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    Праграма развiцця ААН

    United Nations Development Programme



    NAME & ADDRESS OF FIRM: Date: 5 September, 2008



    ________ UNDP/Adm. Ref./Study Tour/ /2008

Dear Sir/Madam,

You are kindly requested to submit your proposal of the organization of the study tour

    “Good Practices of Implementation of Administrative Procedures for Citizens through

    “One-stop-shop” Service in Germany” for Belarusian officials and civil servants to

    Germany within the UNDP Project “Promoting the Administrative Procedures Reform

    (APR) in Belarus” before 5 p.m. Belarus local time on September 22, 2008.



    PROCEDURES FOR CITIZENS THROUGH “ONE-STOP-SHOP” SERVICE” Background information on the project:

    Funded by UNDP, the Project “Promoting the Administrative Procedures Reform (APR)

    in Belarus” commenced on January 19, 2007 and is designed for two years. It is jointly

    implemented by UNDP Belarus and the National Center of Legislation and Legal

    Research of the Republic of Belarus.

The main objective of the project is to promote a coherent and efficient administrative

    procedures reform fully in line with the constitutional rights of the Belarusian citizens and

    in order to develop the principles of transparency and accountability in the government


The project is implemented using the best international practices in elaboration of the

    draft law on administrative procedures based on the relevant human rights principles,

    capacity building of public institutions to enable them to carry out an administrative procedures reform, awareness-raising among the public on their legal rights.

    One of the Project’s components is organisation of study tours for Belarusian civil servants to European countries. Study tours’ delegations will include ministry employees and civil servants, working directly with citizens in the field of elaboration, coordination

    and implementation of administrative procedures. The participants should visit several institutions, which have a good record of interactions with the citizens, providing

    services to the public according to the “one-stop-shop” principle in order to study the structure, organization, methodology and good practices of work. This will help them to understand the system of effective administrative procedures deeper and install

    important contacts for future cooperation. The participants should visit the state bodies having similar functions in other countries and will get acquainted with their work in

detail to possess advanced experience of implementation of administrative procedures

    for citizens according to “one-stop-shop” principle. Additional information about the

    Project and activity might be found in the Project Document ( Taking into consideration the current

    conditions in Belarus on development of the national legislation on administrative procedures according to “one-stop-shop” principle and the German long experience and results reached in the field (many of the European countries, including Baltic states,

    possessed some German experience of implementation of administrative procedures), it would be much appreciated to organize a study tour to Germany for representatives of public administration system of Belarus.


    Provide complex support to organization of the study tour “Good Practices of Implementation of Administrative Procedures for Citizens through “One-stop-shop” Service” for Belarusian officials and civil servants.

Ground for destination of the study tour:

    “One-stop-shop” is a service model, implemented by several European public

    administrations, that aims at providing tools to support the best value in the delivery of

    public services to citizens and to optimize the management of governmental operations within tight financial constraints. Germany has a significant experience and identified

    success in organization of “One-stop-shop” Service (Kundenservice), that acts as an

    advanced interface between the citizen and the public administration for excellent performance of both simple and complex tasks (implementation of administrative

    procedures for citizens, providing advisory support, etc.). Established within the

    administration bodies, “One-stop-shop” Service in Germany works as a “front office” with citizens’ inquiries to ensure relevant high quality responses and/or assistance in a set of

    administrative procedures for population. At the same time, Belarus is in the very

    beginning of development of system of “One-stop-shop” Service by allocating certain resources of national, regional and local state institutions (administrative departments)

    or involving external companies (Computer Center of the Minsk City Executive Council)

    to assist quality and fast interaction between citizens and state institutions within the implementation of administrative procedures. Therefore, taking into consideration the current conditions in Belarus on development of the national legislation and implementation of administrative procedures according to “one-stop-shop” principle and the German long experience and results reached in the field, it would be much appreciated to organize a study tour to Germany for representatives of public

    administration system of Belarus.

    Duration: 5 days total, including arrival/departure of the delegation (2 days) and 3

    working days (study tour events)

    Timeframe: 14 18 October, 2008

    Location: Germany

    Working language: Russian or sequential/simultaneous translation from German into


Scope of work:

    1. Identify competent representatives (high-level officials, civil servants, experts) of the

    most appropriate government organizations in Germany for arrangement of

    meetings of the Belarusian delegation and obtain theoretical and practical

    information on the following issues within the study tour:

    - Genesis and development of “One-stop-shop” Service (Kundenservice) in Germany - Current legal frameworks for “One-stop-shop” Service (Kundenservice) in Germany - Organizational structure of “One-stop-shop” Service in Germany - Personnel of “One-stop-shop” Service in Germany (selection, training, duties)

    - Administrative procedures to citizens, provided through “One-stop-shop” Service in

    Germany (their types, description, grounds, legal frameworks, development) - Exchange of information and necessary data with relevant institutions while

    implementing administrative procedures through “One-stop-shop” Service in

    Germany (interaction between “front office” and “back office”) - Maintenance of data bases in “One-stop-shop” Service in Germany - Work with citizens’ inquiries and complaints within “One-stop-shop” Service in


    - Good practices of work with citizens within “One-stop-shop” Service in Germany - Further plans and perspectives of development of “One-stop-shop” Service for

    citizens in Germany

2. Schedule presentations and meetings with competent representatives of

    governmental institutions in Germany

    3. In cooperation with the Project Manager and German organizations involved, draft

    and finalize a detailed study tour agenda (corresponding to the specific discussion

    topics, indicated above), including dates, time and places of the meetings, full

    names, titles and contact information of the German key-speakers and persons, with

    whom the meetings will be held together with issues to be discussed during the


    4. Ensure communications with lecturing experts and with the representatives of

    institutions that will be visited

    5. Provide translations of lectures, presentations and discussions from German into


    6. Prepare packages of relevant information materials for the participants in Russian 7. Arrange meetings and space for the study tour activities together with necessary

    equipment for presentations and translation

    8. Provide, if necessary, administrative and technical support for experts within the

    study tour

    9. Provide written report on the implementation of the study tour within 10 days after its



    10. Provide assistance with getting the visa providing the participants with invitation

    letters, communications with the German Embassy in Minsk, Belarus and with the

    UNDP Country Office in Belarus

    11. Pick up the Belarusian delegation from/to the airport in Germany 12. Organize local transportation for the Belarusian delegation in Germany 13. Provide one staff member, who will accompany the Belarusian delegation

    throughout the entire study tour

    14. Provide administrative and other assistance in organizing accommodation and, if

    necessary, upon the request of the Project Manager, collective meals for the

    Belarusian delegation within the study tour


    The study tour “Good Practices of Implementation of Administrative Procedures for

    Citizens through “One-stop-shop” Service in Germany” for the Belarusian delegation (about 8 persons) to Germany is successfully completed. The number and duration of

    meetings during the study tour, as well as the nature and competence of institutions

    attended and the level of awareness/experience of key speakers/trainers is adequate to

    provide the Belarusian delegation with detailed and practical information. The written

    report on the implementation of the study tour will be timely provided.

Selection criteria:

    Organizational capacity:

    The Contractor must be an organization duly registered under the German laws and

    must meet the following minimum requirements:

    ? Specialization in organization of study events for representatives of foreign


    ? Proven experience of organization of local/international study

    tours/conferences/visits in the field of rule of law, democratic governance and

    public administration reform

    ? Extensive network of partner organizations among governmental and non-

    governmental institutions

    ? Advanced experience in cooperation with Belarus and/or other republics of the

    former Soviet Union

    ? Previous experience in working with UN agencies and/or other international

    organizations on study/expert tours and/or conferences in the field of democratic

    governance, preferably administrative procedures

    Provisions for monitoring and evaluation of performance:

    The Contractor will work under direct supervision and report to the Project Manager.

    Upon the completion of the study visit, its Belarusian participants will be asked to

    evaluate the event and submit the official reports from the standpoint of thoroughness of

    the program, relevance of meetings held and level of preparedness of individuals with

    whom the meetings were held, practical issues learned to be adopted in Belarus. The

    reports will be provided to UNDP Belarus and key partners.

    Inputs and services which will be provided by UNDP:

    The Project will arrange international travel and airport transfers in Belarus for the

    Belarusian delegation, and provide the Contractor with timely and detailed information

    relevant to the purpose and substance of the study tour.


    Location Germany

    Payment Terms 100% bank transfer upon successful

    delivery of the study tour and submission

    of the written report

Currency of payment USD or Euro

Validity of Quotation 60 days

    Completeness of quotation Quotations for study visit(s) on incomplete

    list of issues will not be accepted. Quantity changes The UNDP reserves its right to exclude

    separate services, to increase or decrease

    quantity of services to be purchased by

    25% without any changes in price or any

    other terms and conditions General Terms and Conditions


    Language: All documentation shall be provided in English or Russian

The Offeror shall submit:

    1. Quotation form (Form 1);

    2. Company background information (Form 2);

    3. Price Schedule (Form 3), including the following line items: remuneration fee;

    travel of the Oferror’s staff member accompanying the delegation (if applicable);

    hotel for the Oferror’s staff member accompanying the delegation (if applicable);

    daily subsistence allowance for the Offeror’s staff member accompanying the

    delegation (if applicable); communications/stationary expenses; and other

    expenses (if applicable);

    4. Draft agenda of the study visit/ Delivery schedule (Form 4).

    UNDP Belarus CO will convert all prices expressed in the amounts in various currencies

    in which the prices are payable to USD at the official UN exchange rate on the last day

    for submission of Quotations.

Offerors are not eligible if:

    a) their participation is prohibited by the UN Security Council;

    b) their participation in procurement activities in Belarus is prohibited on the basis of

    previously made violations of law on accounts of fraud or corruption.

    The quotations should be sent with the indication of a subject and number/reference of RFQ to the fax number +375 17 2260340 or via email in PDF format to the address or delivered in the envelopes with the indication of floor, a subject and number/reference of RFQ to the address: 17 Kirova street, 6Minsk, 220050, Belarus, before 5p.m. local time on September 22, 2008.

    The quotations received after the deadline specified above will be rejected and not


    If you need any additional information it shall be provided to you without delay; at the

    same time, any delay in the provision of additional information shall not be construed as

    the reason for the postponement of the deadline for submission of the quotations. For

    additional information and clarifications, please, contact Mr. Dmitry Frischin,

    Project Manager “Promoting the Administrative Procedures Reform (APR) in Belarus,

    via e-mail: or by phone +375 29 6612774.


    Valentina Stalyho

    Assistant Resident Representative

    Form 1


     Date: ______________________



    UNDP/Adm. Ref./Study tour

     Alternative Quotation No.: ____

To: UNDP Belarus Procurement Unit

Dear Sir/Madam,

    Having examined the Request for Quotation, the receipt of which is hereby duly

    acknowledged, we, the undersigned, offer to provide _____________ [description of

    services] in conformity with the said RFQ documents for the sum of

    _______________________ [total amount in words and figures] as may be ascertained

    in accordance with the Price Schedule and made part of this Quotation.

    We agree to abide by this Quotation for a period of _______ [number] days from

    the date fixed as deadline for submitting quotation, and it shall remain binding upon us

    and may be accepted at any time before the expiration of that period.

We understand that you are not bound to accept or reject any Quotation you may

    receive, do not account for such activity and are not bound to inform an Offeror of

    reasons for such without special request from its party.

Dated this . . . . .day of . . . . .[year].

Signed by the authorized representative of the Offeror


    Form 2


    1 Name of Offeror:

    2 Address:

    3 Telephone number: e-mail:

    4 Fax Number: Telex:

    5 Country of Registration: Registration Year:

6 Name of Body Issuing registration:

7 Bank Data:

8 Brief information about the organization according to the requirements

    (experience, etc.):

Signed by the authorized representative of the Offeror

    Form 3


Price Schedule:

Request for Quotations

    Description of Activity/Item Description Quantity Price Estimated

    amount 1. Remuneration 1.1 Services in Home office

    2. Out of Pocket Expenses 2.1 Travel 2.2 Hotel 2.3 Daily Subsistence


    2.4 Communications 2.5 Stationary and other items


Note: In case of discrepancy between unit price and total price the unit price shall


Signature [in capacity of]

    Duly authorized to sign the quotation on behalf of . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

     [name of Offeror] Stamped

    Form 4

    Draft Study Agenda (Delivery Schedule)


    Hours Name of the organization with representative(s) of Description of the content

    which the meeting is to be held of the meeting (specific

    issues/topics to be

    discussed) Hours Description of the content

    of the meeting (specific

    Name of the organization with representative(s) of issues/topics to be

    which the meeting is to be held discussed)


Signature [in capacity of]

    Duly authorized to sign the quotation on behalf of . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

     [name of Offeror] Stamped

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