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View Chapter 11 - The Spouses Battle Book is here

    CHAPTER 11



    ? Military acronyms

    ? Abbreviations

    ? Terms commonly used across the military

    ? AFAP

    ? AFTB

    ? USAWC MFP Directory of Resources

    ** While most acronyms and terms are prevalent mainly in the Army, the chapter also

    includes acronyms and terms used in the Air Force, Navy, and Marines.

    Table of Contents


    Military Acronyms and Abbreviations, A-Z 2

    Military Terms 15 AFAP 22

    AFTB 25

    USAWC MFP Directory of Resources 29




AAFES Army and Air Force Exchange Service also called Post Exchange (PX) or

    Base Exchange (BX). There are also exchange services for the Navy

    (NEX), Marines (MCX) and Coast Guard (USCG Exchange)

AAM Army Achievement Medal

    AASLT Air Assault

    ABN Airborne

    AC Active Component

    ACAP Army Career and Alumni Program

    ACC Air Combat Command (Air Force)

    ACES Army Continuing Education System

    ACS Army Community Service; Marine Corps Community Service (MCCS-

    Marines); Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC or FSC-Navy);

    Family Support Center (FSC-Air Force)

ACS/FPC Army Community Service/Family Program Coordinator

    ACU Army Combat Uniform

    AD Active Duty; Air Defense

    ADA Air Defense Artillery

    ADJ Adjutant

    ADSC Active Duty Service Commitment

    ADSW Active Duty for Special Work

    ADT Active Duty for Training (Guards, Reserves)

    AER Army Emergency Relief

    AF Air Force

    AFAP Army Family Action Plan

    AFAS Air Force Aid Society

    AFB Air Force Base

    AFN Armed Forces Network

    AFRTS Armed Forces Radio and Television Services

    AFSC Air Force Specialty Code that identifies job responsibilities for active

    duty members (MOS in the Army, Marines)

AFTB Army Family Team Building

    AFWBAC Army Family Well-Being Advisory Council

    AG Adjutant General

    AGR Active Guard Reserve

    AIT Advanced Individual Training

    AKO Army Knowledge Online; provides information, links, updates, news and

    email services for active duty and their Family Members

AMC Army Materiel Command (Army); Air Mobility Command (AF)

    AMMO Ammunition

    AMN Airman

    AN Army Nurse


    ANCOC Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Course ANG Air National Guard

    AO Area of Operations; Administrative Officer APC Armored Personnel Carrier (Army, Marines) APF Appropriated Funds

    APO Army Post Office; Air Post Office (called FPO in Navy /Marines)

    AR Armor; Army Regulation; Army Reserve

    ARC American Red Cross

    ARCOM Army Reserve Command; Army Commendation Medal ARIMS Army Records Information Management System ARNEWS Army News Services

    ARNG Army National Guard

    ARPERCEN Army Reserve Personnel Center

    ARSTAF Army Staff

    ARTEP Army Training Evaluation Program

    ASAP As Soon As Possible

    AT Annual Training (Army); Annual Tour (Air Force) AUSA Association of the United States Army AV Aviation

    AVCC Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator formerly called IVC AWC Army War College; Air Warfare Center (Air Force) AWOL Absent Without Leave


BAH Basic Allowance for Housing

    BAQ Basic allowance for Quarters

    BAS Basic allowance for Subsistence

    BASD Basic Active Service Date

    BC Battery Commander

    BCT Basic Combat Training; Brigade Combat Team BDE Brigade

    BDU Battle Dress Uniform (jungle, desert, cold weather) BEQ Bachelor Enlisted Quarters

    BN Battalion

    BNCOC Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course BOQ Bachelor Officers Quarters

    BOSS Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers Program BRAC Base Realignment and Closure

    BSEP Basic Skills Education Program

    BUPERS Bureau of Naval Personnel

    BX/PX Base Exchange (AF), Post Exchange (Army). See also AAFES


    CA Civil Affairs

    CAC Combined Arms Center


    CAO Casualty Assistance Officer

CAR Chief of Army Reserve

    CASCOM Combined Arms Support Command

    CAV Cavalry

    CDC Child Development Center

    CDR Commander

    CDS Child Development Services

    CENTCOM Central Command

    CFC Combined Federal Campaign

    CFS Combined Support Force; Command Financial Specialist CFSC Community and Family Support Center

    CG Commanding General

    CGSC Command and General Staff College

    CH Chaplain

    CID Criminal Investigation Division

    CIF Central Issue Facility

    CINC Commander in Chief. Formerly used for each of the four-star officers heading one of the

    Unified Combatant Commands. Replaced by the more generic title of "Commander." For example,

    "Commander, US Atlantic Fleet," or "Commander, US Central Command." Now the use of the term

    "Commander in Chief" and of the acronym "CINC" is to be used exclusively in reference to the


CM Chemical Corps

    CMC Commandant Marine Corps

    CMR Community Mail Room

    CMTC Combat Maneuver Training Center, Germany (Joint military training)

    CNGB Chief, National Guard Bureau

    CNO Chief of Naval Operations

    CO/Co Commanding Officer/Company

    COB Close of Business

    COC Change of Command

    COCOM Combatant Command

    C of S Chief of Staff

    COHORT Cohesion Operational Readiness Training COLA Cost of living allowance

    CONUS Continental United States

    CP Command Post

    CPO Civilian Personnel Office

    CPX Command Post Exercise

    CQ Charge of quarters (duty required after duty hours) CS/C of S Chief of Staff

    CSA Chief of Staff, Army

    CSF Combined Support Force

    CWO Chief Warrant Officer

    CY Calendar Year

    CYS Children and Youth Services

    CZTE Combat Zone Tax Exclusion



DA Department of the Army

    DAC Department of the Army Civilian

    DC Dental Corps

    DCA Director of Community Activities

    DCSPER Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel DCU Desert Combat Uniforms

    DDESS Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools DDRP Drug Demand Reduction Program

    DDS Direct Deposit System

    DeCA Defense Commissary Agency

    DEERS Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System DEH Directorate of Engineering and Housing DENTAC United States Army Dental Activity DEROS Date of Estimated Return from Overseas (Army); Date Eligible to Return

    from Overseas (DEROS-Air Force); Rotation Tour Date (RTD-Marines); Projected Rotation Date


    DFAS Defense Finance and Accounting System DI Drill Instructor

    DISCOM Division Support Command

    DITY Do It Yourself Move

    DIV Division

    DIVARTY Division Artillery

    DJMS Defense Joint Military Pay System DLA Dislocation Allowance

    DMZ Demilitarized Zone

    DO Duty Officer

    DOB Date of Birth

    DoD Department of Defense

    DODDS Department of Defense Dependents School DoDEA Department of Defense Education Activity DOIM Directorate of Information Management DOR Date of Rank

    DOS Date of Separation

    DPCA Director of Personnel and Community Activities DPP Deferred Payment Plan

    DPW Director of Public Works

    DSN Defense Switch Network (worldwide telephone system) DTG Date Time Group, such as 150030August2005 DUSA Daughters of the U.S. Army

    DZ Drop Zone


EANGUS Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States

    EAS Expiration Active Service (see also ETS) EDRE Emergency Deployment Reaction Exercise EDS Education Services

    EE Emergency Essential


EEO Equal Employment Officer

    EER/OER Enlisted/Officer Evaluation Report

    EFMB Expert Field Medical Badge

    EFMP Exceptional Family Member Program

    EFT Electronic Funds Transfer

    EIB Expert Infantry Badge

    EM Enlisted Member

    EN Enlisted; Engineers

    EOCO Equal Opportunity Coordinating Office

    EOM End of Month

    EOS Expiration Obligated Service

    EOY End of Year

    EPR Enlisted Performance Report

    ERP Employment Readiness Program ETA Estimated Time of Arrival ESGR Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve ETS Estimated Time of Separation; Expiration of Term of Service ESL English as a Second Language ESC Enlisted Spouses' Club

    EUCOM European Command


    FA Field Artillery

    FAC Family Assistance Center/Army Community Service

    FAO Foreign Area Officer; Finance and Accounting Office

    FAP Family Advocacy Program

    FC Finance Corps

    FCC Family Child Care

    FCP Family Care Plan

    FDC Fire Direction Center

    FDO Fire Direction Officer

    FDU Full Dress Uniform

    FFSC Fleet and Family Support Center (Navy). Also FSC

    FICA Federal Insurance Contribution Act

    FIT Federal Income Tax

    FITW Federal Income Tax Withholding

    FLAGS Facilitator, Leadership and Group Skills

    FLO Family Liaison Office

    FM Family Member; Field Manual

    FMEAP Family Member Employment Assistance Program

    FMF Fleet Marine Force

    FOD Field Officer of the Day

    FORSCOM Forces Command (joint)

    FOUO For Official Use Only

    FPO Fleet Post Office (Navy, Marines)

    FPC Family Program Coordinator

    FRC Family Readiness Center, established by units

    FRG Family Readiness Group

    FRL Family Readiness Liaison


    FRO Family Readiness Office

    FS Fighter Squadron (Air Force)

    FSA Family Separation Allowance

    FSC Family Support Center (Air Force)

    FSSG Force Service Support Group

    FTX Field Training Exercise

    FY Fiscal Year

    FYI For Your Information

    FYTD Fiscal Year To Date


    G-1 Division Level Personnel Officer

    G-2 Division Level Intelligence Officer

    G-3 Division Level Operations and Training Officer

    G-4 Division Level Logistics Officer

    G-5 Division Level Civil Affairs Officer (Army); Plans (Marines)

    GED General Education Diploma equivalent to high school diploma

    GI Government Issue

    GMT General Military Training; Greenwich Median Time

    GO General Officer

    GOV Government Owned Vehicle

    GWOT Global War on Terrorism

    GS General Schedule (Government civilian employee pay grades)

    GSL Guaranteed Student Loan

    GSU Geographically Separated Unit


    H&S Co Headquarters and Service Company

    HDIP Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay

    HDP-L Hardship Duty Location Pay - Location

    HFP Hostile Fire Pay, often combined with Imminent Danger Pay (IDP)


     Headquarters and HQs Battery

    HHC Headquarters and Headquarters Company

    HHG Household Goods

    HOR Home of Record

    HQ Headquarters

    HQDA Headquarters, Department of the Army

    HRC Human Resource Command (formerly PERSCOM)

    HRO Housing Referral Office

    HRSC Human Resource Service Center

    HS Home Station

    HSB Headquarters and Service Battery


IADT Initial Active Duty Training

    ICC Interactive Counseling Center


    IDP Imminent Danger Pay. See also HFP IDT Inactive Duty Training

    IE Initial Entry

    IED Improvised Explosive Device IET Initial Entry Training

    IG Inspector General

    IMA Installation Management Agency IN Infantry

    INFO For the information of

    ING Inactive National Guard

    IO Information Office

    IRF Immediate Reaction Force

    IRR Individual Ready Reserve

    ITO Information Travel Office; Invitational Travel Order

    ITT Information, Tours, and Travel; Inter-Theater Transfer

    IVC Installation Volunteer Coordinator now called Army Volunteer Corps

    Coordinator (AVCC)

    IAW In Accordance With


JAG Judge Advocate General

    JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff

    JFCC Joint Functional Component Command JFTR Joint Federal Travel Regulation JR EN Junior Grade Enlisted Personnel JR NCO Junior Grade Noncommissioned Officer JRTC Joint Readiness Training Command JUMPS Joint Uniform Military Pay System


KIA Killed In Action

    KP Kitchen Patrol or Kitchen Police KVN Key Volunteer Network (Marines)


    LES Leave and Earnings Statement LN Local National

    LOC Logistical Operation Center; Line of Communication

    LOD Line of Duty

    LOI Letter of Instructions

    LZ Landing Zone


MACOM Major Army Command

    MAG Marine Air Group

    MARS Military Affiliated Radio System


MC Medical Corps

    MCCS Marine Corps Community Services MCB Marine Corps Base

    MCEC Military Child Education Coalition MCX Marine Exchange. See also AAFES MEB Marine Expeditionary Brigade

    MEF Marine Expeditionary Force

    MEDDAC Medical Department Activity MEDEVAC Medical Evacuation

    METL Mission Essential Task List

    MFO Multinational Forces and Observer MFR Memorandum for Record

    MI Military Intelligence

    MIA Missing in Action

    MILSTD Military Standard

    MOA Memorandum of Agreement

    MOS Military Occupational Specialty MP Military Police

    MPF Military Personnel Flight

    MPS Military Postal System

    MRE Meals Ready to Eat

    MS Medical Specialist

    MSC Medical Service Corps

    MSM Meritorious Service Medal

    MTF Military Treatment Facility

    MUSARC Major U.S. Army Reserve Command MUTA Multi-Unit Training Assembly

    MWR Morale, Welfare, and Recreation


NA Not applicable

    NAF Non-appropriated Funds (generally located) NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization NAVSEA Naval Sea Systems Command

    NCIS Naval Criminal Investigation Service NCO Noncommissioned Officer

    NCOA Noncommissioned Officers Association NCOER Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report NCOIC Noncommissioned Officer in Charge NCOSC Noncommissioned Officers' Spouses Club NEO Noncombatant Evacuation and Repatriation Operation

    NEX Navy Exchange. See also AAAFES NG National Guard

    NGAUS National Guard Association of the United States

    NGB National Guard Bureau

    NLT Not Later Than

    NMCRS Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society NMFA National Military Family Association NORCOM Northern Command


NPD No Pay Due

    NRMC Naval Regional Medical Center

    NTC National Training Center (Joint military training)


OPCON Operational Control. Level of authority used frequently in the execution

    of joint military operations.

O CLUB Officers' Club

    OBC/OAC Officer Basic/Advanced Course

    OCONUS Outside Continental United States

    OCS Officer Candidate School

    OD Officer of the Day; Ordnance Corps

    ODC Officer Data Card (Navy). See also ORB

    OER Officer Evaluation Report

    OIC Officer-in-Charge

    OJT On the job training

    OOD Officer of the Day (Marines)

    OQR Officer Qualification Record (Marines). See also ORB OPNAV Office of the Chief of Naval Operations OPSEC Operational Security

    ORB Officer Record Brief (Army); Officer Qualification Record (OQR-Marines); Officer Selection Brief (OSB-Air Force); Officer Data Card (ODC-Navy)

ORE Operational Readiness Exercise

    OSB Officer Selection Brief (Air Force). See also ORB OSC Officers' Spouses Club

    OSI Office of Special Investigation

    OTS Officer Training School (Air Force)

    OTSG Office of the Surgeon General


     PA Physician’s Assistant

    PAC Personnel Administration Center

    PACOM Pacific Command

    PAL Partial Airlift. A method of mailing packages. PAM Pamphlet

    PAO Public Affairs Officer

    PAT Process Action Team

    PBO Property Book Office

    PCA Permanent Change of Assignment

    PCS Permanent Change of Station

    PEBD Pay Entry Base Data

    PERSCOM Total Army Personnel Command now HRC

    PLDC Primary Leader Development Course (NCO course) PLT Platoon; Primary Level Training

    PM Provost Marshal (police chief)

    PME Professional Military Education


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