Download the doc file - Welcome to ULBC CasaBuilders!

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Download the doc file - Welcome to ULBC CasaBuilders!

    ULBC Casabuilders,Inc.

    Mexico House-Building Outreach

    Tijuana, Mexico

Come join us on an extended weekend to build a home for a needy family in the outskirts of Tijuana,


We want to make these trips do-able for everyone and we have been able to keep the cost of the entire

    trip to only $200 (unless otherwise noted in the brochure). This includes transportation via ground

    vehicles, food (except on travel days), and lodging. We are taking donations to help cover the cost of

    the materials, but donations are not required.

    We will leave typically on a Thursday in the morning and arrive in Tijuana that evening. We will be

    staying at Sergio Gomez’ home in their bunkhouses for visiting groups. We will build on Friday,

    Saturday and will hand the keys to the family on Saturday evening. Sunday is the trip back home.

    No building experience is required, just a willing heart and willinghands! Please note that we are a

    tobacco , alchohol and drug-free organization. All participants will refrain from these during our entire

    trip. Any air-travelers need to be in San Diego on our driving day by 4pm for us to pick you up.

    Want to go? Questions? Call or email Ken LaPoint

    650-329-8864 or Yes, I want to go! Here is my $50 deposit to hold my spot on the trip! I will

    download and fill out the medical forms and include a copy of my valid passport!

    Name _______________________________ Address _______________________

    City ____________________________zip ______________ Cell # ____________

    Phone _____________________Email _________________________________

    I attend church at:__________________________

     I heard about ULBC from: ___________________________________________

    Mail to ULBC CasaBuilders, 71 Encino Road, Atherton, CA 94027

    As soon as you can!

     Adult Medical Release Form Unless the Lord Builds the Casa

    Please fill out form completely and return to Ken LaPoint two weeks prior to trip with your payment Mexico House Trip Date: ______________

    of $150 . Please include a copy of your driver’s license-IF NOT A US CITIZEN, HAVE YOUR VISA

    Name __________________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________

Home Phone ___________________________Work Phone ______________________

Cell Phone _____________________________Email ___________________________

Emergency contact, daytime location (city) and daytime phone number:

Name _________________________________Phone ___________________________

Name _________________________________Phone ___________________________

List your known allergies to medicine: ______________________________________

List your know food allergies (list foods) : ___________________________________

**Date of Last Tetanus shot _______________________________________________

Are you presently taking medication such as insulin, sedative, tranquilizer,

     anti-convulsant? _________If yes, explain ___________________________________

    Do you have a significant health problem (heart disease, diabetes, convulsive disorder, allergies, or asthma)


Is there any further medical allergies, problems or needs we should be aware of in

an emergency?__________________________________________________________

Medical Insurance Co. _______________________ Policy # ____________________

    Medical Insurance Co Phone ______________________________________________I hereby agree to participate in UNLESS THE LORD BUILDS THE CASA as dated above . In the event I cannot

    make medical decisions for myself and emergency contacts cannot be made, I hereby grant my permission to the

    physician or dentist selected by the trip leaders to provide any medical or surgical attention as deemed necessary. I hereby release and hold harmless ULBC CasaBuilders and its leaders from all liability, and for all actions and

    claims that I may now or hereafter have for damage or injury to me or my property.

Signature ____________________________________________ Date _________________________

    Unless the Lord Builds the Casa

    Mexico House Trip Date:_______________, _________ Student Medical Release


    Please include $150 payment, and copy of birth certificate and/or photo ID.

    Student’s Name _________________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________City ___________________________

Home Phone _____________________________Date of Birth ___________________________

    Parent’s Name, daytime location, phone number : Mother __________________________Work Ph _________________ Cell _________________

    Father __________________________Work Ph _________________ Cell _________________

    In an emergency notify: ___________________________________________________________

    Relationship ____________________________________Phone # _________________________

    (someone other than parent)

    Student’s known allergies to medicine: ______________________________________________

Student’s known allergies to foods: _________________________________________________

Date of last Tetanus shot: _______________________________

Is your child presently taking medication such as insulin, sedative, tranquilizer, anti-convulsant drug?

    _________ If yes, explain _________________________________________________

Does your child have a significant health problem such as vision, hearing loss, heart disease, diabetes,

    convulsive disorder allergies or asthmas? ________ If yes, please explain

Should your child’s activity be limited in any way? _____________________________________

My child will be bringing the following over-the-counter medications for headaches, allergies, and

    other minor ailments. He/she has my permission to take these meds according to the directions, as

    needed on the trip. These medications are _________________________________



    NAME OF PARENT/SPONSOR: _________________________________________________

Medical Insurance Co. ___________________________Policy #_________________________

    Medical Insurance phone _______________________

I hereby grant permission for my above-named child to participate in UNLESS THE LORD BUILDS

    THE CASA as dated above. In the event I can’t be reached in an emergency, I hereby grant my permission to the physician or dentist selected by the trip leaders to provide any medical or surgical

    attention for my child as deemed necessary. I hereby release and hold harmless ULBC CasaBuilders

    and designated group leaders from all liability, and for all actions or claims that I or my child may now

    or hereafter have for damage or injury to my child or his/her property.

    Parent Signature __________________________________________Date _______________

    Parent Signature __________________________________________Date _______________

    What you need to bring.

    Note: A single MEDIUM SIZED sportsbag or duffel bag is a VERY good

    idea for all your personal gear. The main idea is think compact. You won’t need as much

    as you think. As your personal gear may be stowed or carried on top of a van or in the back

    of a pickup, loose pieces such as a sleeping bags, blankets or pillows may get lost or dirty

    and is hard to keep track of. (Target, Army Surplus or REI have them.) It’s okay to have

    sleeping bags and pillows separate if you wish. Pillows are great in the cars on the long trip

    and sleeping bags can be stuffed in all the holes. PLEASE TAG YOUR BAG.

     A separate book-bag is also good for carrying your personal water supply, snacks and other

    personal needs. We take these out to the jobsites everyday. Ladies, this works good as a



    RAIN GEAR-Jacket

    A servant's heart.


    Duffel Bag

    Book-Bag (backpack type)

    Sturdy work boots or shoes

    Two changes of clothes (prepare for warm, wet, cold,..anything! Think “layers”)


    Travel Pack of Towelettes /Wipes

    Bath towel

    Bath soap

    Wash cloth





    1 roll of toilet paper



    Personal medical supplies


    Work Gloves

    Anti-bacterial soap (Worksite washing)

    Clean rags (1 or 2) for washing in the field

    Sun block


    Sleeping bag


    Personal snack foods-good stuff you’re willing to share with me! Optional Items

    A few gifts for the kids in the village. (Soccer balls are a HUGE HIT.) A few housewarming gifts for the family. (all gifts must be small enough to fit under the van seats)

    Your Camera- Always bring this…even digital cameras PLEASE NO USED CLOTHES, THEY ARE ILLEGAL TO IMPORT INTO MEXICO- some of us leave

    our extra clothes with the families.

     The Tool List:

This is the list of personal tools to bring.

    We supply the power tools and larger items, But you need to bring the following items

    Clearly label your tools with your name or initials!

    Mark them with permanent ink to help you keep track of


    A good way to do this is to use a ring of white waterproof medical

    tape and write on the tape. I get more free tools because they don’t

    have names on them…

    Note: Some groups have successfully petitioned hardware stores for

    tool donations for their group. It’s worth a call…

1 Good quality hammer (16-20oz.)-cheaper hammers work, but you’ll do much better with a

    15-20 dollar hammer than the 5-6 buck shiney troublemaker or Uncle Bob’s rusty relic. Trust me.

    1 Utility Knife (With Blades)

    1 Nail Apron with Hammer loop or Small Tool belt

    1 Tape measure- at least 12 feet. 20’ is preferable 2 Carpenter Type Pencils- big, sturdy, sharpenable with a utility knife

OPTIONAL if desired:

    Nail Puller/Cat’s Paw

    Framer’s Square


    Casabuilders and Baja Vision are Christian organizations and as members of our team we expect a

    level of personal and corporate conduct that exemplifies Jesus Christ. From the moment we meet in

    Sunnyvale, to the time we all get back home we want everyone to agree to:

Live in “J.O.Y”

    JESUS.OTHERS.YOURSELF- priority for our trip

Participate fully

    Build/Serve with a willingness and a happy heart- be willing to take a secondary job, too. City of Angels, the jobsite, at meals..etc.

Stay with the group at all times

Be on time to all meals and meetings

Use clean, kind and encouraging words- or be quiet

No smoking or alcohol, illegal drugs allowed (If on meds, let us know, too)


City of Angels Orphanage we are guests at C.o.A. and the children always have

    priority at meals, restrooms etc.

    No entering the children’s dorms and they are not allow upstairs in our quarters.

Be quiet after 10:00 p.m. and before 6 am.

Brush teeth with bottled water. It’s okay to wash with the faucet water, but don’t

    use for teeth, etc.

    Put toilet paper in waste baskets. You’ll get used to it…

Take quick showers- 5 minutes or less please!

    Real Casabuilders shower every other day.. Diehard casabuilders shower when

    they get home.

    Guys in guy’s dorms only -Girls in girl’s dorms only.

    Let’s leave things cleaner than we found them.

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