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SWOT Analysis: Edward Jones Family YMCA (Fitness Department). Submitted: 4/24/06. Fitness S.W.O.T. Analysis. Aerobics Studio. Strengths

Lori Rice

    SWOT Analysis: Edward Jones Family YMCA (Fitness Department)

    Submitted: 4/24/06

    Fitness S.W.O.T. Analysis

    Aerobics Studio Strengths

    ? Large, inviting room with mirrors and nice hardwood floors

    ? Cool room with lots of fans

    ? Very organized and extra storage in closet (organized)

    ? Lots of equipment with good variety and number of equipment

    ? Sound system sounds good and has a microphone head set for the instructor

    ? Extra hand towels are available for members

    ? Cubbyholes provide space for members to put purses, keys, bags, etc.

    ? Mirrors offer members to opportunity to check their body positions and alignment during


    ? Easily accessible for those with wheelchairs

    ? Large variety of classes offered in all levels

    ? Free motion machines are available for members to use

    ? A large supply of kick boxing dummies for classes

    ? Schedule is posted outside of room visible to members

    ? Communication log is set up for management communication with instructors


    ? 1 fan is very noisy.


    ? Opportunities for great amount and great variety of classes

    ? Great place for instructors to publicize to members of upcoming events

    ? Great location for dance classes


    ? None that I can see at this point

Personal Fitness Center (our small fitness center)


    ? Great room for those who would like that extra privacy or smaller group numbers (great

    for the intimidation factor of the large room)

    ? Television for members who want sound during workout

    ? One of each cybex machine plus treadmills, elliptical machines, bikes and a rowing


    ? A great place for some of the PFP members to get started


? Machines may not be getting cleaned enough

    ? Walls are thin during classes in both rooms, may affect Pilates or yoga ? No arc trainer

    ? No formal cleaning regime for staff

    ? No staff member in room to answer questions or provide support


    ? May provide members who may be uncomfortable in lg. room with a setting more

    suitable for them


    ? Members may become accustomed to using this room and never venture into the fitness


    Fitness Center


    ? Lots of cardio machines (treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, arc trainers) ? Variety of cardio, weights, and cybex machines for members ? Free weights

    ? Stretching mat

    ? Additional equipment available in room (balls, medicine balls, body bars, hand weights,


    ? Sign up system seems to work for most members

    ? Multiple TV’s for members

    ? Wheelchair accessible

    ? Staff doing a great job signing off and reading staff information log ? Bulletin boards, updated each month, provide great information for members on health

    topics and issues


    ? Dusty

    ? Might want to develop a card for members who are stuck in a rut or need more ? There is a newer model of cybex on the market

    ? Cybex and free weights need more attention to cleaning by maintenance and


    ? No formal cleaning regime for staff

    ? Some members want more than 30 minutes on certain machines ? Some members do not like the sign up system

    ? Some members do not like to tune into the TV channels set on the TV’s

    ? TV’s sometimes get static on headsets

    ? When equipment goes down, they must be shut down until service call is made


    ? Develop a new system or card for members who want to excel more

    ? Incentive program for members

    ? Allow staff to attend more trainings

    ? Allow staff to take initiative of bulletin boards

    ? More opportunities for personal training staff than what they are currently doing

    ? Great place for staff to get to know members one on one

    ? Great opportunity for staff to provide members with y information and events


    ? Without proper care and cleaning and preventative maintenance, members will complain.

    Free Weight Room Strengths

    ? Lots of room for members

    ? Very large room

    ? Like the additional room for free weights

    ? Wheelchair accessible

    ? Additional equipment available for this room


    ? Complaints of radio and programming on radio (want more rock)

    ? Cleanliness of room

    ? No formal cleaning regime for staff

    ? No staff member in room to answer questions or provide support


    ? Opportunities for growth in equipment good


    ? Cleaning must be done regularly for members to be happy with room

Multipurpose Room (106 & 107)


    ? Great to have an extra room to offer some classes

    ? New wall will add great opportunity for more classes (coming this week)

    ? Sound-proof wall will be a great addition for yoga and Pilates

    ? Mirrors, on permanent wall, are a great addition for dance and future group exercise



    ? Loud when some classes are going on in PFC (until permanent wall goes up)

    ? No mirrors yet, but will be added in a few weeks

    ? Floor harmful for some group exercise classes

    ? Fans needed on back wall and by windows in both rooms (in case both rooms are being


    ? Temp in room may be too warm


    ? If mirrors were placed in this room and the floor provided more support, more classes

    could be offered in this room.


    ? Room looks like a multipurpose room and isn’t very inviting for exercise

    Cycling Room Strengths

    ? Many members enjoy cycling

    ? Nice to have an additional room set aside for cycling (one of few y’s who offer additional

    room for cycling)

    ? Brand new bikes

    ? Good lighting and black lights

    ? Good sound system

    ? Mics for instructors

    ? Class schedule hanging outside of door for members


    ? Room is small and congested

    ? Room can get hot (but my opinion is that in cycling classes you should sweat)

    ? One of few YMCA's who charge members for cycling

    ? Small classes right now are leading to cancellation of classes and may aggravate

    members who like coming at certain times for classes these are growing each session


    ? Room needs sign or lettering on glass above door that says “CYCLING”


    ? Opportunities to offer more classes as members become more interested

    ? More beginner and advanced classes being offered in Summer

    ? Active older adults classes being added in Summer (for Seniors)


    ? As classes grow, we may outgrow room, causing us to add additional classes and pay

    additional instructors



    ? Very friendly

    ? Love to be part of the YMCA community

    ? Members seem to really like them

    ? First aid/CPR/AED certified

    ? Certifications offered in appropriate areas of instruction

    ? Will sub for each other if necessary

    ? Great tool for announcing what is going on at the y they have captive audience.


    ? Personal training staff is not obtaining as many new members as may be attainable

    ? Staff who get subs for multiple classes may eliminate that familiarity to members who

    like certain instructors or certain classes getting better


    ? Great opportunities for staff with new PFP

    ? Great opportunities for personal trainers to accumulate more members for personal


    ? Great opportunities for fitness instructors to develop classes by providing good customer

    service to members and retaining them in classes

    ? Can be used as a good tool to promote what’s going on at the YMCA

    ? Getting fitness staff involved, allowing them to take ownership to the bulletin boards in

    the room


    ? Fitness instructors adjusting to 15 min. pay cut

    ? Cutting classes may lead to the loss of some instructors

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