Teaching Plan for Unit 7

By Derrick Robinson,2014-10-24 22:34
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Teaching Plan

    Teaching Plan for Unit 7

Teaching materials: Unit 7

    Lesson type: The new lesson

    Topic: What does he look like?

    Teaching Focus: know the words about peoples looks and describe

    peoples physical appearance.

    Teaching Aims:

    1. Important points: know the words about peoples looks.

    2. Difficult points: describe peoples physical appearance.

    Teaching Method: The team work

    Teaching Aids: Some pictures, blackboard, chalks, books Teaching Procedure:

    1. Lead-in: (5)

     Have a dictation of some words and let Ss check them. 2. Presentation: (15)

    2-1: Learn some new words by the pictures and the cards.

     ?Show the pictures to students. Read the words that I wrote down before class while I show the pictures. And then, read again, let Ss read them after me.

    ?Show the Ss some cards of the words. Read them one by one. While I am reading them, the Ss who have the pictures must stand up and speak the words loudly. Show other Ss these pictures. 2-2: Look at the picture in the part 1a, and match the words with the pictures in groups.

    3. Performance: (20)

     Let Ss take out the pictures that they drew by themselves before class. And then, Let Ss describe the pictures loudly in groups. 4. Assignment: (5)

    4-1: Remember the words that we learned in this class. 4-2: Describe their classmates used the words we learned.

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