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     Date of Application:

Please complete a separate application for each program requiring accreditation

    A: Contact Information


Address: City Province Postal Code:

     Contact Name:

     Position: Telephone Number Email Address:

     Language of Instruction: English ?

    French ?

Private Institutions Only:

    Does the owner of this program own any other program/s in Canada?

     Yes ?

     If yes, please list programs and their addresses: No ?

     Please complete a separate application for each program requiring accreditation


B: General Information

    1. Types of Courses Offered: Please check appropriate courses

     Intensive Language Training

     Academic Language Training

     Summer Programs

     Government Language Training

     Program for Junior Students (under 16 years of age)

     Summer Language Bursary Program - through CMEC (public sector


     Other: (Please specify)

     2. Date program established: dd/mm/yy

    3. Web Address:

4. Approximate Full Time Student Enrolment for the past year:

    Term #





5. Top Geographic Areas for students with percentages:

     #2 #1 Country: _______________ Country: _______________ Percentage : ____% Percentage: ____%

    #3 #4 Country: _______________ Country: _______________ Percentage: ____% Percentage: ____%


     Country: _______________

    Percentage: ____%


    C: Student Admissions:

    1. What percentage of your student population is international? %

    2. How many intakes does your program have per year?

3. Please outline your tuition fees including any other costs or charges to


     Tuition per week = $____________

    D: Student Services

1. Please check which of the following in-house counselling or referral

    services you provide.

    Personal Counselling ?

    Academic Counselling & advice on further training ?

    Financial / legal advice ?

    Immigration advice ?

    Tutoring ?

    Child Care ?

    Medical Services ?

    Special Needs Services ?

    Other: Please specify ____________________________________

2. List the housing options available to students.


E: Teaching Staff

    1. What minimum teacher qualifications do you require?

    2. Do all your teachers meet this? YES ;

    NO ;

     If not, please outline circumstances below:

     3. Number of full time (regularly employed) teachers.

    4. How are teachers evaluated and by whom?

F: Curriculum

    1. How many levels are in your program?

    2. What is the duration of each level?

    3. How many instructional hours per week?

    4. Briefly describe the division of academic time spent in a typical week to

    provide a break-down of the total hours reported above.

    (For example, reading and writing - 10 hours, listening - 5 hours, language

    lab - 3 hours, etc.)


5. What is the date of the last major curriculum review?

    6. Describe the evaluation process used by students to

    comment on the effectiveness of the program.

G: Marketing / Recruiting

1. Briefly describe the major marketing/ recruiting vehicles that you use.

H: Administration

1. What is the total number of all administrative staff

     positions in your program/unit?

2. Of this, how many support positions provide service directly to your students.

3. Facilities: please check appropriate boxes



    Number of classrooms

    Student Lounge

    Computer Lab

    Internet Access for students

    Sports Facilities

    Access to public transportation


    4. What was the date of your last major program review?

I: Additional Comments:

If you have any other questions or require further clarification, please contact us


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