Search Engine Marketing Resources

By Eddie Weaver,2014-01-20 21:38
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Search Engine Marketing Resources

    Search Engine Marketing Resources

    By Liz Jacobson of

    CAUTION: Please investigate any companies,

    services, consultants or software products

    thoroughly and use at your own risk.

    To check your Web site visibility/ keyword ranking:

? Visit to determine how well your site is indexed by the major search

    engines. Run the “Search Engine Saturation” report. You can also type in URLs for several of

    your competitors to see how you compare to them. Use the “Link Popularity” report to see how

    many links you have to your site. Use the “Keyword Verification” report to see how well a specific

    keyword is doing.

    ? To check existing links on Google: Go to and type in: to see what results Google has on record for your web site URL.

    ? Keyword density and prominence analyzer:

    ? Free Link Popularity Software Back Link Analyzer:

    Keyword Research

    ? Google ( offers a keyword research tool (Try ) ? You can subscribe to the WordTracker research site for a small fee (which searches MANY major

    search engines and compiles results). I believe they also offer a free trial period:

    ? Keyword statistics from over 180 search engines world wide:

    (I believe they may also offer a free trial)

    ? SEO Research Labs, many resources and sources for Keyword Research Services:

    ? Keyword Research Resource: ? Yahoo now seems to require that you create a campaign before they allow access to their keyword

    research tool. (Since Overture was purchased by Yahoo, the new owners have gotten much less

    generous with their keyword research data.)

    ? Since we don't have a free tool from Yahoo that is reliable at the moment, Aaron Wall informs us

    that Wordtracker released a new free keyword tool at The

    tool reports keyword suggestions, of up to a 100 related keywords, with search volume data.


    ? ? (see Quick-Digging Tools)

    General Guidance

? Yahoo information for new sponsored search users:

    ? Google Webmaster Tools: ? Reports available on a variety of topics. How to select an SEO/SEM

    consultant, good SEM practices, PPC issue, etc.

    ? Larry Chase’s Search Engine for Marketer’s. Provides excellent reviews of various tools and

    resources available.

    ? The Bivings Report (TBR) is a source of news, insight, research and analysis on the web-based

    communications industry. TBR content is posted, created and managed by internet strategists,

    media/communications analysts, web developers, designers and programmers.

    ? For reviews of pay-per-click search engines: ? Pay-Per-Click news and articles:

    ? For news of what’s going on with search engines: ? For internet and computer technology definitions: ? Search Marketing Resources:

    ? Everything about search engines and search tools: ? Search Engine Marketing resources and newsletter: ? Search Engine Marketing, a Web site by Catalog Age and DIRECT. Includes a list of top search

    engine players and other information. ? Market research on E-Business and online marketing. Internet market trends. Data from over

    2800 Worldwide sources.

    ? Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization (SEMPO): ? Tools, ideas, and internet marketing solutions for online businesses: ? Free Conversion Rate Resources: ? International Directory of Search Engines: ? Free Internet Marketing and SEO Tools: ? Web Marketing Association:

    SEO/SEM consultants

    ? Jill Whalen also offers a great newsletter, you can subscribe at: ?

    ? Marcia Yudkin (provides a newsletter and consulting services):

    ? SEO and PPC resources, providers:

    Anti-Virus/ Anti-Spam

    ? Anti-virus and anti-spam software for small businesses:

Web Site Design

    ? Web Design templates for various business types:

    ? Free Web Page Analyzer and Performance Tool:

    ? Web site usability guidelines/ resources: (Jakob Nielsen) E-Commerce

    ? News, reviews and practical solutions for your online business: http://www.ecommerce-


    ? Search Engine Marketing News Robert Clough

    ? Web Marketing Today Ralph Wilson

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