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Dear Kimbima Hotel Guest,

We welcome you to the Kimbima Hotel Ltd.

    Every member of our staff is here to make your time in our hotel and our city the very best it can be. We will do all we can to assure that your stay is a memorable one.

    Our goal is to create in the Kimbima one of the finest small luxury hotels in Freetown, Sierra Leone. We take true pride in our facility, from our great restaurant and our cozy lobby to our large fluffy towels and in our guestrooms. Our staffs are as friendly and helpful as any you will find anywhere. In short, we intend to provide you with the very best hospitality in this tiny country called Sierra Leone with the most beautiful landscapes in the West African Coast.

    Your suggestions for improvements are welcome and appreciated. If there is anything we can do to improve your stay, please do not hesitate to call on us.

    This Directory will summarize many of the features and services of the hotel, information, Airlines and the travel-related agencies in Freetown. It is certainly possible you will have questions or requests, which are not in this Directory. If this is so, please alert us to any need, great or small.

    We are truly pleased to have you with us. We hope you enjoy your stay and return soon to the sun, beach and fun.

Yours truly,

Wilfred Sam-King



Adaptors, Electric

    Front Desk. Touch 101 or 0.


    For assistance with tickets and reservations, contact our Front Desk. Dial 101. A listing of frequently used airlines is included in the Transportation Section.


    Approximate travel time from The Kimbima Hotel to Helipad is ten (10) minutes and flying time from the Paramount Helicopter service Helipad to Lungi International Airport is ten (10) minutes. You can also get to Lungi International Airport by Diamond Airline Service Hovercraft for (20) minutes or by the Government Ferry (30) minutes.

    Please allow extra travel time during rush hour, inclement weather, and special events. For specific information contact the Front Desk. Dial 101.

Area Maps, City Maps

    Read maps are available at the Front Desk or at the back of the hotel brochure.

Baby Sitters

    For information and reservations. Front Desk. Dial 101 .

Baggage Assistance

     Front Desk Bell Staff. Dial 101.

Bathrobes/Bedroom Slippers

    For additional bathrobes & bedroom slippers for purchase information. Front Desk. Dial 101

Car Rental

    Location and reservations. Front Desk. Dial 101. For more information please see the Transportation section of this Directory.

Conference/Catering Sales

    The F&B Manager will be pleased to assist you in arranging conferences, private parties, functions and business events in our meeting rooms. Dial 116.

Check-out Time

    Check-out time is twelve (12) noon. If because of delayed flights and you can’t

    check out at twelve noon, please contact Front Desk.

Coffee/Tea in Your Guestroom

    Coffeemakers and supplies for making coffee and tea are available at no charge in the guestroom. Please contact Room Service . Dial 116.


    “Tea Time” Coffee/Tea with cakes or biscuits will be served at the terrace from 4-6 p.m. on Fridays.

Credit Cards

    When the facilities are made available the following cards are honored: Master Card, Visa, American Express.

Drug Stores/Pharmacies

    Information available at the Front Desk. Dial 101.

Dry Cleaning & Laundry

    Items received at the Front Desk by 9a.m. , Monday-Saturday, will be returned by 7.00p.m. the same day. Dry cleaning/laundry bags are located in the clothes closet. Dial 101.


    All room outlets are 220/240 volts. Adaptors are available through the Front Desk. Dial 101. Our boutique can be of help.


    Dial 101 to reach the hotel operator for a problem inside the hotel . For more information please see the Emergency procedures section of this Directory.


    Faxes may be sent at the Front Desk. Please consult the Front Desk for charges. Our incoming fax number is (00232) 22 - 273484. Fax machines may also be rented from the Front Desk .


    The entire building is equipped with wireless network technology with Internet sharing capability. Dial 101. If you do not have a laptop we hire one to you.

    However there are two computers located in the Internet Cafe for our Guest. (See Internet café leaflet for charges)

Fire Safety

    If you detect fire or smoke, dial 101. In the event of a fire alarm, listen for instructions from hotel personnel through the in room speaker located near your guestroom door. Remain calm and follow the directions given.

    Before you leave the room, feel the door. If it is cool, open it slightly to see if corridor is clear of smoke, then proceed to the nearest exit stairway as noted on the diagram inside the guestroom door. Use the stairway: the elevator will be recalled directly to the lobby. If the door is hot, do not open it. Stay in your room. In the event of heavy smoke, seal around the door with wet towels. Hang a blanket from your window to notify rescuers of your presence in the room.

    Further information will be found in the Emergency Procedures section of this Directory.

Fitness/Health Center

    Located in room 202B at the basement of the covered car park.

Hotel Reservations

    Please call our Reservations Department to make arrangements for your return visit. Dial 101. You can call us online, fax or email at

Irons/Ironing Boards

    Located inside your clothes closet.


    The Lumley Beach Road, an attractive waterfront-jogging route, is nearby. The Front Desk will direct you. Bus Shuttle services will be provided free of charge to take guests to the Lumley Beach on Saturdays and Sundays.

Kimbima Beach Bar

    Located 20 km away from the Hotel. Contact Front Office. Bus shuttle will be provided.

Lost and Found

    Lost and found properties will be handed over to the reception desk. Dial 101.

Luggage Storage

    Short-term storage of your bags is available through the reception. Dial 101.


    Incoming mail and packages are held at the Front Desk. A message will be left for you of these arrivals. For delivery please call the Front Desk.


    These and other spa services are available in the comfort of your guestroom by licensed practitioners. Please contact Front Desk. Dial 101

Medical Assistance, Emergency

    For assistance in a medical emergency dial 101. The address of The Kimbima Hotel is: Bintumani Drive, Off Cape Road, Aberdeen. The hotel’s telephone number is (00232) 22-273483/4.

Medical Assistance, Non-emergency

    House physicians are available on call, to consult with you in your guestroom or at a nearby clinic. Please contact Front Desk. Dial 101

Meeting Facilities

    Meeting facilities are available for small parties to groups of 20. Please contact our Food & Beverage Manager. Dial 116 or The Administrative Manager. Dial 103.


    Popular foreign newspapers can be delivered at minimal charge to your guestroom door twice weekly on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Local newspapers are available in the Reception and Restaurant at breakfast time free of charge.

Personal Checks

    Personal checks are accepted for hotel charges provided prior arrangements have been made with the Hotel Management.

Picnic Packs

    Request for outing and picnics should be done 24 hours ahead. Contact F&B. Dial 116 .


    Please contact Front Desk. Dial 101.

Postal Service

    Front Desk. Dial 101. DHL & SALPOST Services are available at front desk at the prevailing rate.


    We regret that we are unable to accommodate pets.

Religious Services

    Front Desk. Dial 101.

Restaurant Reservations and Recreation

    The Hotel Kimbima Ltd. is surrounded by many Restaurants and Entities, which provide nightlife. For more information please contact the Front Desk. Dial 101.

Rollaway Beds

    Contact Front Desk. Dial 101.

Room Service

    Please contact the Room Service section . Dial 116

Safe-Deposit Boxes

    Available at the Front Desk. The hotel is responsible only for money or other valuables deposited in safe-deposit boxes.


    Available items: razors, toothbrushes/toothpaste, deodorant, combs and other necessities. For additional toiletries other than that found in your room please contact The European Boutique.

Travel Arrangements

    The Front Desk will be please to assist you with information and reservations for travel in the city and the area. For external reservation, see list of Airlines.

Travelers Checks

    Travelers Checks may be cashed at the Front Desk at the prevailing exchange rates.

    Available near the front door, for your use while you are a guest of The Kimbima Hotel.

     Umbrellas Valet Parking

    The general car park is well secured and safe. However guests who want additional security of their cars can contact the Front Desk for personal remote controlled motorized garage at the cost of $15.00 per night per garage. The dimension of the garage is H = 7ft W = 11ft L = 18ft and each garage takes one (1) car at a time.

Wake-up Calls

    Front Desk. Dial 101. Or alternatively, you can program the Mini Music set in your room. (see leaflet by set)


    Available on request. Please contact Front Desk. Dial 101.


At the request of our guests we are pleased to make selected guestroom

    furnishings available for purchase.

These items may be purchased through the Front Desk or at the Boutiques.

Velour Ferry robes with The Kimbima Hotel logo .

Three-ring Guest Directory binders with The Kimbima Hotel logo.

Writing folders with The Kimbima Hotel logo.

    The Kimbima Hotel logo.

    A set of our extra-thick towels. A set includes one bath towel, one hand towel and one washcloth.

Hand - woven baskets.

African carvings.


The Kimbima Hotel Fitness Center is located on the basement of the car park at

    the end of the main entrance Go straight ahead as you exist the reception

    elevators. The facility is open 24 hours a day. For safety reasons we require

    that guests must be at least 16 years of age to enter the Fitness Center or to

    use the equipment. Equipment includes: a treadmill, Stepper, exercise bike and mats for stretching, Towels, a TV, telephone and a water cooler are

    provided for your comfort. Your electronic key card is automatically linked to

    the center.

Please request a key from the Front Desk. They will exchange it for your room

    key, and then return your room key to you at the end of your workout. However

    for control purposes, you are requested to book at the Front Desk when you

    need to use the facility.


    This equipment is available for our guests who know they are in good physical

    condition. Please do not use the equipment if you are not already in a regular

    exercise program or have not recently been seen by a physician and received

    permission to engage in vigorous exercise. If at any time you are uncomfortable

    or in pain while working out STOP EXERCISING!

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