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    Tel: 086 12 SATSA or 086 12 72872

    Fax: 011 886 7557


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    Company Registration no. 2003/006523/08

Member’s Handbook


    October 2007

The Mark of Quality Tourism in Southern Africa



















    To be a dynamic grouping of quality tourism service providers throughout Southern Africa.


     The Mark of Quality Tourism in Southern Africa

     The Southern Africa Tourism Services Association (SATSA) is an organisation of tourism service providers,

    whose members are committed to providing the best in tourism experience for visitors to Southern Africa and ABOUT SATSA to domestic tourists. This is achieved by offering credible and quality service of the highest standards at all


    The appearance of the SATSA logo on any tourism provider’s marketing material is a pledge of excellence and reliability. Not only is SATSA of benefit to businesses within the industry, through successfully aligning with an association of such a high calibre, but it is also of great service to tourists wishing to experience

    tourism in the region at its very best. By doing business with a SATSA accredited member, people are able

    to achieve peace of mind and a promise that they are receiving the best possible services within the tourism


    Should any dispute between a client and a SATSA member arise, SATSA is committed to hear both sides of

    the story, and to make a fair adjudication, in line with its own standards for its members.

    SATSA represents the key players and principles within the industry including:

    ? Transport providers

    ? Tour Operators or Destination Management Companies

    ? Accommodation suppliers

    ? Brokers

    ? Adventure Tourism providers

    ? Business Tourism providers

    ? Tourism Services providers

    SATSA has a code of conduct and a requirement of standards that make our members leaders in the

    tourism service industry.

    SATSA provides marketing platforms to its members through such facilities as its database and web-site,

    and access to stands at trade shows, but SATSA is not of itself a marketing body.

    SATSA proactively participates in, or facilitates dialogue between government, other bodies representing

    tourism and key stakeholders in the industry. The organisation can represent the voice of the industry at the

    highest level.

    SATSA implements and promotes the development of new tourism entrepreneurs through SMME and BEE

    programmes, and its members are actively encouraged to participate in training and development


    SATSA stimulates the identification and development of new tourism products.

    SATSA delivers meaningful benefits to its members.

    To this end, SATSA is developing a programme to convey to government in a workable form what the

    tourism industry is and is about, and SATSA’s role in that industry.

    SATSA is working to develop an effective lobby with government on tourism issues.

    SATSA has pledged itself to act as a catalyst in promoting growth in the tourist industry.

    SATSA is working to create effective inter-tourism-agency communication and co-operation, and to provide

    tourists, both local and domestic, and the trade with a source of reference to credible, ethical tourism service


    SATSA is building strong working relationships, with all significant industry players, and will act as a

    facilitator in improving levels of service and training.

    SATSA thus has a daily impact on all aspects of tourism in South Africa, from the tourist industry to the

    tourist. Not only does it set the standards for a world class tourism industry in this country, it serves as

    powerful information and networking tool for all those involved in making tourism in Southern Africa as

    credible as possible in the international market.



    This level of membership is available for applicants that are South African registered businesses, nationally

    orientated (or wishing to be National Level members) and/or who wish to participate in the international

    marketing opportunities within the Industry. National Members are entitled to 1 (one) vote both at National and LEVELS OF SATSA MEMBERSHIP Chapter Level.


    This level of membership is available to businesses that can offer proof that they are owned, managed or

    identified as one brand by a National Member; are an integral part of that member’s business; and have a wish

    to participate and network with the applicable Chapters. Membership fees shall be 25% of National Membership fee. Component Members do not have voting rights and cannot hold office.


    This level of membership is available to applicants that are South African registered businesses who conduct

    business on a limited scale and/or operate mainly in a specific Region or Province. Chapter Members are

    entitled to 1 (one) vote at Chapter level only. Chapter Members may apply for National Membership should they

    so desire or shall so apply if so directed by the National Executive Council.


    Associate Membership applies to other tourism associations, regional tourism authorities, and non-profit

    marketing bodies that are directly linked to tourism, and who cannot qualify for other levels of membership, but display a keen interest in SATSA's activities, subscribe to SATSA's objectives and wish to maintain close links

    with the Industry. Associate Members join on a reciprocal basis, do not have voting rights and cannot hold office.


    This level of membership is directed at those companies and international travel associations who wish to

    maintain close links with current tourism trends in Southern Africa and with SATSA members in particular. This

    level of member has no voting rights or direct SATSA benefits. However, International Members receive all



    This level of membership is available to those businesses that are located in a Region within Southern Africa,

    but beyond the boundaries of the Republic of South Africa, and wish to maintain close links with South African

    partners. Regional Members may elect to form a Chapter in their specific Regions. This level of member has

    voting rights as per the National membership level.

All SATSA members are entitled to attend Chapter meetings as well as the SATSA National AGM.

    Members will be required to state on the application form which Chapter’s meetings they would like

    to attend. Members will be listed on the Website under the Chapter in which their business operates

     e.g.: A member with a head office in Gauteng, but a lodge in Mpumalanga will be listed under

    Mpumalanga, but is entitled to go to either the Mpumalanga or Gauteng Chapter meetings (or both).


    On application: a non-refundable APPLICATION FEE of R 811.00 (incl. VAT) is payable.

    Please note: No documentation will be processed without payment of this application fee

    On approval: (All fees include VAT and are payable on receipt of invoice)

    ? Annual International / Regional / National membership fee is R4 063.00

    ? Annual Chapter membership fee is R 2 031.50 ? Annual Bonding fee of R555.00 is compulsory for all approved members.

    ? Annual Component membership fee is R1 015.00 (25% of national fees) ? Associate Membership is on a reciprocal basis (i.e.: no membership fee)

    * SATSA reserves the right to charge 2% interest per month 90 days after date of Invoice

    *Cheque payments sent via post should be made payable to the full company name: SOUTHERN AFRICA

    TOURISM SERVICES ASSOCIATION (not SATSA). All cheques must be crossed and include the wording NOT TRANSFERABLE

    *Should electronic/ direct deposits be made kindly fax through proof of deposit for the attention of: Anneline du Plooy on 011 8867557.

    NB Kindly indicate membership number & company name OR invoice number on all deposits.

    Banking Details: Nedbank Sandown (Branch 193305) Account # 1933045914;

     ABSA 160 Jan Smuts Ave (Branch 630356) Account # 4069097511


A SATSA member should fall into one of the categories and one subcategory mentioned below. If a member wants to be

    listed in more than one category or sub-category on the SATSA website, an additional fee of R250 per listing is levied. Transport (Members owning their own means of transport) Airline: An air carrier that has scheduled flights. CATEGORIES OF SATSA MEMBERSHIP Air Charter: An air carrier that can tailor their flights to meet requirements. Camper Hire: A business that hires out campers to meet requirements. Rail: A tourism business that operates on rail. Transfer Company: A business that transfers fare paying passengers between destinations on public roads. Vehicle Hire: A business that hires out vehicles to meet requirements. Water Charter: A business that can tailor their boat trips to meet requirements. Other: Any other business owning transport

     Tour Operator / Destination Management Company (Members who organise tours and/or logistics often for a specific destination) Operator with transport: A business (owning its own vehicles) arranging tour itineraries and accommodation. Operator without transport: A business that arranges and runs tours, but hires in vehicles when necessary from a reputable company. Accommodation (Members providing accommodation) Backpacker Hostel: A communal facility (often dormitories), usually self-catering. Bed and Breakfast: Accommodation in a private home with a live-in family. Camping: Space to erect own accommodation, communal ablution facilities. Caravan Park: Space to erect own accommodation, communal ablution facilities. Country House: A house in natural surroundings, usually offering dinner, bed and breakfast. Farmstay: Accommodation on a farm with the family. Guests can partake in farm activities. Game Farm: A facility where the fenced area is less than 10 000ha and game is not free-ranging and often not endemic. Certain species are often housed in smaller encampments. Hunting is normally carried out on these properties in conjunction with eco-tourism. Game Lodge / Game Reserve: A facility where all activities advertised occur on the actual premises or negotiated traversing area. Game must appear in their natural state, must be endemic to the area and must be free ranging in an area of no smaller than 10 000ha. Game Resort: A family orientated establishment situated in a game environment. Other extra mural activities are possible. Golf Resort: Accommodation at a golf course, often with other extra-mural activities available. Guest House: Often owner-managed (not live-in), with public areas for exclusive use by guests. Homestay: Accommodation with a family in their house. Hotel Group: A holding company that owns / manages a number of hotels. Hotel: An establishment that provides accommodation, and generally makes food/beverage services available to its guests. Lodge: Accommodation usually in natural surroundings, usually all meals available. Resort: Accommodation usually incorporating some extra-mural activities. Safari Lodge: Game viewing activities not conducted on the property. It may be necessary for the visitor to leave the premises and go “on safari” into a neighbouring reserve/farm/national park etc. Such properties may therefore be very small in extent. Self Catering: Accommodation where equipment and facilities are provided for the guests to cater for themselves. Other: Any other type of accommodation not defined above.

     Broker (Members that subcontract business for reward) Tour Broker: Acts as a co-ordinator between the client and the service provider by arranging tour itineraries, accommodation, etc. Medical Tour Broker: A tour broker specialising in medical tours. Booking Office: An office that books activities, transport or accommodation. Adventure Broker: A broker catering specifically for adventure tourism.

    Acts as a co-ordinator between vehicle hiring companies & clients.Vehicle Broker: Adventure Tourism (Members owning their venue / equipment) Adventure Operator: A business owning equipment/venue specific to adventure tourism. Team Building Operator: A business owning equipment/venue and focusing on Team-Building Tourism Services (Members providing a service to tourism product owners) Associations: An organisation (usually non-profit) with members. Attraction: A venue or national site which is of interest to be viewed or visited by tourists. Communications: A business offering communications services to tourism businesses. Destination Marketing Organisation: A non-profit marketing body Financial Services: A company offering financial-related services to tourism enterprises e.g.: Banks, etc. Technology: A company offering technology-related services to tourism enterprises e.g.: website development, software, etc. Insurance: An insurance company whose core business is insurance pertinent to tourism. Legal: A company offering legal assistance for tourism-related issues. Marketing Company: A company that markets for-profit tourism businesses. Medical Assistance: A business offering medical assistance to tourism enterprises. Publishing: A business offering publishing services to tourism enterprises. Restaurant: An establishment with a designated eating area, that may offer a specific type of cuisine and beverages. Retail Attraction: A shop or shopping complex. Security: A company offering security services to tourism enterprises. Tourism Assistance: A body offering assistance such as funding or training to tourism enterprises or students. Training Body/Edu-Tourism/Language Schools: A company whose core business is training directed and pertinent to tourism. Vehicle& Spares Manufacturer/Supplier: A company whose core business is vehicle manufacturing, sales or parts supplier. Other: Any other business offering a service in the tourism industry.

     Business Tourism (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events/Exhibitions) Conference Venue: A venue specifically adapted to meet the requirements of groups of people convening for a meeting or function. Conferencing / Events Organiser: A business that arranges an entire conference including speakers, venue, accommodation, etc. Destination Management Company: A business that manages a whole destination for a group related to a conference / event. Exhibition Centre: A venue specifically designed or adapted to meet the requirements of exhibition or events organisers. Exhibition Organiser: A business focusing on organising exhibitions. Incentives Company: A local service organisation that provides consulting services, creative events and exemplary management of logistics based on an in-depth knowledge of the destination and the needs of the incentive and motivation market. Staging and Productions: A business focusing on organising productions.


     ? Listing of each SATSA member on the SATSA Membership List and Website which is freely

    accessible and distributed when requested.

    ? The SATSA website has been upgraded to include icons that represent compliance (e.g. legal, BENEFITS OF JOINING SATSA insured, BEE compliant, etc). Members can therefore utilise their listing and compliance icons

    on the SATSA Website as a marketing tool. Members and non-members can find out about

    potential business partners via the website because the details of every company and its

    compliance are listed.

    ? SATSA Bonding Scheme click on

    ? SATSA Employee Benefit and Provident Fund: Underwritten by Glenrand M.I.B and

    marketed by Safari & Tourism Insurance Brokers the Fund has been established to provide

    retirement benefits, disability benefits and group life assurance cover for staff of SATSA

    member companies. Contact: Brian Courtenay / Gavin Courtenay Tel (031) 562-1880/3/4

    ? SATSA / Calibre Clinical Consultants HIV/AIDS Scheme: SATSA members can cover their

    employees against accidental HIV/AIDS exposure, and their guests will be covered

    automatically. Contact SATSA.

    ? SATSA Legal Advice Club: SATSA members who join the LAC will benefit from reduced legal

    consulting fees and access to subsidised standard legal documents.

    ? Members have networking opportunities with fellow members and others from the industry

    when attending Chapter meetings and the National AGM.

    ? Members can benefit from the member-to-member special deals that are advertised on the

    members only” section of the SATSA Website. ? Use of the SATSA logo by members, along with their membership number, is a highly

    recognised endorsement of good business practice, and offers instant credibility in the

    International market. The logo can be downloaded from the “members only” section on the

    SATSA website.

    ? Presentation of a SATSA Member Identity Card endorses the holder’s integrity, proves that

    their business is a SATSA member).

    ? SATSA has representation at board level of industry associations (TBCSA, Aviation SPC and a

    close association with SA Tourism).

    ? SATSA communicates on issues which have an impact on the in-bound tourism industry (such

    as the BEE Scorecard for Tourism, Department of Transport regulations, etc).

    ? SATSA represents members at Trade Shows (where appropriate), but always at Indaba.

    ? SATSA communicates to all members via a bi-weekly eNewsStream which includes

    information on marketing opportunities, latest industry news, member news and a free “market

    place” for members.

    ? SATSA promotes and represents the views of the Tourism Industry and assists in resolving

    issues which may arise with the authorities concerned. SATSA also offers assistance to both

    the public and members in dealing with complaints against tourism companies or service


The benefits of belonging to SATSA change according to the trends and needs of the industry and

    members are notified accordingly.

Visit the website MEMBERSHIP / BENEFITS for further details



    ? Application forms are available on the SATSA website under MEMBERSHIP. ? The Chapter secretariats or the holder of the membership portfolio on the Chapter committees

    should be contacted for advice on how to ensure the application is complete.

    ? Completed forms and attachments may be forwarded directly to the SATSA National Office to

    Membership Manager Lizzie Mokgothu

    ? Membership applications are only processed once all the requirements have been received.

    ? As a courtesy to the existing SATSA members, all new applicants’ names are forwarded via

    the SATSA eNewsStream to all SATSA members. Any existing members wishing to raise an

    objection regarding a Pending Applicant may do so in writing, within a certain time frame.

    Objections must be substantiated by proof:

    Unethical exact detail required (to include dates, place etc)

    Financial exact detail required (to include copies of invoices, legal correspondence etc).

    During this period, new applicants should submit any outstanding documents necessary to

    complete the application process.

    ? Membership is awarded once all requirements are met and no unresolved objections remain.

    ? The process takes approximately one month, if all requirements are submitted correctly.

    ? Pending Applications are only honoured for a period of 6 months from the date that the

    application is received at the National office. Should the membership not be finalised within

    this time, the application is closed and a repeat of the application process will be required six

    months after the expiry date.

    ? The Application Fee is not refundable.

     On approval the member is issued with a membership number, and invoiced for the Annual

    Membership Fee (pro rata for the first year).

     After payment of the Annual Membership Fee the member’s details are uploaded to the

    SATSA website, the member is issued with a membership certificate and given access to the

    SATSA logo and members only section on the SATSA website.

     Annually, Membership Certificates are issued as soon as possible after the Annual

    Membership Fee has been received.

     SATSA ID cards are issued only when ordered and paid for. ID card application forms are

    available on the SATSA website under MEMBERSHIP.

    MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS AND COMPLIANCE ICONS o In addition to the Application Form and Fee, applicants are required to submit certain

    documents when applying for SATSA membership.

    o Annually, in the member’s month of approval, some of these documents are reviewed and

    must be re-submitted.

    o Members must (to be approved and reviewed annually) comply with FIVE BASIC CRITERIA:

     Operational i.e.: the business must be trading

     Legal i.e.: the business must meet all legal requirements

     Insured i.e.: have sufficient insurance for the type of business

     Financially compliant i.e.: finances must be conducted satisfactorily

     Application form and fee and agree to abide by SATSA Code of Conduct

    o Some of these requirements will be checked annually, and the onus is on the MEMBER to

    ensure that SATSA is informed of any changes related to these requirements.

    o To ensure that members are proactive in supplying the appropriate documentation to the

    National Office, SATSA has implemented a system of compliance icons on the member’s page

    on the SATSA website.

    o Each member’s page on the website will list three compulsory compliance icons and other

    optional compliance icons. Should a member not supply the documentation pertaining to a

    certain compliance icon, the icon will be removed.

    o If the icon pertains to the FIVE BASIC CRITERIA for membership as above, and unless a

    member can supply a valid reason for non-compliance, membership will be:

    o suspended (after two months of the icon being removed) and then

    o terminated (after two months of suspension).


o The following table depicts the compliance icons, the requirements to meet them, and whether

    these requirements need to be met once-off or annually.

    Compliance Icon Requirement When

    This Application Form, submitted together with the application fee of R752.00 Legal Icon On application

    Copy of Company Registration Document(s) e.g.: Compulsory on

    (Pty) Ltd: - A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation application

     - A copy of Contents of Register of Directors, Auditors & Officers (CM29)

    Close Corporations: - A copy of the Founding Statement (CK1)

     - A copy of the list of Members (CK1)

    Recommended all. Compulsory if trade name differs substantially from registered Compulsory on

    company name: proof of ownership by a Trademark or Defensive Name. application

    Copy of a document depicting registration for tax purposes (incl. Income Tax Compulsory on

    No, VAT, PAYE etc.) Reflecting registered company name & trade name (if nec.). application

    A Letter of Legal Compliance stating awareness of regulating authorities and their Compulsory

    requirements. STD LETTER AVAILABLE ON SATSA WEBSITE. SATSA reserves Yearly

    the right to request documentary proof if required.

    Brochure OR A company profile outlining services offered. Website will also be Compulsory on

    checked. This is to see that branding and trading name are consistent. application

    A copy of Identity Document or Passport of EACH DIRECTOR Copy of Residency Compulsory on

    and Work Permits to be submitted for non-South African Citizens application

    Letter of Financial Compliance, indicating that auditor/accounting officer has been Financial Icon Compulsory

    appointed and stating that “the business is in good financial standing”. (Financial Yearly

    statements not required). STD LETTER AVAIL. ON SATSA WEBSITE

     A satisfactory Bank Report requested by SATSA on application and randomly after Compulsory on

    approval application

    Letter of Insurance Compliance stating that the company is sufficiently insured for Insured Icon Compulsory

    their category of operation. STD LETTER AVAILABLE ON SATSA WEBSITE Yearly BEE Icon A copy of the document reflecting proof of compliance with the relevant BEE Optional Yearly

    Scorecard. The icon will reflect the % compliance to the nearest 5%.

    Graded Icon A copy of the grading certificate Optional Yearly HIV/AIDS Icon Copy of proof of registration with the Calibre / SATSA HIV/AIDS programme Optional Yearly

     These requirements are subject to any other requirements that may be specified by the National Office from time to time.


    The SATSA membership requirements have often been considered extremely stringent, however

    SATSA feels that all the requirements that are set are necessary for a number of reasons,


    - To ensure that all members maintain similar standards of business practice.

    - To enable SATSA to state that it stands for quality tourism partners.

    - To ensure that all members meet the appropriate legal requirements that are applicable

    in the tourism industry.

    - So that SATSA can write letters of recommendation or reference about a member in

    good faith that the business is being conducted professionally.

    - To encourage good business practices in the tourism industry by ensuring that the

    SATSA stamp of quality is strong and recognised across the world.

    - To ensure that the members are protected through the correct insurances, their trade

    name, their company registration and sound financial practises.

    - To ensure that customers have peace of mind when dealing with a SATSA member.

REMEMBER: All SATSA members undergo the SAME entrance criteria, the SAME annual

    reviews, and are treated equally.

SATSA membership might require strict criteria, but in the end the effort of gaining and

    maintaining compliance with those criteria in actual fact makes good business sense!


     A SATSA member may request to be “voluntarily inactive”, or may be suspended by SATSA or the

    membership could be terminated. The reasons for any of the above are as follows: VOLUNTARY INACTIVITY, SUSPENSION OR TERMINATION Voluntarily Inactive: Member requests to be voluntarily inactive for a period (e.g.: taking extended

    holiday). The member’s details are removed from the website for this period.

    Possible grounds for Suspension by SATSA:

    - Outstanding membership fees

    - Breach of SATSA Code of Conduct or Constitution

    - Notice of company operations in trouble

    - Sequestration of any shareholder

    - A complaint against the member has proven to be correct (e.g.: monies owed to members

    or non-members claims must be substantiated)

    - Documents pertaining to the Five Basic Criteria for membership are not forthcoming during

    Review, or SATSA has not been informed of changes in the business.

The membership is tagged as “suspended” in the SATSA database and on the SATSA website. A

    SATSA suspended member is given an opportunity for one to two months (depending on the case)

    to submit requirements or explanations. If these are not forthcoming - membership is terminated

    Reasons for termination of membership: Voluntary Termination: The member has voluntarily decided to cancel their SATSA membership.

    Financial (Liquidation): Membership ceases as the business has gone into liquidation

    SATSA Terminated:

    - Documents pertaining to Five Basic Criteria are not forthcoming after suspension.

    - Fees & other costs unpaid

    - Member has been suspended for two months and has not rectified the situation.

    - Company ceased to trade cannot locate Other (Merger/ Closed/ Sold):

    - Business is sold or >50% of ownership changes and SATSA is not notified within 90

    days of the change

    - Business closes

    - Business no longer involved in tourism industry

All terminated members are asked to remove the SATSA logo from the marketing material. If a

    terminated member wants to re-join the association, they should re-apply using the normal

    application procedures and write a letter detailing the reason for re-application.




    President: Cheryl Mulder-Verbruggen Cape Courtesy

    Joint Vice-Presidents: Heather Gutierrez Tourvest Inbound Operations

     Martin Jansen van Vuuren Grant Thornton

    Treasurer: Mike Speed Amanzingwe Lodge

    National member: Brian Cunningham Top Holidays

    National member: Des Langkilde SATIB

    National member: Bernard Marobe Mankwe Safaris

    National member: Jenny Briscoe Co-opted

    National member: Carmen Cipriani Co-opted Southern Sun

    National member: Thuli Magubane Co-opted ABSA Bank

    Eastern Cape Chair: Hugh Bartis Nelson Mandela Metro University

    Free State Chair: Francois Neethling Discover SA Coaches & Tours cc

    Gauteng Chair: Dale Pretorius Value South Africa (Pty) Ltd

    KwaZulu Natal Chair: Bunny Bhoola African Link Tours and Travel

    Limpopo Chair: Adri Kruger Tzaneen Country Lodge

    Mpumalanga Chair: Gavin Jarman Lowveld Environmental Services

    North-West Chair: Mike Speed Amanzingwe Lodge

    Western Cape Chair: Vernon Kirsten ReservHotel

    Southern Cape Chair Quinton James SQ Tours


    For information on meetings and Chapter activities, contact the Secretariats in each Chapter:

    Eastern Cape Secretariat: Christine Chamberlain Email:

Free State


Gauteng Secretariat: Sandy Deale


    KwaZulu Natal Secretariat: Amanda Seidler Email:







    Western Cape Secretariat : Susan Ward Email:

For enquiries for Northern Cape, please contact the National Office.


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