INFINITI RIP User's Manual for YatFung

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INFINITI RIP User's Manual for YatFung

    INFINITI RIP User Manual


    User’s Manual

    November 12, 2004

    Version 1.09


    INFINITI RIP User Manual

? Microsoft, Windows, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP are registered trademarks Information contained in this manual is subject to change without notice. of Microsoft Corporation.

    ? All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

    ? This manual is adapted for printer models of: YF-6150II/III, YF-8180C, YF-8250B, YF-8250C,

    YF-8320, YF-8320C, YF-6250SL, YF-6250LQ, YF-3360LQ, YF-3360EC, YF-1232C and



    INFINITI RIP User Manual

    1.1 Demand for system configuration

    1.2 Installation procedure

    1.3 Uninstall the INFINITI RIP

    1.4 Running the INFINITI RIP

2.1 Open and Exit INFINITI RIP

    2.2 Main window

    2.3 System toolbar

    2.4 Status bar

    2.5 Block Info

    3.1 File 3.2 Edit 3.3 View 3.4 Window 3.5 Help

    Appendix Shortcut key chart


    INFINITI RIP User Manual

    This chapter describes the software and hardware demanded for running INFINITI RIP.

    1.1 Demand for System Configure

     System operation for selection

    Windows 98/ME

    Windows NT Server 4.0+Service Pack 6a

    Windows NT Workstation 4.0+Service Pack 6a

    Windows 2000 Professional+SP1

    Windows 2000 Server+SP1

    Windows 2000 Advanced Server+SP1

    Windows XP


    Basic requirements:

    CPUAbove PII 266MHz

    RAMAbove 128M

    Hard disk100M available

    Monitor15’ 800×600 resolution

    Recommended requirements:

    CPUAbove PIII 500


    Hard disk20G SCSI

    Monitor17’ 1024×768 resolution

    To reach higher printing speed, use USB, 1394 or network card are recommended to connect the


1.2 Installation Procedure

    The installation of INFINITI RIP in Windows OS is a straightforward procedure.

    Here lists the installation in Windows 2000 for example:

    1. Start the computer

    2. Insert the INFINITI RIP Install CD double-click Setup.exe. Dialog setup comes out (1-1).


    INFINITI RIP User Manual

    1-1 3. Follow the hint, click Next to go on till it is finished. The default path is C:\Program


1.3 Uninstall the INFINITI RIP

    Uninstall it in the control panel.

    1. Click “Start-Setting-Control Panel-Add/Remove program”(1-2)

    1-2 2. Select the “INFINITI RIP”, double-click “Change/Delete” to uninstall.

Note: Make sure to close the INFINITI RIP before uninstalling.

1.4 Running INFINITI RIP

     To run INFINITI RIP, do as follows:

    1. Double click shortcut icon on desktop

     Note: INFINITI RIP installation creates a shortcut icon on the desktop. Double click to run it.

    2. Click menu “Start – Progress INFINITI RIP”.


    INFINITI RIP User Manual

    2.1 Start and Exit INFINITI RIP

    2.1.1 Start INFINITI RIP

    Double-click the shortcut icon of INFINITI RIP on the desktop to start the INFINITI RIP (2-1)

    2-1 2.1.2 Exit

    Select “File-Exit”, press the Close button on the up-right corner of the interface, or press Alt+F4 to exit INFINITI RIP.

2.2 Main Window

    Select “File ? New Job” and set the parameters on the popped-up dialogue. The main window

    displays as below (2-2):


    INFINITI RIP User Manual

    System toolbar

    Change the size of

    Image selected image selected by

    geometric proportion

    Edit menu popped-up

    by right click


     Status bar

    2.3 System Toolbar

    System toolbar is a gray bar with buttons to carry out some common command quickly. The

    default toolbar is under the main menu.


    Icon Function Description Refer to

    To create a new Job 3.1

    To open a saved job 3.1

    To save a job to old name 3.1

    To print the current job 3.1

    To import an image to the job 3.1

    To adjust the position of the image accurately 3.2


    INFINITI RIP User Manual

    To adjust the size of image 3.2

    To tile the image 3.2

    To duplicate the current image 3.2

    To delete the image or group 3.2

    To mirror the image 3.2

    To rotate the image clockwise by 90? 3.2

    To rotate the image clockwise by 180? 3.2

    To rotate the image clockwise by 270? 3.2

    3.2 To rotate the block clockwise by Rotate 90?

    To enlarge the image view 3.3

    To reduce the image view 3.3

    To undo the last operation 3.2

    To redo the last operation 3.2

    To distribute the selected images automatically. Select 2

     or above images to activate the function.

    To add some amount to the scale value

    To set view scale of the image

    To reduce some amount to the scale value

    To adapt self width

    To adapt self height

    To display the image at 100%


    INFINITI RIP User Manual

    To open calculation 3.5

    To display help information 3.5

    Table 2-1

Click “View System tool bar” to display or hide the system tool bar.

Note: Right click at the tiled image to pop up the operating menu.

    Click “rotate current block” and “delete current block” to rotate and delete the

    current block. 2.4 Status Bar

Status bar, on the bottom of the main window, displays the information as below:

    - When the cursor moves on the tool bar, it displays the function description of appointed


    - When the cursor moves inside the main window, the right end of the bar will displays the

    coordinates of your cursor. The origin, point (00)is the top left corner.(2-4)


Click “View – Status bar” to display or hide the status bar.

    2.5 Block Info

    Block Info can display the information about the position and size of the image (2-5).

    2-5 You can select it in “View ? Display Block Info”.


    INFINITI RIP User Manual

    This chapter describes the function and usage of items in menu, and also shortcut keys.

    3-1 There are 5 items in the main menu (3-1).

3.1 File

    It contains 15 items (3-2). You can do as follows with this menu:

     - Create jobs to be printed

     - Set the printer parameters

     - Page setup

    3-2 3.1.1 New Job

    Create a new print job. Modify the new file in “Print Page Setup” (3-3).


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