Project Charter

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Our team is also going to propose a strategic way of implementing the plan for targeting the most potential strength identified by the SWOT analysis.

Case Study: Cisco Systems Web-enablement

    Deliverable: Project Charter

    Project Charter

Name of Project:

    Cisco Systems: Web-enablement Case Study


    Dr. Michael Gibson

Core Team Members:


    Dr. Michael Gibson, -----------, fellow mates in the class

Scope Statement:

     Project Justification:

    Case Study “Cisco Systems: Web enablement” has been assigned to us as a required

    part of the course TEPM 6301 taught by Dr. Michael Gibson. This case study needs to be

    studied and understood by the team in order to successfully complete the course.

     Project Description:

    Case Study solution will be studied and evaluated by the sponsor Dr. Michael Gibson.

    Purpose of the case study is to learn the project management strategies deployed by the

    Cisco Systems Inc., learn their growth, opportunities, threats faced by them, strengths

    and weaknesses of their strategies. Also, the case study draft will try to identify the

    problems associated which led to the sudden temporary bust.

     Project Deliverables:

    1. Project Charter

    2. Project progress review report

    3. Final Case Study Report

     Project Objectives:

    ? Brief history and evolution of Cisco Systems Inc.

    ? Achievements of Cisco Systems since it was founded

    ? Cisco Business Strategies

    ? Cisco’s financial data

    ? Opportunities, relative Risks, Strengths and weaknesses

    ? Employee Self-service

    ? Customer Self-service Strengths and weaknesses

    ? Cisco’s IT infrastructure

    ? Consulting Activities Strengths and weaknesses

    ? Sudden downfall of Cisco Systems

    ? Cisco Systems SWOT Analysis Opportunities, Threats, Strengths and


    ? Recommendation

    ? Strategic plan Project Management Phases

Project Duration: thEstimated Project Schedule indicates that the project has begun on August 30, 2004. It will

    continue until the case study is solved by the end date of December 2nd, 2004.

Roles & Responsibilities:

    Name Role Responsibility

    Dr. Michael Gibson Project Sponsor Monitor project sponsor, customer

     Team Leader ? Conduct the weekly meetings

    Team: Mike Ayala, Jeff Cordes, Vidya Kabadi 1 Date: September 20th, 2004

Case Study: Cisco Systems Web-enablement

    Deliverable: Project Charter

    ? Lead the team meeting towards

    the right direction

    ? Help identify and solve any

    problems in the team meetings

    and make a decision

    Team ? Identify all the internal and Gatekeeper external resources for the project

    to proceed solving the Case


    ? Book keeping of the resources

    and using them in an appropriate

    manner to help solve the case


    ? Review the Case Study in every

    meeting to make sure the team

    is solving the Case Study in the

    right manner

     Team Scribe ? Make Notes during


    ? Keep track of meeting

    days/times, discussion topics

    ? Help writing reports every other

    week about the progress of the

    team project

    Team Members ? Solve the Case Study ? Meet every week to collect more


    ? To generate the alternate weekly

    reports/drafts to be reviewed by

    the sponsor/customer Dr. Gibson


    Our team’s approach is to entirely review the Case Study, understand and identify the problems with the up rise and sudden downfall of Cisco Systems Inc. Our team will identify all the

    opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses by performing a SWOT analysis on Cisco

    Systems. Our team is also going to propose a strategic way of implementing the plan for targeting

    the most potential strength identified by the SWOT analysis. Various resources are being used by

    our team to help solve this case study such as newsletters, articles, Cisco Systems Inc. official

    company website, case study material, etc.,

Ground Rules:

    A) Conflict Management:

    Currently, our team does not have any conflicts. In any case, if a conflict should arise,

    then we will discuss the problem and try to come to a common conclusion that is

    agreeable by all the team members. Our gate keeper will help identify the problems

    between the team members and resolve the problem.

B) Decision-Making:

    All decisions will be made by the team as a whole. Each team member will include

    his/her share of opinions, suggestions and recommendations. Team will consider each

    members work and make a final decision that is acceptable to all the team members and

    for the benefit of the project.

    Team: Mike Ayala, Jeff Cordes, Vidya Kabadi 2 Date: September 20th, 2004

    Case Study: Cisco Systems Web-enablement

    Deliverable: Project Charter

C) Attendance/Tardiness:

    Every team member must attend every team meeting/discussion conducted every week.

    In case of an event when a team member is unable to attend a meeting, he/she should

    inform the team leader about the situation ahead of time. Team leader will analyze the

    situation and re-schedule the meeting date and time, if necessary.

D) Participation:

    All team members are expected to actively participate in the team, since the project case

    study has to be resolved by the team as a whole and cannot be an individual’s work.

    Active participation implies that each team member will provide his/her substantial share

    of contribution towards the team meetings, discussions, project progress review report,

    project progress tracking, and case study solution.

    Final Deliverables:

     Project Charter includes:

    ? Scope statement

    ? Roles and Responsibilities

    ? Project Schedule

    ? Obtain approval for the submitted project charter

     Project progress review report every other week to the team sponsor

     Final Case Study Report

    Key Assumptions:

     Case Study related: All the details provided in the case study are accurate and up to date.

    Tables, charts and figures show accurate information about the Cisco Systems Inc.

     Team related: All the team members will be available for the meetings and discussions

    throughout the semester. Team members will be contributing 100% towards the solution

    of the case study.

     Cisco Systems Inc: Our Team is using the company’s official website as a part of their

    resources to find the solution to the case study. We assume that all the information

    indicated by all departments of the company on their company website is accurate.

    Commitment and Approval:

    Name Role Signature Date

    Dr. Michael Gibson Project Sponsor

     Team Leader

    Team Gatekeeper

     Team Scribe

    Team Members

    Team: Mike Ayala, Jeff Cordes, Vidya Kabadi 3 Date: September 20th, 2004

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