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Intelsat Telenor & AT&T/EMC ? 3 presentations were given on various aspects ITU offer to work on an on line training framework and to explore the use of


    Working Group on Emergency Telecommunications

    (IASC/WGET SUBWORKING GROUP) th17 Plenary Meeting

    November 18-19, 2004

    WFP, Dubai Humanitarian City, Dubai


     Barrett (on behalf of Barrett and Q-MAC), Codan, Ericsson, France Telecom,

    Intelsat, Telenor, Télécoms sans Frontières, AT&T/EMC

    Day 1


    Approval of the draft agenda and election of the meeting chairman and rapporteur

    Draft agenda was approved, Cherif Ghaly was confirmed as chairman and Findlay Houston was appointed as rapporteur

    WGET 2004 Progress Report and Draft 2005 Workplan OCHA

    It was agreed to add an item to the work plan “to provide guidelines for the

    selection and use of satellite based internet terminals in emergency operations”

    under “facilitation of inter-operation”

    To bring to the attention of ITAG the need for under girding standards for inter

    agency connectivity covering IP addressing, IT security standards, inter building

    link characteristics.

    Under co-operation with private sector / Telecoms industry : delete common

    networking infrastructure etc and substitute an output about collecting relevant

    regulatory information on countries of interest for the use of WLAN, VHF, HF,&

    VSAT bands.

    Document essential requirements for successful sharing of VSAT and other

    services and make proposals for effective rationalization of services after the

    initial phase of the emergency. To find funding for an objective assessment of the

    financial and business benefits and problems of recent attempts at inter-agency

    shared services.

    IASC-WG Humanitarian Common Services IAET and current deployments UN & Red Clarify the Terms of reference, membership qualifications, relationship and Mats & Cross only

    reporting responsibilities of the UN TWG to the SMT and the rest of the Jay Emergency operations structure. Name should be changed from steering

    committee to advisory group

Status of 6-digit selcall full compatibility, testing from Barrett, Codan and QMAC

    See attached presentations from Codan & Barrett plus letters from both. Independent verification was not considered necessary by either Barrett or Barrett, Codan. A letter will be sent by both Barrett & Codan to confirm when the process Codan is completed. Old Codan 9360 6 digit will be compatible with new Barrett 6 digit equipment Old Barrett 900 series will not be compatible with new Codan 6 digit equipment without firmware upgrade which they are offering to DPKO FOC. QMac have a waning interest in providing 6 digit selcall as they feel that their product does not fit well with the UN requirements due to their lack of a Data radio. A matrix will be provided showing compatibility between various models and ages Barrett, of transceiver with and without firmware upgrade. Codan


    TOPIC ACTION DATE Spam Mail Filter Project ICRC See attached presentation

    About Dubai Aid City Dubai Dubai Aid City & Humanitarian City hope to address different aspects of the Aid City Humanitarian market. Aid City host commercial suppliers and have better access

    to port facilities and future airport facilities.

    Update on the 2nd version of the Handbook on Disaster Telecommunications. Electronic version was on the web. Cosmas Handbook is in final review and will be with the publishers by end of Dec 2004.

    Hans Zimmermann writing the technical annexes. Free copies for the

    Humanitarian community. Developing countries will get a subsidized price. ITU to

    confirm if the handbook can be available in an electronic version on the ITU or

    WGET sites either open or password protected.

    ITU are available to assist with telecom licencing problems with particular Cosmas regulatory authorities

    Brindisi Ericsson GSM switch - service description and usage conditions Ready for use, will be deployed in DRC as a pilot test with a representative

    humanitarian user community. Voice only service will be provided. The purpose of

    this system is a wireless voice connection to the UN network. The decision as to Rolf,

    what features it will be appropriate to implement in this particular configuration will DPKO be worked out by DPKO as a product of the pilot test & reported to the next


    Common Satellite bandwidth for humanitarian users See text The group agree to form an ad hoc working group to look at the possibility of

    UNOSAT co-ordinating a project for global UN vehicle tracking. Members ;

    Findlay, WFP; Stig, WHO; Rolf, UNDPKO; Jay, UNHCR; Steve, UNICEF; Rolf,

    ICRC; Cherif, OCHA.

    Procedures for implementing callsigns and selcalls standards OCHA UN only Revised procedure adopted. To be published and circulated to UNSECCORD

    Narrow band Digital Radio system with high speed data capability. A single box DPKO solution to extend the phone, fax, Email and internet to a remote location.

    See attached presentation. Product is manufactured by 4RF.

    Wrap Up Day 1 Chair


Day 2


    Revised MOSS and eMOSS WFP UN only

    Noted confusion between a requirement to “know where all staff are” in phase 1 but

    no official requirement for vehicle tracking until phase 2

    Phase 2 Decision about where 24/7 radio rooms are needed must be made by SMT

    if it is to deviate from the documented requirement to have a 24/7 common radio

    room in any offices outside the capital. No provision is made to allow the omission

    of a radio room due to extended VHF coverage, for example.

    Document lacks the structure for response if a problem is signaled by the ECS.

“WGET notes that the new MOSS document does not completely reflect the input

    made by WGET and approved by the IASM meeting in Rome in May 2004. In the view of WGET the document lacks essential guidance on the response structure

    and escalation procedures in case of a security incident and would encourage

    UNSECOORD to amplify this aspect of the document. It should also be noted that

    the technical implementation of the revised standards outlined in this document will

    not necessarily improve security and will increase costs. It is therefore the intention

    of the WGET to present a revised version of the technical aspects of this document

    to achieve the intended standard of security telecoms, whilst minimizing costs. This

    revision will be submitted to the ITAG who will be requested to engage with

    UNSECOORD to have these amendments incorporated into the document.”

Email over HF and Remote/Field email services UN & Red

    The chairman requested a presentation on Wavemail for the next WGET meeting OCHA Cross only

    for comparison with the UUPlus solution presented by WFP. Rolf, ICRC mentioned ICRC an alternative product in use at the Swiss Coastal HF station which could be

    interesting to review. He was requested to investigate the possibility of a

    presentation of this solution at the next WGET.

    Satellite services for humanitarians and future direction. Global service agreements

    with common providers. Intelsat Telenor & AT&T/EMC 3 presentations were given on various aspects of Satcom.

    In designing a VSAT network traffic sizing and type definition is key to the selection of technology. Rolling out an ERP is even more exacting and requires investigation of the system’s tolerance to latency & jitter plus realistic measurement of bandwidth requirements per user.

    It was decided that the issue of shared VSAT services on an on going basis would Findlay be addressed by ITAG,

WFP to produce an initial guidance document for purchase of best effort small

    VSAT systems

    An informal consultative group is formed to shape the draft document into an inter

    agency guideline as to which services to run over this technology and how to

    choose equipment and a provider. Members Jan-Erik Kjaer, Abel Avelan, Steve

    Fazio, Findlay Houston, Jay Rushby. This document, when complete, will be shared

    with ITAG since it may have applications outside the arena of emergency telecoms. Inmarsat services LTA France Telecom

    France Telecom in discussion with Inmarsat about eliminating the need for the

    releasing provider to give permission to transfer the IMN.

    E-billing can be customized with a web page for each agency.

    For private calling a card without credit can be requested to which the staff member

    can add credit on the web.


    TOPIC ACTION DATE Shared training modules, sharing training curriculum document support (Radio to radio signalling procedures; radio usage protocols, procedures). eLearning tools and on-line sharing of resources. UNICEF have volunteered to initiate the curriculum development with a 6 month Steve consultancy. ITU offer to work on an on line training framework and to explore the use of ITU’s Cosmas centres of excellence. ITU will also advise on the overall cost of this framework and Mahesh Goel will make a financial contribution to this initiative. Any additional funds will have to Steve be provided by other WGET members. INTELSAT offered a basic satellite appreciation course “without strings” Ruud Global VSAT forum have offered training assistance. Steve to follow up.

    Codan offered to provide support for the curriculum content for the HF portion.

    WIDER (Presentation and Demo): Common wireless and networking infrastructure UNHCR/ to interchange data between agencies in an operational environment Ericsson An update was presented. The proposed field trial in Chad for 6 months was

    welcomed by WGET. The local availability of HIC information was universally


    Meeting Wrap Up Chair Approval of minutes

    Next meeting collocated with next ITAG meeting Q1 2005 Hosted by UNICEF

    Wavemail presentation. Berne Radio e-mail system & service

    Vehicle tracking

    Best effort small VSAT guidelines.

    The Emergency Scenario Matrix

    Training curriculum update

    MOSS feedback document.


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