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Numerator 分子 denominator 分母 cardinal 基数

    fraction 分数

    Decimal 小数

    1. Chinese adopts a four-digit system while English adopts a three-digit system

    1300 13 hundred

    2. Fractions with large denominators , "over" is usually used before denominator and after the numerator to express the fraction more clearly

     1/13 one over thirteen

    3. For decimals (1)the zero immediately before the decimal point can be omitted when spoken

     0.14 zero point one four point one four

     (2) numbers after the decimals are spoken separately 小数点



    4. Rates and Ratios

     2:3 2 to 3 50kph 50 kilometers per hour

     100mph 100 miles per hour

    50kg/sqm 5o kilograms per square centimetre

    80rpm 80 rounds per minutes

    10kw 10 kilo watts

5. Percentage

     (1) account for take up constitute make up

     (2)percentages "几成" to mean percentages every is

    equal to 10% 六成 is 60%

    6. Trends

     上升,rise increase climb jump skyrocket augment (be) up

     下降,fall drop decline decrease precipitate (be) down

     Of by to at

    There is a rise of 6% The figure rise by 6% The sales of the company fell/dropped by 1% last year The inflation stood/stayed at 6%

    7. (1) 大约 about/around/roughly/approximately/some/more or less/ or so

     (2) 少于 fewer than/less than/under/below

     (3) 将近 nearly/almost/toward

     (4)多于 more than/over/ above

    8. 倍数

     1more....than=as much as

     The output this year is twice as much as that of last year

     The output this year is twice more than that of last year

     (2) 表示“甲是乙的两倍”

    Twice twice the number/size/length/amount of To increase by 100% 以及 double 来表示


    Thrice/three times as thrice/three times the size of Increase by 200% 以及 triple


    Four times/fourfold quadruple/to increase by 300%

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