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    Eye Contact!! (Now you know geographicallook at

    Slow Down linguistic.)

    I. Namaste.

    A. Know what I said? II. Great linguistic diversity.

    B. Greeted as if in India. A. Official language is Hindi.

    Pause 1. Spoken by 40 percent. II. Namaste also used when saying 2. Namaste is Hindi.

    goodbye. B. 17 other major languages in

    A. Two different meanings. constitution

    B. Example of Indias diversity. 1. Distinct as English and French. III. First-generation Indian American. a. Grammar and pronunciation. IV. TodayIndias diversity in b. Alphabet.

    geography and languages. 2. Literary traditions2,000 years.

     C. 1,000 minor languages and (Lets start with geography.) dialects.

    Pause 1. Change from village to village. Body 2. Communication very difficult. I. Great geographical diversity. D. Educated also speak English.

     A. Himalaya Mountains. 1. 2 percent.

     1. Separate India from China. 2. Colleges and universities.

     2. 20,000 feet high. E. Kamala Singh: linguistic diversity

     B. Northern Plains. unrivaled by any other nation.

    1. 200 miles wide. Pause

    2. Diversity of Northern Plains.

     a. Farmland. Conclusion

     b. Cities: Delhi and Calcutta.

     c. Great Indian Desert. I. Hope you see diversity from C. Deccan plateau. geography and languages.

    1. 1,200 miles long. II. Thank you and Namaste.

    2. Geographical features.

    a. Farming and grazing land.

    b. Tropical forests.

    c. Seacoasts.

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