Cheat Sheet for Unemployment Insurance (UI)

By Ryan Washington,2014-05-12 23:43
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Cheat Sheet for Unemployment Insurance (UI)

    Cheat Sheet for Unemployment Insurance (UI)

1. Frederick County Workforce Services is not the Unemployment Office. However, we

    do provide the resources that job seekers need to create their job search tools.

    Customers can attend free seminars and use our Customer Resource Lab on a daily

    basis for their job search.

2. Since UI is a complicated system and each claimant’s history, eligibility, and

    circumstances are unique, we have been advised not to answer specific UI


3. There are no walk-in UI offices, there are only call centers. Currently, UI staff can

    be reached by phone or Internet.

    4. The phone number for customers to file an initial claim with UI is 1.877.293.4125

    or (301)723-2000. The phone number for questions is 1.800.827.4839. Calls

    are routed to the next available staff person, regardless of location across the state;

    don’t be alarmed or hang up if another county is mentioned.

5. Because of the increased number of UI claims, phone lines are very busy. Mondays

    are the busiest day of the week. Call as early as possible during the day, 7:30 a.m.

    seeming to be the least busy. Be patient; the wait to talk to a staff person could be

    very long.

    6. The website to file an initial claim with UI is If a

    customer does not have access to a computer, he can use the Customer Resource

    Lab at Frederick County Workforce Services to file his initial or continued UI claim.

    7. Once the customer’s claim is established, he “files” his continued claim bi-weekly,

    either by phone, called a telecert, at 1.800.827.4839, or by Internet at, called a webcert.

8. Customers are strongly encouraged to read the booklet they are given,

    called, ”What you Should Know About Unemployment Insurance in Maryland.” This

    booklet will answer most of the customer’s questions. This booklet currently is

    yellow and was revised 12/08. It can also be found online at

9. There is a handout in the Customer Resource Lab kiosk, How to File your Maryland

    Unemployment Insurance Claim Using the Internet, that explains how to file an

    initial and bi-weekly continued claim on-line.

10. UI is taxable.

    11. UI is typically 26 weeks. Each person’s circumstance can affect this.

12. Currently there is a 13-week extended UI benefit. Once the initial 26 weeks is

    exhausted, a person may qualify for the extended benefits.

    13. Some UI recipients are “profiled” and invited to come to a mandatory Early

    Intervention (EI) workshop. In Frederick County, this is taught at the Business and

    Employment Center, by Frederick County Workforce Services staff person, Sue

    Roach. If a customer chooses not to come without approval from Sue, that

    customer may loose his UI benefits.

    14. UI is a tax that the employer pays; none of the worker’s taxes goes towards this


    15. In order to receive UI, a person must be able and available for full-time work.

    16. UI is not meant for people to live off of; it usually is significantly less money than

    what they were earning. It is an insurance plan that they “cash in” to help cover

    expenses while looking for work.

    17. Very recently UI went to a direct deposit system and claimants may receive a debit

    card. You must establish a pin (personal identification number) to access this debit

    card. You must also establish a pin for your telecert. These pins can be the same,

    but it requires two separate processes to establish both.

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