” Your supervisor should fill out and sign this sheet at the end of

    each internship week.

    th8. At the end of the 7 week, you must submit this completed form to the Coordinator. You

    must also attend the mid-semester internship seminar. A mid-term report will be required.

    9. Your supervisor should fill out and sign “End-of-Semester Time Sheet” at the end of each week during the second half of the internship.

10. At the beginning of the last week of classes, your supervisor must

    a. complete the “Employer Evaluation of International Business Intern” form. b. discuss your evaluation with you

    c. indicate that he/she has done so on the form

    d. mail or fax the form back to the Coordinator (address is on the form) so that the

    Coordinator receives it no later than the first day of final exam week (or by the last

    day of class in a summer term)

11. You must write final paper describing the internship experience and complete the

    “Student’s Semester Report and Evaluation.” You must discuss both with your supervisor.

    a. For the paper

    i. For each of your original Five Objectives, your paper must either

    1. explain how you accomplished the objective, or

    2. identify those factors that prevented you from doing so

    ii. Formatting requirements are

    1. word-processed with twelve-point font and one-inch margins

    2. double-spaced, with page numbers

    3. five (5) to ten (10) pages in length

    4. conforming to formal report writing style

    5. correct use of grammar, spelling, and sentence construction

    6. stapled in the top, left-hand corner. No reports in folders will be accepted.

    iii. Each page of this report must be signed by your supervisor indicating he/she has

    read and reviewed your report.

    iv. The Internship coordinator will grade your paper as if it were a project for your

    employer in a position you received after graduation.

    b. For the “Student’s Semester Report and Evaluation”

    i. Fill in the form completely

    ii. Discuss it with your supervisor

12. Submit the following to the Coordinator no later than the end of the last week of classes:

    a. your final paper

    b. your “Student’s Semester Report and Evaluation”

13. The Coordinator must receive the “Employer Evaluation” form by the first day of finals

    week (or the last day of classes for a summer term internship).

14. Internship grading is pass/fail. A passing grade requires ALL of the following:

    a. the student meets all deadlines, as described in the “Thirteen Step Checklist.” It is the

    student’s responsibility to be know and meet all requirements and deadlines

    b. the supervisor rates the student in the median category or higher in the following


    i. relations with others

    ii. judgment

    iii. ability to learn

    iv. attitude

    v. dependability

    vi. quality of work

    vii. knowledge of international business

    c. the supervisor rates the student as satisfactory in both attendance and punctuality

    d. the supervisor rates the student’s overall evaluation as average or better

    Failure to meet any of the above requirements will result in a failing grade for the


    Students who need additional information or assistance should contact:

     Mr. Fred Pragasam, Marketing Internship Coordinator

     University of North Florida

     College of Business Administration, Room 3226

     4567 St Johns Bluff Road, South

     Jacksonville, FL 32224-2675


    904-620-2782 (fax)















    BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES (attach a separate page, if desired):


    ? Retain a copy of this form.

    ? If the internship is approved, the UNF will give the student permission to register for MAR

    4946 before the beginning of registration. The student must still register for the course

    during the regular registration period. If the internship is not approved, the student will be

    notified by mail at the above address.




    I understand and agree to comply with the internship requirements as outlined in the Internship


    STUDENT’S SIGNATURE: ___________________________________ DATE: ___________________

SUPERVISOR’S SIGNATURE _________________________________ DATE: ___________________

___________________________________ ____________

    Fred Pragasam Date

    Marketing Internship Coordinator


After I have accepted a position:

    1. I will STOP all negotiations for other internships and will inform all other companies who contact me that I

    am already committed to an internship position. I will cancel all other internship interviews immediately. I

    may ask those companies to consider me for positions that begin after I fulfill my commitment to the

    position I have already accepted.

    2. I agree to abide by good ethical standards and practices regarding by actions both on campus and at my


    3. The employer, not the University, establishes the work schedule and the length of the internship

    employment. I agree to adhere to them.

    4. All students are responsible for their own safety at all times during their participation in the internship

    program. I agree to evaluate carefully any potentially dangerous or high-risk environments, locations, or

    assignments and will exercise good judgment concerning my well being when determining their responses

    to such situations. The University does not expect any student to accept positions or work assignments that

    pose unreasonable risk or harm, and accepts no responsibility for any harm resulting from participation in

    the internship.

    5. By initialing at the right, I certify that I have received my Internship Handbook and that I am responsible

    for understanding what is contained in the Handbook. _______

Note: If you have difficulty reading, understanding, or signing this document, please inform your academic advisor

    so that appropriate assistance may be provided.

______________________________________________ ___________________________

    Intern’s Name Date

    Employer’s Evaluation of Marketing Intern

Please complete and mail to the Marketing Internship Coordinator at the address at the bottom of this page one

    week prior to the end of the semester.

    Intern’s Name ___________________________ Internship Dates:_______________________________

    Employing Firm _________________________ Evaluator’s Title:______________________________

INSTRUCTIONS: The immediate supervisor will evaluate students objectively, comparing them with other students

    of comparable academic level, with other personnel, assigned the same or similarly classified jobs, or with

    individual standards.

    RELATIONS WITH OTHERS ATTITUDE -- Application to Work _____ Exceptionally well accepted _____ Outstanding enthusiasm _____ Works with others _____ Very interested and industrious _____ Gets along satisfactorily _____ Average in diligence and interest _____ Has some difficulty working with others _____ Somewhat indifferent _____ Works poorly with others _____ Definitely not interested JUDGMENT DEPENDABILITY _____ Exceptionally mature _____ Completely dependable _____ Above average in making decisions _____ Usually dependable _____ Often uses poor judgment _____ Above average in dependability _____ Consistently uses bad judgment _____ Sometimes neglectful or careless ABILITY TO LEARN QUALITY OF WORK _____ Learns very quickly _____ Excellent _____ Learns readily _____ Very good _____ Average in learning _____ Average _____ Rather slow to learn _____ Below average _____ Very slow to learn _____ Very poor

ATTENDANCE: _____Satisfactory _____Unsatisfactory

PUNCTUALITY: _____Satisfactory _____Unsatisfactory

OVERALL PERFORMANCE: ___Outstanding ___Very Good ___Average ___Marginal ___Poor

OTHER COMMENTS: (Please use other side or a separate page)

Supervisor’s Name: ____________________________________

Supervisor’s signature:___________________________________ Date:__________________________

This report has been discussed with student: ___Yes ___No

Please mail this completed form to:

    Dr. Fred Pragasam

    Marketing Internship Coordinator

    University of North Florida

    Department of Management, Marketing and Logistics

    4567 St. Johns Bluff Road, S.

    Jacksonville, FL 32224


    Mid-Semester Time Sheet

The internship supervisor should fill this sheet out at the end of each week of the internship. At ththe end of the 7 week of classes, the intern must submit this form to the appropriate UNF

    Internship Coordinator.

CIRCLE ONE: Fall Spring Summer Year:________________

    Intern’s Name:__________________________ Employer’s Name:_______________________

Employer’s Address:____________________________________________________________

Name of Supervisor: ______________________________ Phone:______________________

    # of # of Week Days Hours Primary Duties Signature of Supervisor Ending Worked Worked


    8/4/00 5 15

    End-of-Semester Time Sheet

The internship supervisor should fill this sheet out at the end of each week of the internship. At

    the end of the last week of classes, the intern must submit this form to the appropriate UNF

    Internship Coordinator.

CIRCLE ONE: Fall Spring Summer Year:________________

Intern’s Name:__________________________ Employer’s Name:_______________________

Employer’s Address:____________________________________________________________

Name of Supervisor: ______________________________ Phone:______________________

    # of # of Week Days Hours Primary Duties Signature of Supervisor Ending Worked Worked


    8/4/00 5 15

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