Spark English Vocabulary Series

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Spark English Vocabulary Series

Spark English Vocabulary Series homogeneous of well-being.

    Vocabulary for College English Test Band6 Milk and cream are homogeneous foods, certify

    adhere and they are both dairy products. You are basically asking people to certify, China will adhere to an independent and immerse with big penalties,

    peaceful She was so deeply immersed in reading that nobody has lied on their expense accounts. foreign policy in dealing with international that she forgot the supper. conceive

    affairs. indulge The coach conceived the strategy that won the cherish Will you indulge my curiosity and tell me how game for us.

    I will cherish my visit here in memory, as long much it cost? contemplate

    as I live! persistent She stood contemplating the painting.

    ibe disable ascrShe eventually married the most persistent of

    The agency ascribed the temperature climb her admirers. An accident disabled him from playing mainly to increased greenhouse gases football. retrieve

    emissions, The shopkeeper went to the window eccentric

    cyclical temperature fluctuations and retrieved Reubens treasure. A few weeks later I began saving again. and less cold air generated from the Arctic. revive Was I becoming an eccentric hoarder? Not at coincide Peter tried to revive the frozen robin; all.

    Her taste in music coincides with her but it was stone-dead.

    husbands. suppress

    overwhelm All these movement were suppressed by the

    Our team overwhelmed the visitors by 40 points. government.

    overwhelming testify

    Beijing took an overwhelming majority of votes This excellent book testifies to the authors

    and won the Olympic bid. ability.

    pursuit accustom

    ve simply reaffirmed an old truth: WeThe hunter is trying to accustom his hunting essence

    the pursuit of affluence does not always dog Senior citizen discounts are the essence of the end with happiness. to the noise of a gun. very thing

    comply ambiguous older Americans are fighting against

    China will strictly comply with the Thats a rather ambiguous answer--what exactly discrimination by age.

    universally do you mean? extravagant

    acknowledged market rules. ascend When asked to use three words to describe conspicuous Step by step the ladder is ascended. society's rich,

    The house standing on the island is very billionaire the top responses were extravagant,

    conspicuous. The billionaire is campaigning for political greedy

    endeavo(u)r reform. and corrupt.

    Despite our best endeavors, brisk flush

    we couldnt get the machine started. Taking a brisk walk can often induce a feeling The child's cheeks were flushed with fever.

funding With seven people squashed in one house, articulate

    Even Hilton Hotels has shown interest in the you don't get much privacy. It is believed that girls are usually more space tourism industry radiate articulate than boys.

     and the possibility of building or co-funding The sun radiates both light and heat. ascertain

    a space hotel. refrain The researcher ascertained that he had grantedad You must be able to refrain yourself in some discovered a new element Granted, matters which led to the SARS.

    some amount of delusion (错觉) in order to accomplish others. assertive

    is probably part of the human condition. supervisor Katsue Reynolds has argued that haunt The supervisor didn't have time so far to go girls nowadays are using more assertive He was haunted by memories of his unhappy into it at length, language strategies

    childhood but he gave us an idea about his plan. in order to be able to compete with boys in well into his adult life. surgical schools and out.

    initiate The doctors and nurses had surgical masks on. availability

    The concept of a non-smoking Olympics, suspicious Human population growth and technological initiated in 1988, I am always suspicious of anyone development result in

    has been put into practice since the 1992 who wants to sell me something on the cheap. dramatic reductions and alterations in quality Barcelona Games. terminate and availability of wildlife habitat. intrinsic They terminated their agreement and renewed baffle

    The intrinsic value of a coin is the value of another one She was completely baffled by his strange the metal it is made of. according to the situation. behavior.

    intuition terrorist barren

    Nobody told me where to find you. Terrorists hijacked an airplane with 260 There are about 98% thick continental ice sheet It was sheer intuition. people on board. and 2% barren rock in Antarctica. irritate tumble bewilder

    I tumbled several times when learning to skate The child was bewildered by the noise and the The boy's foolish question irritated his

    mother. for the first time. crowds.

    manifest absurd coincidence

    She manifested little interest in her studies. She said to herself that the idea was absurd. Is there any coincidence between your mingle allege statistics and your friends'? Security men mingled with the crowd. You alleged that the accused man was seen at conform

    obscure the scene of the crime, Nowadays,

    I received a letter of complaint from them; didn't you? it is commonly observed that but the letters of the sign were made obscure analogy young women are not conforming to the feminine by rain. My theory applies to you and by analogy to linguistic ideal.

    paradox others like you.

    More haste,less speed is a paradox. array

    privacy The royal couple appeared in splendid array.

     diminish exhaustion

     The amount of water in the pond will diminish The exhaustion of the army's ammunition

     as the dry season comes. caused its defeat.

     disciplined exquisite

    conscientious The inventiveness of the early Americans shed He has an exquisite ear for music. This essay is a most conscientious piece of light extract

    work. on disciplined school management. The newspaper extracted several passages from consolidate disperse the speech

    As we all know, A thunderstorm came up and dispersed the and printed them on the front page. too many countries lapse back into violence picnickers. flaw

    when efforts to consolidate peace or create divert There is a flaw in the marble near the base of stability are weak. Once young offenders embark on a life of crime, the statue.

    consultancy prison does little to divert them. fraud

    Software, eject Bend the law for personal gain and engage in consultancy and mobile telephones use far less The fire ejected yellow flames into the night fraud.

    oil sky. hamper

    than steel or car production. elapse Our progress was hampered by the bad weather. contrive Three years have elapsed since we last met. impart

    After much difficulty elevate A good teacher should impart wisdom to his I contrived to pull the boat onto the beach. A special device elevated the stage for the pupils.

    converge finale. incentive

    Capitalism and socialism will not eventually elicit His words gave me incentive, converge. At last we've elicited the truth from him. and I worked twice as hard. decisive eligible incidentally

    Your English proficiency is the decisive Only native-born citizens who are over 18 Incidentally,

    factor in getting the job. are eligible to the office of president. your letter came only this morning. deduce emission indignant

    You will notice water rising in the tube; The emission of radio signals was interrupted He was most indignant with me now what do you deduce from that? by a power failure. when I asked for a day's leave. deem endanger infectious

    He deemed that it was his duty to help. Drunk drivers endanger the lives of others. An infectious disease is one deprive endow that can be passed from one person to another. It is absolutely unfair She endowed the new hospital with a large sum

    that these children are deprived of the rights of money.

    to receive education. erase

    deteriorate The vision of that big black car hitting the

    Leather quickly deteriorates in hot, sidewalk a few feet from us

    damp climate. will never be erased from my memory.

     warmer, influence on mankind.

     sunnier countries. prolong

    ingenious misfortune I do not want to prolong our talk; So you fitted that wire through that little Think about the misfortune of others it is time to go home. hole there: that you may be satisfied with your own lot. reassure

    that's very ingenious! negligible What reassures executives does not always instantaneous The damage to my car is negligible. reward shareholders.

    She accidentally swallowed the poison and notorious rectify

    death was instantaneous. Maradona, Once we get to know our mistakes, integral a most famous football star, we should rectify them as soon as possible. The form, is a notorious drug addict. refute

    the sound outdate You can easily refute his argument. and the grammar rules are integral parts of a More companies are learning the importance of repel

    language. destructive technologies -- The soldiers repelled the attacking enemy. intelligible innovations that hold the potential to make a reproach

    He used so many archaisms in his speech product line, She reproached him for forgetting their that half of it was barely intelligible. or even an entire business segment, anniversary.

    jeopardize virtually outdated. roughly

    The security of the whole operation has been outflow I could not keep my anger down jeopardized We watched the heavy outflow of the tide. when I was roughly treated. by one careless person. permeate sensational

    lawsuit On a spring moonlit night, After a sensational trial, A bad compromise is better than a good lawsuit. birds are singing, the football player was cleared off the linger the air is permeated with the fragrance of killing.

    She lingered after the concert, flowers. simulate

    hoping to meet the star. porch The computer simulates conditions on the sea magnify A porch is a covered entrance to a building. bed.

    The microscope magnified the object one predominant sociologist

    hundred times. Her predominant characteristic is her Music expressed its times,

    maturity friendliness. says sociologist Irving Horowitz. This highly polite style is no doubt something prescription spacious

    that young women have been expected togrow She feels fine now that the doctor I want to live in a spacious house. into-- has made fine adjustments to her prescription. subscribe

    after all, prevalent I subscribe to Newsweek. it is a sign not simply of femininity, Traveling by motor car is becoming more and subsidiary

    but of maturity and refinement. more prevalent in the country. The question of finance is subsidiary to the migrate profound question of

    Wealthy people often migrate in winter to The doctor's discovery will have a profound whether the project will be approved.

surpass The desert stretching away before the traveler the table.

    Though we thought that we might lose in the seemed frighteningly void. ambiguity

    first round, vow There is a degree of ambiguity in her answer. the result surpassed our hopes. The couple exchanged vows in a romantic Labor amend

    tempt Day sunset ceremony on Maui. The government has amended the law twice Money and beauty tempted him to commit crime. vulgar to accord with the changing situation terrorism The houses and cars of the newly rich are huge appraise

    Bush said both countries love freedom but vulgar. Sotheby's apprised Donald of the fact and together they will fight against wasteful that his Rembrandt was appraised as terrorism. His wife was wasteful worthless.

    tow and he had to keep his nose to the grindstone. appropriation

    If you park your car here the police may tow abort The mayor approved the appropriation of the new it away. The rescue mission had to be aborted. school.

    transition accessory apt

    The transition from planned economy to share The accessories for a car include the heater Everyone at present was very excited at his apt system and the radio. remark.

    is certainly a painstaking course. adherence arrogance

     Her adherence to her principles cost her her I would on no account authorize in my child

     job the smallest degree of arrogance.

     administer assurance

     She had a huge department to administer The only complete defense is the elimination

     aerospace of nuclear weapons

     The Challenger shuttle crew, and assurance that they will never be produced

     of seven astronauts-including the specialties again.

    underlying of pilot, athletic

    It's the economist's mission aerospace engineers, He is taking part in an athletic meeting. to try to find out the underlying causes of the and scientists died tragically in the attendant

    depression. explosion. Sally is too flighty to be a flight attendant. unprecedented affiliate authorize/ise

    People's living standards have been rising The college is affiliated to the university. I have authorized him to act for me while I am steadily alien away.

    and China's comprehensive strength has been We should not ignore others' opinions avail

    clearly enhanced. just because they are alien to our own ideas. They made great efforts,

    This is an unprecedented miracle in China's alleviate but it was all to no avail. history. The medicine is administered to alleviate the bald

    unveil pain. Too much knowledge makes the head bald. The queen unveiled a statue of Prince Albert alternate bankruptcy

    void Mary and her sister will alternate in setting The company is reported to be on the brink of

    bankruptcy. We know little about the configuration of the behavioral star's surface.

    The behavioral sciences have been slow to collaboration conformity

    change Garment making typically calls for Young people today do not care so much about partly because the explanatory items often a collaboration among yarn spinners, conformity-

    seem to be directly observed fabric weavers and sewing factories. they do what they like.

    and partly because other kinds of explanations collide confrontation

    have been hard to find. The government collided with parliament over She wanted to avoid another confrontation with blunder its industrial plans. her father.

    The police blundered badly by arresting the commemorate congressman

    wrong man. The Nobel Prize is awarded to commemorate There's not much prospect of Mr Smith's being brighten Nobel, elected as Congressman.

    The new carpet brightened the room. the great chemist. constrain

    capsule commentary People with poor motives will always exist,

    The capsule failed to separate from the earth It affords a striking commentary on the he says.

    satellite. limitations of our present knowledge. Sometimes environments constrain those carefree commonplace people

    How wonderful it would be to be young and When leaving the house, and sometimes environments give those people carefree again! she was heard to make some commonplace remark opportunity.

    chronic to her husband. contamination

    Is your disease chronic or acute? complement We must pay much attention to the contamination circulation A flaming dessert complemented the dinner. of the water supply.

    Police say a number of forged banknotes are in compliment correlation

    circulation. Your presence is a great compliment. People believe that there is a correlation clearing compulsory between smoking and lung cancer. This is the unorthodox view of a German soil English is a compulsory subject in this course; credible

    scientist Art is optional. A will must be attested by two or more credible who has shown that burnt clearings in the concise witnesses.

    Amazon, His letter was concise, criterion

    dating back more than 1 000 years, omitting everything not pertinent to the job Only social practice can be the criterion of helped create patches of rich, for which he was applying. truth.

    fertile soil that farmers still benefit from condolence cumulative

    today. Through his spokesman he expressed It was a cumulative process.

     his condolences on the victims of the accident. decentralize

     confidential The two major U.S. political parties are vast,

     You are probably on much more confidential sprawling,

     terms with Kitty than I am. decentralized conglomerations of varied

     configuration ideological positions

    whose members do not feel obliged To Galbraith, a famous female entrepreneur? to vote the way the party leaders tell them to materialism had gone mad and would breed evoke

    do. discontent. The music evoked memories of her youth. dedicate diversion exceptional

    Dedicated to helping Beijing 2008 Strangers and travelers were welcome sources This warm weather is exceptional for January. spread its theme of One World, One Dream to of diversion, expectancy

    every continent, and brought news of the outside world. Babies today have a longer life expectancy Fuwa reflect the deep desire of the Chinese doubtless than those born a hundred years ago. people Doubtless he'll be bringing his guitar, expedition

    to reach out to the world in friendship through as usual. The Arctic expedition reached the North Pole. the Games. drawback expenditure

    defective This is a good car; The research is very important, May I return this machine if it's defective? its only drawback is that it uses a lot of but the expenditure of time and money is also deficient petrol. considerable.

    Our knowledge of the matter is deficient. duplicate expire

    degrade If you lose your key, In the play the heroine expired of a broken I felt degraded by having to ask for money. I can give you a duplicate. heart.

    delicacy extinct

    Try this dish. It's a local delicacy. The woolly elephant has been extinct for a long deregulation time.

    Liberalization and deregulation opened the way fabricate

    to the creation of broad, The story about his life abroad is completely deep and liquid capital markets, fabricated.

    and established the right environment fabulous

    to attract foreign firms and inward dwell During the two world wars, investment. the monopoly capitalists amassed fabulous Those two young men dwell on an island and live

    destiny on fishing. wealth.

    I don't know if we each have a destiny embark facet

    or if we're all just floating around Peru embarked on a massive programme of reform. There are many facets to this question. accidentally like on a breeze empirical falsehood

    but I think that maybe it's both. Science studies are empirical researches in The girl's father punished her for falsehood. deviate most cases. feast

    The teacher deviated from her custom and gave enforcement A good conscience is a continual feast, out no homework. The new law needs strict enforcement. A good conscience is a soft pillow. diffuse enthusiastic feeble

    The clowns in the play are mainly to diffuse The diplomat received enthusiastic praise. The old woman is too feeble to do her own a feeling of happiness. entrepreneur shopping.

    discontent Do you know Liu Hua, flap

Everything was working smoothly,there was no harmonious As darkness fell,

    flap. We heard the harmonious sounds of a choir. lights from the war vehicles illuminated the flip hatch stage,

    She flipped through the pages of a magazine, Count one's chickens before they are hatched. and the drilling ground became a sea of joy. not really concentrating on them. imaginative

    fragile Artists have to be very imaginative. This old glass dish is very fragile. imperative

    friction It is absolutely imperative Friction between two sticks can create a fire. that the whole international community work fuse together

    Their common interests fuse the two companies. hazardous to stop polluting the earth. galaxy The journey to the palace was hazardous. impractical

    Astronomers at the University of California heighten When the committee got down to details, discovered one of the most distant galaxies. If you want to succeed, the proposed plan seemed impractical. generalize/ise you must heighten your confidence. incompatible

    You cannot generalize about the effects of the hoist His plan is incompatible with my intentions drug Do you believe that an adult elephant can hoist indicative

    from one or two cases. the weight of a ton? Fever may be indicative of cold. generosity hospitality indignation

    They aim to appeal to people's generosity. People tend to refer to hospitality industry To my deep indignation,

    glare as window industry he has cheated me.

    The teacher glared at the impertinent boy. just as they call tourism smokeless infringe

    glide industry. You have infringed your contract. The skier glided skillfully down the humane instal(l)ment

    snow-covered slope. She works for humane treatment of prisoners. They were paying for their house in gloomy hurl installments of

    There was a gloomy outlook over roof and He hurled curses at the man ; 2 000 a month for three years. chimneys. who had hurled a stone at his window. institutional

    gossip hypothesis The old man is in need of institutional care. You shouldn't listen to gossip. The researcher made three hypotheses before intent

    grieve his experiment, The court has to decide if he entered the It grieves me to have to say it, but only proved one. building with intent to steal. but you have only yourself to blame. ignite intervene

    grope He approached the explosive to ignite it. The government had to intervene in the strike. I groped my way to a seat in the dark movie lliterate intricate

    theater. About half the population in the country is The whole case is very intricate. guilt still illiterate. The lawyers have to handle it very carefully. Do you have absolute proof of her guilt? illuminate invalid

    Your ticket has passed its expiry date, Various malpractice by police officer are The novelist's first book was a notable so it is now invalid. brought to light by the enquiry. achievement.

    invariably mastery nutrition

    The security guards are invariably ex-service Her mastery of the piano was quite exceptional Instant noodles do not have enough nutrition, men. for a child of her age. so people just consider them as junk food. investigator Medicare obedien

    The investigators recessed for lunch. The Medicare cost is estimated to be one He is an obedient and well behaved child. investor billion dollars. obesity

    Some investors will take losses, merge A diet that is high in fat and sugar can lead some organizations will fail- The two marching columns moved closer to obesity.

    but the overall economy and finally merged together. oppress

    and the market are healthy enough to absorb all methodology The rich oppress the masses by their control this negative effects. The intent of the new Harvard Center on Media of the political and judicial system. irrational and Child Health optic

    She was prey to irrational fears. to collect and standardize studies of media IBM has produced electro-optic modulators 100 jerk violence to 1,000 times smaller

    He jerked out the knife that was stuck in the in order to compare their methodologies, than comparable silicon photonics modulators. wood. assumptions and conclusions is an important

    junction step in the right direction.

    The hydro-power station stands at the junction miniature

    of two rivers. In the museum there is a miniature of the ship

    leaflet Mayflower.

    He was standing at the door of the theatre minimize/ise

    handing out leaflets. The explorers tried their best to minimize the

    legislator dangers of their trip. originate

    Most of the legislators followed the lead of mountainous The quarrel originated from a the governor. The plane flew over mountainous country. misunderstanding.

    liability mourn overlap

    If your liabilities exceed your assets, The whole nation mourned the death of a One feather overlaps another on a bird's wing. you may go bankrupt. much-loved king. overstate

    linear multicultural The trouble comes

    The linear equation is so difficult This country has previously witnessed two when researchers downplay uncertainties in that few pupils have worked it out. great struggles their studies

    literal to achieve a truly multicultural democracy. or overstate the case for causality. The literal meaning of ponder is to weight. naive parental

    luminous You weren't so naive as to believe him, He has lost the parental love even since he was The hands on my alarm clock are luminous. were you? very young.

    malpractice notable pastime

It is my favorite pastime. precede oxygen.

    pathetic The motorcar was preceded by motorcycles. radiant

    His tears were pathetic to witness. preclude She was radiant with joy at her wedding. patriotic Their move does not preclude others from random

    In his speech, investing. The experiment cannot be satisfactory Professor Li spoke highly of the Chinese predecessor because he has to use the random selection of Democratic League's role The decision was made by my predecessor. specimens.

    in supporting the Communist Party prediction rebound

    and in uniting patriotic democratic He made a prediction The official statistics on productivity growth personages. that the government would be defeated at the exclude the usual rebound in a business cycle. patrol general election. recipe

    Warships are on patrol in the territorial premise What is your recipe for success? waters of the country Advice to investors was based on the premise refreshment

    to watch for any foreign vessels. that interest rates would continue to fall. Refreshments can be bought on the train. perpetual preside regime

    Do you believe in perpetual love in this The manager presides over the business of the The changes made under the present regime are secular world? store. very large in our work.

    perplex prestige resignation

    I was perplexed by so many intricate questions. He suffered a loss of prestige when the scandal His resignation is only a gesture. pervasive was publicized. respectable

    Beyond the realm of information technology, prey He's a bit too respectable for my taste. the accelerated pace of technological change He trusts people too much. respectful

    in virtually every industry Naturally he becomes an easy prey sometimes. He enjoyed a mutually respectful relationship has created entirely new businesses, proficient with us.

    wiped out others, She is very proficient at operating a computer retort

    and produced a pervasive demand for continuous terminal. He retorted that it was my fault as much as his. innovation. prone retrospect

    pollutant He is prone to lose his temper In retrospect,

    We will further promote energy and resources when people disagree with him. however,

    saving propel Dr. Venter sees that all the publicity about and reduction of pollutant discharge to make His addiction to drugs propelled him towards therace to the genome

    economic growth sustainable. a life of crime. has brought benefits, too. ponder provocative revelation

    This set me pondering the obvious question: His provocative remarks about unemployed His Hamlet was a revelation to the critics. How can it be so hard for kids to find people being lazy provoked them. revenge

    something to do quantitative Revenge is a dessert better served cold. when there's never been such a range of Quantitative chemical analysis shows robbery

    stimulating entertainment available to that water has two atoms of hydrogen to one of He was guilty of attempted robbery.

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