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    098.107 Sc Teaching Banned Books: 12 Guides for Young Readers.

301.41 Pa Women Together: A History in Documents of the Women’s Movement.

     th301.41 Ro Hidden From History: Rediscovering Women in History from the 17 Century to

    the Present.

301.451 Fi The Black American: A Documentary History.

305.4 Ra American Women, their Lives in their Words: A Documentary History.

305.42 Wa Sisters in Spirit: The Iroquois Influence on Early American Feminists.

305.42 Wo Women’s Rights: A Global View.

    305.48 Fl Chiquita’s Cocoon: The Latina Woman’s Guide to Greater Power, Love, Money,

    Status, and Happiness.

SPANISH Chiquita’s Cocoon: Una Guía para la Mujer Latina Para Lograr Autoridad, Amor,

    305.48 Fl Dinero, Posición y Felicidad.

CL 305.48 Te Telling to Live: Latina Feminist Testimonios.

305.488 Ca Massacre of the Dreamers: Essays on Xicanisma.

305.8 Fr Racism: A Short History.

305.8 He Sons of Mississippi: A Story of Race and Its Legacy.

    305.8 In In the Steps of Esteban: Tucson's African American Heritage: Lesson and Idea.

    305.8 Sok There Goes My Everything: White Southerners in the Age of Civil Rights, 1945-


305.8 St By the Color of Our Skin: The Illusion of Integration and the Reality of Race.

305.8 We Selma, Lord, Selma: Girlhood Memories of the Civil Rights Days.

    305.868 Co The Hispanic Struggle for Social Justice: The Hispanic Experience in the


    1 African American History 09/28/07

CL 305.868 Ha Racism on Trial: The Chicano Fight for Justice.

305.896 St Statistical Record of Black America.

    306.8 La Cultures of Color in America: A Guide to Family, Religion, and Health.

323 Ki The Martin Luther King, Jr., Companion.

    323.092 Ch In the Spirit of Martin: The Living Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

323.092 Ko She Would Not be Moved: How We Tell the Story of Rosa Parks and the

    Montgomery Bus Boycott.

323.1 Gu A Gringo Manual on How to Handle Mexicans.

    323.1 Ra The American GI Forum: In Pursuit of the Dream, 1948-1983.

    323.1 Ro Witnesses to Freedom: Young People Who Fought for Civil Rights.

    323.119 Ba Like a Mighty Stream: The March on Washington August 28, 1963.

    323.119 Tu The Civil Rights Movement for Kids: A History with 21 Activities.

    323.173 Ri Ripples of Hope: Great American Civil Rights Speeches.

323.4 Fa Selma, 1965: The March That Changed the South.

    323.4 Ki A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings of Martin Luther King.

    323.4 Wi Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil Rights Years, 1954-1965.

323.4 Ye Washington and Two Marches: 1963 and 1983.

344 Kl Simple Justice: The History of Brown v. Board of Education and Black America's

    Struggle for Equality.

    344.73 Ir Jim Crow’s Children: The Broken Promise of the Brown Decision.

    344.73 Zi A Digest of Supreme Court Decisions Affecting Education.

347.732 Pa Our Supreme Court: A History With 14 Activities.

    363.2 La Big Brother is Watching: Secret Police and Intelligence Services.

370.19 Sm Enhancing Cultural Understanding Through Historical Fiction: A Multicultural

    Bibliography for Grades Five Through Eight.

    370.19 We A Chance to Learn: The History of Race and Education in the United States.

    2 African American History 09/28/07

    371.9 Zi Section 504: Student Issues, Legal Requirements, and Practical


    371.97 El The Elusive Quest for Equality: 150 Years of Chicano/Chicana Education.

372.83 Fr Connecting Children with Children, Past, and Present: Motivating Students for

    Inquiry and Action.

    372.83 Ke Teaching Social Studies Through Literature: Grades 4-6.

    372.83 Ke Teaching Social Studies Through Literature: Grades 6-8.

    372.89 Le Doing History: Investigating with Children in Elementary and Middle Schools.

    372.89 Za Making Sense of History: Using High-Quality Literature and Hands-On

    Experiences to Build Content Knowledge.

    704.042 Ar Art, Women, California 1950-2000: Parallels and Intersections.

CL 707 Cj Chicano Art: Resistance and Affirmation, 1965-1985.

    CL 741.674 Ju Just Another Poster?: Chicano Graphic Arts in California.

    784.4 Cr Suffragist Sheet Music: an Illustrated Catalogue of Published Music.

    784.7 Ca We Shall Overcome!: Songs of the Southern Freedom Movement.

784.7 Gi Songs and Stories of Afro-Americans.

    SPANISH La Otra Historia de los Estados Unidos: Desde 1492 Hast Hoy.

     793 Zi

796.092 He The Black Athlete: Emergence and Arrival.

796.357 Br The Story of Negro League Baseball.

    809.892 Te Teaching Multicultural Literature in Grades 9-12: Moving Beyond the Canon.

    810.8 Cr Crossing the Danger Water: Three Hundred Years of African-American Writing.

    CL 810.808 He Herencia: The Anthology of Hispanic Literature of the United States.

810.809 Ho Home Girls: A Black Feminist Anthology.

CL 811 An Elegy on the Death of César Chávez.

811 Jo Who Look at Me.

    3 African American History 09/28/07

    812 Fa Famous Americans: 22 Short Plays for the Classroom.

    815.508 Sa Say it Plain: A Century of Great African American Speeches.

CL 818 Go Message to Aztlán.

909 Ci Civitas: A Framework for Civic Education.

909 Na National Standards for History.

CL 92 Cha César Chávez.

CL 92 Cha César Chávez: A Struggle For Justice = César Chávez: La Lucha por la Justicia.

CL 92 Cha César Chávez: A Triumph of Spirit.

    CL 92 Cha César Chávez: Una Biografía Ilustrada con Fotografías.

CL 92 Cha César Chávez y la Causa.

    CL 92 Cha Cosechando Esperanza: La Historia de César Chávez.

    CL 92 Cha The Fight in the Fields: César Chávez and the Farmworkers Movement.

    CL 92 Cha Harvesting Hope: The Story of César Chávez.

    CL 92 Del Jessie De La Cruz: A Profile of a United Farm Worker.

CL 92 Gut The Making of a Civil Rights Leader.

SPANISH Martin Luther King, Jr.: El Gran Lider de la No Violencia en EE UU Que Murio.

    92 Kin

    SPANISH Un Libro Ilustrado Sobre Martin Luther King, Hijo. 92 Kin

    92 LaF Susette La Flesche: Advocate for Native American Rights.

SPANISH Vilma Martínez.

    92 Mar

SPANISH Rigoberta: La Nieta de los Mayas.

    92 Men

92 Par The Autobiography of Rosa Parks.

    SPANISH Caminos de José Martí, Frida Kahlo, César Chávez. 920 Ad

    4 African American History 09/28/07

920 Eu Unsung Memories: A Scrapbook of the African American Community in Tucson,


    920 Ga The African-American Century: How Black Americans Have Shaped Our


    920 Me Come This Far to Freedom: A History of African Americans.

920 No Notable Black American Women.

920 Ro Historical Afro-American Biographies.

920.72 Bl Black Women in America: A Historical Encyclopedia.

    940.54 An And Justice for All: An Oral History of the Japanese American Detention Camps.

940.54 Ok Citizen 13660.

940.541 Co Blood for Dignity: The History of the First Integrated Combat Unit in the U.S.


    970.1 Pr The Indians in American Society: From the Revolutionary War to Present.

970.4 St Native North American Voices.

972.84 Di Salvador.

    973 Af African American Breakthroughs: 500 Years of Black Firsts.

973 Af African American Culture and History.

973 Af African-American Times: A Chronological Record.

973 As African American History: A Journey of Liberation.

973 As Historical and Cultural Atlas of African Americans.

    973 Bl The Black Americans: A History in Their Own Words, 1619-1983.

973 Bl The Black Experience.

973 Bl Black History Month Resource Book.

973 Bl Blacks in the Military: Essential Documents.

973 Ca Historic Landmarks of Black America.

    5 African American History 09/28/07

    973 Ch Chronology of African-American History: Significant Events and People from

    1619 to the Present.

973 Ci Civil Disobedience in America: A Documentary History.

973 Co Americans, a Collision of Histories.

973 Do Jubilee: The Emergence of African-American Culture.

973 Dr Dreamseekers: Creative Approaches to the African American Heritage.

973 Es African America: Portrait of a People.

    973 Fa The Face of Our Past: Images of Black Women From Colonial America to the


    973 Fa History Mysteries: Research-Based Mysteries for Super Sleuths to Solve, Grade


973 Fr Readers Theatre for American History.

973 Hi A History of the African American People.

973 Hi Historical Statistics of Black America.

973 Hu African American History: Four Centuries of Black Life.

973 Ja Women in the Progressive Era: A Unit of Study for Grades 9-12.

    973 Jo Labor of Love, Labor of Sorrow: Black Women, Work, and the Family from

    Slavery to the Present.

973 Ki Kids Explore America's African-American Heritage.

    973 Lo Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got


973 Mc The Civil Rights Movement in America from 1865 to the Present.

973 Mu Blacks in America's Wars: The Shift in Attitudes from the Revolutionary War to


973 My One More River to Cross: An African American Photograph Album.

973 Na Strength for the Fight: A History of Black Americans in the Military.

973 Ne The Negro in American History.

    6 African American History 09/28/07

    973 Or Ordinary Americans: U.S. History Through the Eyes of Everyday People.

    973 Pe Divided We Stand: Teaching About Conflict in U.S. History.

    973 Pe Peopling of America: A Timeline of Events that Helped Shape Our Nation.

    CL 973 Ro Chicano!: The History of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement.

    973 Ro I Too Am America: Documents from 1619 to the Present.

973 Sa American History Writing Prompts.

973 Sa A Kid's Guide to African American History.

    973 St Stereotypes, Distortions and Omissions in U.S. History Textbooks.

    973 St The State of Afro-American History: Past, Present, and Future.

973 Te 10 American History Plays for the Classroom.

    973 Te Teaching with Documents: Using Primary Sources from the National Archives.

    Vol. 1

    973 Un Unequal Sisters: A Multicultural Reader in U.S. Women’s History.

973 Us U.S. History Decisions.

    973 We The Quest for Equality: From Civil War to Civil Rights.

973 Wr Twelve Million Black Voices.

    973.03 Yo The Young Reader's Companion to American History.

973.04 Af The African-American Almanac.

    973.04 Di Natives and Strangers: Ethnic Groups and the Building of America.

973.04 Hu A Pictorial History of Blackamericans.

    973.04 Ne The Negro Almanac: A Reference Work on the Afro-American.

    973.04 Ta A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America.

    CL 973.046 Tr Eyewitness: A Filmmaker’s Memoir of the Chicano Movement.

    973.049 Ad Glory Days: 365 Inspired Moments in African-American History.

973.049 Cl Atlas of African-American History.

    7 African American History 09/28/07

    973.049 Co Timelines of African-American History: 500 Years of Black Achievement.

973.049 Pa Creating Black Americans: African-American History and its Meanings, 1619 to

    the Present.

    973.07 Me In Their Own Words: A History of the American Negro.

    973.071 Wy American’s History Through Young Voices: Using Primary Sources in the K-12

    Social Studies Classroom.

    Civil Rights. (Voices in African American History) 973.92 Ci

973.92 Ci Civil Rights in the United States.

973.92 Fa Stride Toward Freedom: The Aftermath of Brown v Board of Education of


    973.92 Ma Daily Life in the United States, 1960-1990: Decades of Discord.

    979.1 La The History of African Americans in Tucson: An Afrocentric Perspective.

979.1 Sm Black Americana in Arizona.


    R 305 As Asian American Almanac.

R 305.4 Wo Women’s Almanac.

    R 305.4 Wo Women’s voices: A Documentary History of Women in America.

R 305.8 Re Reference Library of Black America.

    R 909 Af Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African and African American Experience.

R 920 We African American Firsts in Science and Technology.

R 973 Ho African American Chronology.


    GF Afr African American/ Black Culture Awareness through Postage Stamps.

GF Afr African American Studies History.

    8 African American History 09/28/07

GF Equ Equal Access Equity Minorities.


    Plays, Vol. 44, No.4 (Jan./Feb. 1986) I Have a Dream.


    FAP Mavruk 1 Afro-American Leaders.

FAP Mavruk 2 Malcolm X.

    FAP Mavruk 3 Four M's: Muhammad, Malcolm, Martin, and Marcus.

FAP Mavruk 4 Martin Luther King.

FAP Mavruk 5 Three Generations.

FAP Rockwell 1 Moving In.

FAP Rockwell 2 The Problem We All Live With.


    LP 39 South Park.

    LP 88 Women of Hope: African Americans Who Made a Difference.

    LP 111 Protest and Hope: American Civil Rights Movement. Panel 9

LP 149 Murals: Mexican Muralists of the 1920’s, Part 1. Panel 3

LP 149 Murals: Mexican Muralists of the 1920’s, Part 2. Panel 4


    Number Title Level Time MP 2673-12 Legacy of a Dream. S 29 Min.

    MP 3205 VHS Black Heritage. I-M-S 27 Min.

    MP 4403-8/VHS The Boyhood of Martin Luther King, Jr. P-I 14 Min.

    Black on White. (The Story of English) MP 4553 VHS M-S 60 Min.

    MP 4659 VHS Fighting Fair: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for Kids. I-M 18 Min.

    MP 4820 VHS Eyes on the Prize: Awakenings, (1954-56). M-S 60 Min.

    9 African American History 09/28/07

    MP 4821 VHS Eyes on the Prize: Fighting Back, (1957-62). M-S 60 Min.

    MP 4822 VHS Eyes on the Prize: Ain't Scared of Your Jails, (1960-61). M-S 60 Min.

    MP 4823 VHS Eyes on the Prize: No Easy Walk, (1962-66). M-S 60 Min.

    MP 4824 VHS Eyes on the Prize: Mississippi, Is This America? (1962-M-S 60 Min.


    MP 4825 VHS Eyes on the Prize: Bridge to Freedom, (1965). M-S 60 Min.

    MP 4828 VHS Martin Luther King: I Have a Dream Speech. M-S 30 Min.

    MP 4964 VHS Eyes on the Prize II: The Time Has Come (1964-66). S 60 Min.

    MP 4965 VHS Eyes on the Prize II: Two Societies (1965-68). S 60 Min.

    MP 4966 VHS Eyes on the Prize II: Power! (1966-68). S 60 Min.

    MP 4967 VHS Eyes on the Prize II: The Promised Land (1967-68). S 60 Min.

    MP 4968 VHS Eyes on the Prize II: Ain't Gonna Shuffle No More (1964-S 60 Min.


    MP 4969 VHS Eyes of the Prize II: A Nation of Law? S 60 Min.

    MP 4970 VHS Eyes on the Prize II: The Keys to the Kingdom. S 60 Min.

    MP 4971 VHS Eyes on the Prize II: Back to the Movement (1979-83). S 60 Min.

    MP 4997 VHS Ethnic Notions. PRO 57 Min.

    MP 5040 VHS Martin: A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. M-S 60 Min.

    MP 5108 VHS Martin Luther King, Jr.: Portrait of an American. S 28 Min.

    MP 5109 VHS Malcolm X: Black American Militant Leader. S 25 Min.

    MP 5472 VHS Martin Luther King Day. P 10 Min.

    MP 5853 VHS Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. M-S 46 Min.

    MP 5868 VHS Simple Justice. M-S 133 Min.

    MP 5968 VHS Jesse Jackson. I-M-S 30 Min.

    MP 6035 VHS Malcolm X. I-M-S 30 Min.

    10 African American History 09/28/07

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