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    June 12, 2006

    1. Criminal Arrest On 06/10/06 at 0255 ours, Travis Karl Green, 20, of Trappe, MD was charged with disorderly conduct. Police responded to Denny’s for a report of a disorderly. The person,

    Green, had been asked several times to be quiet and leave the property. When he refused to be

    quiet and a group on onlookers gathered, he was taken into custody. Green was issued a criminal

    citation and released upon his signature.

    2. Malicious Destruction of Property On 06/09/06 at 1852 hours, police investigated the spray

    painting of a vehicle that occurred on Martin Court. Sometime between 1730 and 1830 hours,

    someone spray painted the letters “PAS” on a 1994 Nissan Sentra. Other spray painting was

    found in the area as well. The damage to the vehicle is estimated at $600.00

    3. Injury Accident On 06/09/06 at 1552 hours, police investigated an accident that occurred on Ocean Gateway and Lomax Street. Sean M Jones, of Easton, MD was driving a 1988 Buick west

    on Ocean Gateway and attempted to make a left onto Lomax Street. Jones turned into the path of

    a 1997 Jeep driven by Marjorie L Biddinger of Preston, MD. The Jeep turned completely over

    resting on its’ wheels. Biddinger and a juvenile passenger in her vehicle were transported to the

    Memorial Hospital at Easton with unknown injuries. Jones was issued a citation for failing to

    yield to oncoming traffic when making a left turn.

    4. Injury Accident On 06/09/06 at 1739 hours, police investigated an accident that occurred on Ocean Gateway and the Easton Parkway. Robert W. Servis, of Silver Spring, MD was driving a

    2001 Chrysler north on Easton Parkway and ran the red light as he crossed over the eastbound

    lanes of Ocean Gateway. Servis drove into the path of Shawn E Mister, of Cambridge who was

    driving a 2004 BMW east on Ocean Gateway. Both drivers and a passenger in Servis’ vehicle

    were treated at the scene by paramedics but were not transported to the hospital. Servis was

    issued a citation for failing to stop at a red signal.

    5. Criminal Arrests On 06/07/06 at 1335 hours, Rodney Lamont Floyd, 35, of Cambridge, MD was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. Steve Lavern Johnson, 31, of Trappe, MD

    was charged with possession of drugs with the intent to distribute, possession of drugs and

    obstruction and hindering a police officer. Officers observed the two in the area of Dover Road

    and Higgins Street acting suspiciously, possibly selling drugs. The two were approached and

    detained based on the observations of the officers. Johnson did not stop immediately and became

    very nervous as police approached. Police discovered that Johnson had crack cocaine in his

    mouth and initially refused to spit it out, but did after several requests by the police. Floyd was

    found with a crack pipe in his pocket. Floyd was issued a criminal citation and was released on

    his signature. Johnson was held on a $15,000.00 bond by the court commissioner.


    6. Juvenile Referral On 06/09/06 at 1215 hours, a 13 year old female of Trappe, MD was ndreferred to Juvenile Services for theft under $100, 2 degree assault, resisting arrest, failing to ndobey a lawful order, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and two counts of 2 degree assault

    on a police officer. Police went to the Safeway store for a theft. An employee told police that the

    juvenile had opened a comb and took it out of the packaging. When the employee attempted to

    stop the juvenile, the juvenile pushed them out of the way and ran out of the store without the

    comb. Police located the juvenile across the street where the store employee saw the juvenile go.

    The juvenile became aggressive and refused to obey the orders of the police. The juvenile was

    forced to the ground and taken into custody. The juvenile was combative the entire time wile

    police took her into custody. After being referred, the juvenile was released to a parent.

    7. Criminal Arrest On 06/10/06 at 1127 hours, Paul Thomas McBride, Jr., 66, of Denton, MD

    was charged with two counts of harassment, stalking, 4 counts of carrying a deadly weapon with

    the intent to injure and two counts of concealing a deadly weapon. Police were called to Easton

    Plaza by a Maryland State Trooper who had stopped McBride after the victim reported him

    violating a peace order. McBride had followed the victim while the victim was at an event at the

    VFW located on Glebe Road. The victim produced a copy of the Peace Order against McBride.

    When McBride was arrested, his vehicle was searched and several weapons were found. Police

    also located evidence that McBride has been following the victim for some time. McBride’s

    disposition after his arrest was not known.

    8. Criminal Summons On 06 09/06 at 1500 hours, Lois Jean Woolford, 42, of Cambridge, MD

    was charged with theft under $500 and conspiracy to commit theft under $500. Woolford is

    accused of conspiring with another person to change the bar code on an air conditioner so that she

    would only pay $98.00 instead of $194.00. The incident took place on 06/02/06 at Wal-Mart in


    9. Criminal Arrest On 06/09/06 at 2320 hours, Everette Alexander Carpenter, 17, of Easton, MD stndwas charged with two counts of 1 degree assault, 2 counts of 2 degree assault, 2 counts of use

    of a handgun in a crime of violence and having a handgun on his person. At 2212 hours, police

    were called to West and Blake Streets for a report of a subject pointing a gun at two people. The

    subject, identified as Carpenter, threatened to kill the two victims when he pointed the gun their

    faces. Carpenter was located in the 200 block of Port Street and arrested with out incident. The

    gun was not recovered. Due to the seriousness of the charges Carpenter is automatically waived

    to adult status and charged as an adult. Carpenter was held on $50,000.00 bond in that case. On st06/10/06 at 0925 hours, Carpenter was served with a warrant charging him with 1 degree assault, nd2 degree assault, carrying a handgun on his person, reckless endangerment and use of a handgun

    during a crime of violence. On 06/04/06 at 2309 hours, police went to the 100 block of Blake

    Street for a shots fired call. Police were informed that Carpenter had shot a t a victim while

    chasing the victim across Blake Street. Police did recover a projectile believed to have been fired

    by Carpenter. Carpenter had fled the area and had not been located by police until his arrest on

    06/09/06. Carpenter was held on $35,000.00 in that case.

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