090312 iSuppli - MID

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090312 iSuppli - MID

Industry Researches - Summary

     Date: March 12, 2009 Source: iSuppli

Mobile Internet Device Shipments to Rise Nearly

    Eightfold by 2012

Key findings in the report:

    ? Global Mobile Internet Device (MID) shipments are expected to expand by

    nearly a factor of eight from 2007 to 2012.

    ? Global MID shipments are set to rise to 416 million units in 2012, rising at a

    Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 50.6 percent from 53.8 million

    in 2007.

    ? iSuppli defines MIDs as devices that have:

    o Integrated connectivity for Wireless Local Area Network (WLANs),

    Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks (WMANs) or 3G-or-higher

    Worldwide Wide Area Networks (WWANs);

    o A maximum-sized display of 8-inches in the diagonal dimension;

    o An instant-on function;

    o An always-connectable capability; and

    o A full day’s worth of battery life under typical usage scenarios.

    Products include Ultra-Mobile PCs (UMPCs), Portable Media Players

    (PMPs), smart phones, portable navigation devices, e-book readers and

    handheld gaming devices.

    ? About 60 percent of all smart phones are now considered MID-class

    devices, but that figure will rise to cover 100 percent by 2012.

    ? E-book readers already have achieved 35 percent MID penetration as of

    2008, which will then rise to 76 percent by 2012.

    ? A mere 2 percent of all UMPCs were considered to be MID-class in 2008,

    but the figure is expected to grow to 28 percent by 2012.

    ? For gaming devices, only 2.8 percent can be considered MID-class by

    2011 if the full set of criteria is brought to bear, with the rate increasing

    markedly to 15.1 percent the year after. However, if the requirement for

    ubiquitous coverage is relaxed to cover only WLAN, then the percentage of

    gaming devices that can be considered MID-class shoots up to 98.6

    percent in 2008, with the figure rising to 100 percent by 2011.

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