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     What is the history behind the BTEC HND’s?

The BTEC Higher National Diplomas are part of the British Education Framework. It is a unique

    program with a heritage of almost 30 years of solid experience within the British and global education

    industries. BTEC HND’s has a unique curriculum which has a blended match of theory and practical

    elements to prepare and better equip students to the world of work. HND’s are also flexible as

    students have the option or choice to either proceed onto a degree program usually to the final year in

    the United Kingdom, Australia or America for example or gain valuable work experience and

    continue further studies at a later date or on a part time basis. This could be achieved as the HND’s on

    their own are solid qualifications to gain entry into their chosen vocation or industry. The curriculum

    on the HND’s is also up to date as it is based on current happenings in any given industry.

    Following this HND’s provide students with a firm footing in theory as well as giving them a chance to apply what they have learned within the classroom itself. Coupled with the fact they have a

    progression onto a degree with the added benefit of ground in industry related core skill areas, It is no

    surprise that the HND qualification is a strong qualification which has provided lots of young adults

    world over with industry relevant skills and a higher chance to get a job on the first time around after

    completing their studies. Students can elect to study HND’s in most areas such as business, engineering, computers, hospitality, tourism, fashion and etc.

Note: BTEC stands for Business and Technological Education Council and its part of a qualification

    from Edexcel International which is a globally recognized awarding body with almost 30 years of

    experience world over. Currently Edexcel has offices in all major continents around the world and

    offer a variety of courses which include, HND’s HNC, A Levels, O levels and etc. For more

    information on HND’s and Edexcel in general please feel free to contact Edexcel International at

What will be the title of my award ?

Title of the Award: BTEC Higher National Diploma in Hospitality Management

Who is responsible to provide me with my award?

Partner institutions: Raffles School of Tourism & Hotel Management and Edexcel International.

    Is my award recognized by the Malaysian government ?


    MOHE Approved

What areas of specialization in business can I elect to study for ?

Specializations: Hospitality Management

    How many subjects will I have to study to get this award ?

Subject Breakdown: 8 Core Modules and 8 Electives total of 16 modules + 3 LAN subject to graduate

    with the award.

What perquisite qualification is needed for me to follow onto this program?

Entry Requirement: 3 credits at S.P.M plus a foundation in the form of STPM, A levels, (1 principal

    pass), SAM, TEE CPU, SAT, ABE certificate, matriculation, business foundations, Olympia Access

    program, CHO from Olympia Mature students who are 21 years and above with 3 credits at S.P.M

    and 2 years relevant work experience could also get onto the program.

    Is there a age requirement to follow this program ?

Age Requirement: 18 years at time of enrolment or at least 21 years old for mature students.

What is the fastest time for me to be able to graduate with this award?

Minimum Duration: Students are required to study for 5 Semester to graduate with the award plus a

    semester of practical training

    How long can I take to graduate and get this award?

Maximum Duration: Students can take up to 5 years to complete the award as their registration with

    Edexcel is valid for 5 years from the time they are first registered. In case the students take longer

    then that, they will have to re-sit all assessments that they have sat for as the curriculum would be

    reviewed on a 5 years basis.

When can I register onto the program ?

Intake dates: February, June and October every year.

    Can I do this qualification in all Olympia Campuses?

Centers running: Olympia College Petaling Jaya and Olympia College Penang. And Olympia College


Will I get any additional local awards?

Internal awards: None. Students will only be given an internal transcript of attainment following

    confirmation of grades on each semester. The award will only be issued by Edexcel International

    upon successful completion of the program.

Can I study on a p/t basis ?

Study mode: Full time only


What types of assessments will I be faced with over the duration of study ?

Assessment modes: A mixture of individual assignments, group assignments, presentations, quizzes

    and final exams only in certain modules.

Do I have to pay exam fees ?

Exam fees: 1st sitting of the exams and assignments fees are included in the external registration

    process therefore students need not need to pay any exam fees for the 1st sitting for the total of 16


    When will I have to register for exams ?

Exam registration: Students can register for exams 1 month from their actual registration/intake onto

    the program. The exam deadline will remain open 1 month from that date. The course coordinator

    will remind the students as to this deadline.

    When can I clear my pending papers ?

Re-sit dates: Students can elect to actually resit pending papers after the ending semester or sit for it

    again while the module runs again.

What is the average number of assessments in a given module ?

Assessments: Students are required to submit 2 pieces of work on each and any assignments. Students

    should also include the official cover sheet by Edexcel in submitting their assignments.

What is the passing mark for any given piece of assessment ?

Passing mark: Student are required to get a pass to at least pass any given module.

What is the types of grades can I achieve on this program ?

Grading Structure: There is a total of Fail, Refer, Pass, Merit and Distinction on the HND program

    whereby the Distinction is the highest possible grade that a student can achieve and Fail is the lowest

    possible grade that the student can achieve.

    Can I get exemptions on previous studies?

Exemptions: Since the curriculum of the HND is very unique, exemptions are rarely given. However

    if there is a claim, the claim should be made to the program manager/course coordinator which will

    then take the application upwards.

    When can I go for full certification?

Certification: Successful completion of the 16 modules will entitle the student to be awarded the

    award BTEC Higher National Diploma in Hospitality Management .

Can I get certification if I stop mid stream in the program?

Partial Certification: Students can also elect to go for partial certification if they want to stop the

    program mid stream. However partial certification is not advised as students cannot elect to continue

    back if they intend to come back to finish up a total of 16 modules to get the Higher National

Diploma award. In an instance of partial certification, the student will only be awarded a certification

    of completion on any given module that they have passed.

Can I get financial assistance to help me with my payments ?

Loans and Financial assistants: Students are entitled to apply for PTPTN loans in following the

    program. To apply for this facility, Students are required to have at least 3 credits at S.P.M and of

    financial need. PTPTN is only applicable to full time study to Malaysian citizens. However the

    amount given does not usually cover the whole fees and usually PTPTN only gives a total of RM

    5000 for diploma courses in private colleges. The forms can be obtained from the front desk and the

    counselors in the center can actually brief the students to apply. For more information, students can

    actually obtain it from the PTPTN official website as follows :-

RHB also offers study loans if they are full-time or part-time courses approved by the Ministry of

    Education, Jabatan Pentadbiran Awam when applying for the RHB Study Loan, both for local or

    overseas education. Students have to jointly with their parents, brother, sister, spouse or children.

    For more information on applying of this loan, Students can refer to the website as given below where

    the application could be started from there. The website is as follows :-

The processing time is dependent on the information and documentation given by the students and

    applicants. Please check with the banks for estimated processing times.

    How often would I have to come to the college ?

    Time Tables:-Students are required to come in on an average of 3-4 days in a week and spend and

    average of 8 hours in a day. However this is dependent on semesters and modules running. For

    example a short semester will entail less frequency.

    Will I be given any study materials?

Materials: Students will be given any study materials on the program of study. They are issued a filo

    text as well as a recommended text to guide them thru the program of study

What can I do after I complete this program of study ?

Progression Routes: Students can also apply on their own for entry to most U.K or U.S.A universities

    to usually the final year of their degree. Students could also elect to join a 3+0 degree program locally

    usually at the 2nd year as the HND’s are considered to be Diploma qualification following the

    Malaysian Education Framework stipulated by L.A.N. However students can get into the final year of

    a distant/blended learning program as these programs do not fall under the Malaysian Education

    Framework as stipulated by L.A.N. A complete list of foreign universities could be obtained from :-

    What sort of career am I able to go into?

Career Options: Student can progress into the world of work either globally or locally upon

    completion of the HND program of study in any area of their specialization or in any given hospitality

    jobs. Students can actually go into full time employment or start a business on their own and follow onto a degree on a part time basis. It is been claimed that HND graduates would be appointed to supervisory and lower management positions. This would depend upon individual hospitality establishment

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