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Design and development methodologies, UML, OOA/OOP/OOD, design patterns; test-driven development with continuous integration (Junit/AntHill/Continuum)

     Gregory Golberg

    Phone: (857) 498-0458

    Work eligibility: US Citizen

    Senior/Principal software engineer. Over 10 years of Summary

    experience in all phases of software lifecycle. J2EE,

    WWW, back- and middle-tier development. Experience

    with J2EE, RDBMS and LIMS. Experience in

    mentoring junior developers.

    Sun? Certified Java Professional ?


    Design and development methodologies UML, OOA/OOP/OOD, design patterns; test-driven

    development with continuous integration


    Tools: Rational Rose, TogetherJ, Poseidon Languages Java (certified), Perl, C, C++, Visual Basic, UNIX shell

    scripting (sh, csh, ksh, bash); Tcl. J2EE Servlets, JSP, EJB

    Containers: Tomcat, WebSphere (4.0, 5.0, 5.1, 6)

    Tools & libraries: EAD4J; Jakarta Database RDBMS: Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server, MySQL,;

    Connectivity: JDBC, ODBC; Development: SQL,

    stored procedures (Java, PL/SQL), triggers; ETL Platforms Unix (Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, SCO, etc.), MS Windows,


    Development environments and tools IDE: WSAD, Eclipse; emacs; parser generators:

    lex/yacc, CUP/JLex, JavaCC, ANTLR, GOLD; build

    tools: Ant, make

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    Ported the Windows-based (ASP/C++) Web Cash P&H Solutions

    Management system to J2EE. Developed tools to automate Senior Software engineer

    porting tasks, such as:

    Newton, MA - “Victor the Cleaner”, a tool using static semantic

    March 2005 Present analysis to clean output of JASP (an ASP-to-JSP

    translator) by properly typing variant variables

    - VBS-to-Java converter (including AST generator for

    GOLD parser and AST set for VBScript grammar)

    Working closely with Chief Architect, participated in

    developing release engineering process, design of patch

    installer, etc.

    Java/J2EE, JSP, servlets, Eclipse, JUnit, Ant, WebSphere,

    XML, XSL; JDBC, PL/SQL, Oracle, porting

     Software Engineer --

    Consultant/Independent Contractor

    TotalETL, Inc. Designed and developed shared libraries and server modules for InfoSight, an ETL (extract-transform-load) product, Westford, MA involving retrieving data from heterogeneous data repositories

    February 2004 March 2005(disparate RDBMS, spreadsheets, text files, etc.), transforming

    it according to user-specified rules and loading various other

    supported repositories (as above). Other responsibilities

    included tool-smith/release engineer duties (by writing

    environment, build, test, and other scripts), mentoring junior

    developers, work on troubleshooting client (Java Swing)

    module, implementing best practices (patterns, documentation,

    bug tracking, regression testing, etc.).

    Java, JDBC, JMS, Swing, Java threads, Jakarta (Ant,

    log4j), Eclipse, CUP/Jlex (parser generator); RDBMS

    (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server; SQL), JUnit, DBUnit;

    cygwin, shell scripting

    Migrated J2EE application from WebSphere 4.0 to 5; worked WebsAreUs, Inc. on development and maintenance of the application; assisted in

    Boston, MA subsequently migrating the application to ASP.NET, for in-October 2003 February 2004 house support, by advising on the existing architecture and

     data model.

    Java, J2EE, EJB (1.1, 2.0) , WebSphere (4.0, 5.1), DB2,

    LDAP (IBM SecureWay); WSAD

    Project URL:

    Designed and developed software for a J2EE-based application IBM/Peugeot for automatic car diagnostic, including framework for parsing and evaluation of logical expressions (with fuzzy logic) for the

    Paris, France diagnostic engine, and various database back-end services for April 2003 October 2003 session management. Also developed scripts for data

     migration. Commendation letter received for the assignment.

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     UML, TogetherJ, WSAD, Eclipse, WebSphere, J2EE

    (EJB), EAD4J, JDBC, DB2, SQL, Jakarta (Struts, Ant,

    log4j), Perl, ksh, JUnit.

    Project description:


    As a consultant for the software and web development WebMechanics consulting company, worked on various projects designing and

    New York, NY developing software, analyzing user requirements, creating

    Boston, MA specifications, overseeing outsourced development and

    January 2003 April 2003 performing installation and maintenance on client sites.

    January 2002 September 2002 Specific projects include:

     - 3-tier Web-based content-management application

     based on iPlanet application servers. Client: UN

     Population Fund ( ColdFusion,

     iPlanet, Informix, Solaris

    - Development and optimization of MA-FIT a Mass.

    Fiscal Impact Tool, an award-winning application for

    fiscal analysis of impact of community development

    projects. Client: Mass. Office of Environmental

    Affairs with Commonwealth Research Group


    Visual Basic, Excel, InstallShield, COM/ActiveX,


    - Development of real estate web site. Client:

    UrbanHabitat ( ASP, SQL


    Development of reusable components and frameworks for

    generating such components (such as content-management

    system) in variety of server-side languages and platforms, for

    inclusion in further WebMechanics projects. SQL; SQL

    Server, MySQL; ASP, PHP.

    Designed and developed components of various Lab Biogen Information Management Systems (LIMS), both as standalone

    Cambridge, MA and 3-tier applications. Developed web-based user-interface, October 2002 December 2002 server-side processing and database schemas. Customized, and

     developed plug-ins for, third-party LIMS (Nautilus), developed

     instrument integration.

    LIMS; ASP, DHTML/Javascript, Oracle, Visual Basic,

    Nautilus (LIMS by ThermoLabs)

    Designed and developed in-house LIMS system to transfer and Genome Therapeutics process scientific data. Developed, tested, maintained and

    November 2000 July 2001 deployed scripts to automate gene sequencing workflow, and

    October 2001 December 2001 related tools and libraries. Developed WWW-based reporting Waltham, MA tools. Two contract assignments: recommended for a second

    contract by the previous Project Lead to another.

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    Java (J2EE, JNLP, servlets, MRJ, JDBC), Perl, shell

    scripts, Ant, JUnit, AppleScript; WWW (Javascript,

    DHTML); XML; Platforms: Windows NT, MacOS,


    Designed and implemented a knowledge management system Abstract Productions and search engine based on the company's technology.

    Middleboro, MA Java, J2EE (JSP,Servlets); ASP; Oracle, WebL, XML,

    East Providence, RI Javascript, Jrun, Visual J++. Nov.1999 Nov.2000

    PerotSystems venture to create a B2B web-based procurement Time0/PerotSystems system, for vendors such as Grainger, Cintas, etc. Repaired

    Cambridge, MA defects, implemented enhancements and performed analysis

    Feb. 1999 Nov. 1999 and priority assessment of defect reports and enhancement

    requests as member of fast-response Repairs and

     Enhancements Team.

    Java, J2EE (JSP, servlets), JDBC, Javascript, Oracle,

    SQL, PL/SQL, XML, Perl, middleware (ActiveBroker),

    TaxWare, ColdFusion

    Project URL:

    Developed and maintained software, database and tools for Grand Virtual Internet gaming business, related e-commerce activities and Salem, NH Internet advertising program. Cambridge, MA C, Java, Perl, modperl, Apache, mSQL, HTML, Linux

    Mar.1998 Feb.1999

     Sample URLs:

    Developed system for facilitating relationship management of PTC design work products in a collaborative environment. Ported

    Waltham, MA build process to various platforms (NEC, Hitachi, etc.).

    February 1997 March 1998 C, C++, make, Pro*C, shell scripting, Unix (HP-UX, NEC,

     Hitachi, etc.)

    Worked on Price Server, a part of 3-tier real-time market data ILX Systems

    New York, NY system.

    September 1996 January 1997 SCO Unix, C, curses, Perl.


    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Cambridge, MA

    Computer Science and Engineering

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1992 1996

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