Instructions for UT Arlington College of Education Recommendation Form

By Nathan Fisher,2014-10-29 17:43
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Instructions for UT Arlington College of Education Recommendation Form

    Instructions for UT Arlington

    College of Education and Health Professions

    Recommendation Form

This checklist is intended to help you ensure that our department receives your correctly completed

    recommendation forms for admission. Please remember that three {3} letters of recommendation are required for admission.

    1. Complete Section 1: Applicant Information

    2. Save as a Word Document (File ; Save As) using the Program ID & Name Sequence as the

    document title. Otherwise the admission process may be delayed.

    ; ProgramID (*see list of programs below)_LastName_FirstName

    ; Example: ELPS_Doe_Jane

    ; (student is seeking M.Ed. in Leadership and Policy Studies)

    3. Email the document to your recommender

    a. Make sure to attach the Word Document to your email

    4. Ask the recommender to:

    a. Complete Section 2: Applicant Evaluation

    b. Save the completed form (using the same document name)

    c. Email the recommendation form to

    -Recommendation Forms MUST be emailed from the recommender in order to be authenticated and

    considered for admission.

     *Program ID list:

     ELPS M.Ed. in Leadership and Policy Studies

     EDCI M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction

     EDTE M.Ed. in Teaching


    Candidate’s Full Legal Name: Date of Birth:

     Certification Level or

    Program Applying for: Area of Emphasis:

    Fall 20__ Spring 20__ Summer 20__

    If Academic Partnerships program, intended start date: ____________________ Semester/Year of Entry:

    Name of Recommender:

    Applicant’s Statement: Under the provision of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, this

    applicant (if admitted and enrolled) will have access to the information provided below unless she/he has waived

    such access.

     I hereby, Waive ____ Do Not Waive ____ my right of access to any and all letters of recommendation. Type Name Here: Date:

    *By typing my name here I certify that I have completed the above information to the best of my knowledge.

I would compare the applicant

    with other students of the same Below No level as follows: Exceptional Above Average Average Average Information Intellectual Ability Writing Ability Speaking Ability Teaching Ability Academic Preparation Motivation for proposed program

    of study Research Aptitude Interpersonal Skills

I have known the applicant for _____years ______months.

    During this time, the applicant was a/an: ______ undergraduate student _______ graduate student

     ______assistant ______ employee _______ advisee ______ other

    In summary, my recommendation for this applicant is: ___Very Strong ___ Strong ___ Average ___ Below Average

If the applicant’s native language is not English, please evaluate English proficiency.

    Respondent Name: ___________________________ Title: ___________________________

    Place of Employment __________________________ Date: ___________________________

Email Address: _______________________________

    *Please email this completed form and any additional assessment materials to from your email address.

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