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    Writing of Unit 5

    (Students’ Book 4)

Step 1 Greetings

    Greet the students as usual.

    Step 2 Revision

    In this unit, the students have learned something about the animals. Ask them to scan the text and find out the words describing the honey guide. Step3 Free-talk

    1;Give the students several minutes to talk about the animals that they are familiar with. Ask several of them to report orally.

    2;Give the students more examples.

    snake large fierce animal of the cat family, yellow skinned with

    black stripes

    bat lives on bamboo

    panda long , legless, cold-blooded

    tiger small mouse-like animal that flies at night.

    Step4 Finding

    Ask the students to think about if they want to describe an animal, what aspects they will describe from. Then let them discuss the chart on Page 53 and find out the answers:

    A.species B.distribution C.appearance F. causes and so on Step5 Reading

    1;Before reading, give them some pictures of panda to see. Then let them read the short passage about panda quickly and find out the key words and phrases describing the panda.


    Panda is one of the rare animals in the world. It is a treasure of our country. They live in the bamboo forests of the high mountains in the west and north of Sichuan Province. They live on bamboo shoots and leaves. At present,

    only several thousand of pandas exist in the world. In the past few years, a large number of the bamboo forests have been withered. So the pandas have nothing to eat and are on the point of dying out. Fortunately, people have realized this and have set up “The Panda Project” to save the pandas. Animals are our good friends, We should treat them and the nature as a whole.

    2)Let them read it more carefully and find out the sentence structures according to the aspects in Step4.

    A. Panda is .

    B. They live .

    (They can be found .)

    C. (They look like .They weigh . They measure .)

    D. They live /feed on .

    E . (number) pandas exist in the world.

    (There are pandas in the world)

    (The number of pandas is .)

    3)Then let the students retell the short passage orally according to the


    Step6 Writing

    1;Look through the chart carefully with the students (explain some difficulties if necessary)

    2;Give them some minutes to describe Baiji orally in pairs according to the sentence structures. Then write it on their exercisebooks.(At the same time, the

    teacher can walk around and offer some help if necessary.)

    3;Ask several students to report what they wrote orally.

    Step 7 Summary and Homework

    Summarise what they have learned in this class and ask them to describe another animal after class.

    Writing of Unit 5

    (Students’ Book 4)



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