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Answers to “2.12 Review”

    My car’s in the repair shop.

    His car’s in the repair shop.

    We were eating dinner.

    He was eating dinner. We’re listening to the teacher. They’re listening to the teacher.

    I’m not a farmer.

    They aren’t farmers.

    She wasn’t in the kitchen. Her boyfriend wasn’t in the kitchen.

    You aren’t going to the valley. Your family isn’t going to the valley.

    I drive to work in the morning. Sam drives to work in the morning. Don can add numbers quickly. Ellen can add numbers quickly.

    I don’t know the address. Anna doesn’t know the address. She can’t answer the phone now.

    Her husband can’t answer

    the phone now. I started doing my homework. Cal started doing his homework.

    My car didn’t need any gas. Your car didn’t need any gas.

    Ann and Ned won’t get

    married this year. We won’t get married this year.

    He’ll feel better next week. His wife will feel better next week.

    You’re going to wait here.

    I’m going to wait here.

    He isn’t going to help us. His sons aren’t going to help us.

Use: one, some, it, them, I, he, she, they, we

    Did John open the window? Did Ted and Fran sell any books? Yes, Did Mr. and Mrs. Chan buy a new car? Yes, Did the boy do his homework? Yes, Did the Millers go to church? Yes, Did Robert park the car for you? Yes, Did Mrs. Arthur make some cookies? Yes, Did the telephone ring? Yes, Did your sister put the jars in the cabinet? Yes, Did Van drink some beer? Yes, Did you see a snake in the grass? Yes, Did you and Bud run this morning? Yes, Did Mr. Hunt teach the students? Yes, Did Dave give a gift to his mother? Yes, Did you shake hands with Mr. Smith? Yes, Did Fred tear his pants? Yes, Did the cat kill any rats? Yes, Did the girls sit on the sofa? Yes, Did the women say “Hello” to you? Yes, Did Kim take her medicine? Yes, Did the children eat any cereal? Yes, Did you and Jill hear the birds? Yes, Did you pet the kittens and pups? Yes, Did Mary wear her new dress? Yes, Did your brothers like the dinner? Yes, Did Bob have a class last week? Yes, Did she tell her friends to come? Yes, Did Liz help you and Carl? Yes, Did he get a pen for you? Yes,

I fixed the broken window

    for Mr. Black.

    Mr. Black thanked me. The children were fighting. or

    Their father stopped them.

    The men were laughing.

    Pam heard the men.

    Sue put a quarter in the parking meter.

    Carmen thanked Sue.

    Kitty says, "Tom, don't drive too fast."

    What does Kitty tell Tom?

    We ate dinner at 6:30.

    It’s 9:30 now.

    Bob was washing his car.

    Molly watched Bob.

    The teacher said,"Don, listen to me." What did the teacher tell Don?

    Jack was hitting Van. or

    The teacher stopped him. Cal bought his car in 1992.

    It’s 2002 now.

    The rug was burning.

    Dan didn't see it.

    Helen said, "Son, eat your dinner." What did Helen tell her son? I swam in the river on Monday. or

    It’s Friday now.

    I'm cooking dinner.

    Betty is helping me.

    Anna helped her mother.

    Anna did the laundry. Cal repairs cars and trucks. or

    Glenn helps him.

    Ed did his homework.

    His mother helped him.

    We helped Mrs. Hill.

    We carried her bags.

Anna goes to work by bus in the morning.

     1 2 3 4

    1: Who ?

    2: Where ?



Ann’s class started at 8:30.

     1 2

    1: ?

    2: ?

Fran gave 50 dollars to Carmen.

     1 2

    1: ? 2: ?

They have two cars. Their red car has two broken windows.

     1 2

    1: ? . 2: ?

Robert drives his truck very fast.

     1 2 3

    1: ? 2: ? 2: ?

He’ll buy a new car next year.

     1 2

    1: ? 2: ?

That store opens at 9 o’clock.

     1 2

    1: ? 2: ?

Ned’s cat has many kittens.

     1 2

    1: ? 2: ?


    this They'll start going to school year.


    the Sam has sore shoulder. a

    the the the the Ted dropped cigarette on rug; cigarette started fire. a a a a

    another one.

    the other one. I have cuts on my right leg, and a bruise on

    the others.

    half They walked a mile to the store. half of


    too I don't have gas to drive back to the city. enough

    half I think that those people are men. half of another one

    the other one Two of my car's tires are OK; are flat.

    the others


    this Dave's working at home month.



    too She made these cookies 2 hours ago, they're fresh.


    half I told him to eat my sandwich. half of another one.

    the other one. One pillow isn’t enough; I need

    the others.


    too We can't walk to the park; it's far.


    the Where did you put suitcase? a


    this He didn't feel very good week.


    the My cat is good pet. a

    the the the My car has flat tire on driver’s side, and battery is dead. a a a

    half It says, "First, add a cup of sugar." half of

    the When does class start? a

    Tell Van to drive slowly. Tell Jill not to throw away the milk. Tell Ned to listen to you.

    Tell Kim not to help the children. Tell the driver to stop the taxi. Tell Pam to answer the telephone. Tell the students to hurry.

    Tell the waiter not to drop those dishes. Tell Bud to help us carry the boxes. Tell the girls not to yell at us. Tell Mary to give her pen to you. Tell Fred and Liz not to sell their car. Tell Jimmy to cover his eyes. Tell Carl not to wear his hat in the house. Tell the boys to stand with their backs to the wall.

    I dropped my new clock. Bob passed the red car quickly. Ellen stopped the car in front of my house. Don covered the path with small rocks. We studied English last night. She repeated the words for the students. We watched Mr. Chan carefully. I didn't help Sue yesterday. You didn't close the doors. The girls didn't pick up their toys. They didn't repair my windshield. Did you add sugar to the coffee? Did the match start a fire?

    Did they cook enough meat? Did they park their cars on the street?

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