SKAL CHIANG MAI & NORTH THAILAND, Newsletter for May 2009

By Calvin Warren,2014-05-05 11:30
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SKAL CHIANG MAI & NORTH THAILAND, Newsletter for May 2009


    THAILAND, Newsletter for May 2009

Greetings, to all Skalleagues for the month of May. After the plunge of last month,

    this one sees us stagnating slightly; but according to the “what comes down

    must go up” theory we should be nicely poised for better times. With all the early

    rain and subsequent green growth, what better than to have an environmental

    theme this month. Everything seems to fuse in nicely together with the “green

    shoots” theory on the recovering economy. Somehow I think my trees are a safer

    bet than the economy, but we will keep green fingers crossed! Anyway spare a

    few minutes from the gardening to follow the news this month.

    Our dinner and meeting at the very end of May was hosted by Rati Lanna Chiang

    Mai. A very big thank you to Ellis De Ruiter (Front Office Manager, Rati Lanna Spa

    & Resort). They organized an amazing setting for our gathering and dinner.

    Starting off with cocktails in the open sala area at the back of the hotel which was

    a beautiful setting and another one of those occasions that I wished I had arrived

    earlier in order to enjoy the ambience to the full with the views over the adjoining

    river. The restaurant was an ideal size for our May group and set out beautifully;

    the service was also perfect. The meal was also very tasty, with some excellent

    fish, a rather unusual banana blossom salad and a chocolate fountain for those

    with a sweet tooth to round off.

    This month we had the pleasure of having Khun Duanpen Chaladlam (Boong)

    from Chiang Mai Friends Group as our speaker. She informed us about her work

    in bringing the Thai and expat communities together in various activities, one of

    these being tree planting whilst also organizing some English/activities for

    children and meetings to inform members about various govt. agencies and city


Khun Duanpen Chaladlam (Boong), Chiang Mai Friends Group (above)

Khun Anchalee Kalmapijit (Skal President), Ellis De Ruiter (Front Office Manager,

Rati Lanna Riverside Spa & Resort)

Our Skal Month of May group photo at Rati Lanna Riverside Spa & Resort. The

    hotel is situated on the banks of the Ping River at 33 Changklan Rd. The backdrop

    for the photo is the elegant riverside restaurant. Back to the “green shoots” theme for this month, what a good idea, to all plant a

    tree at the start of the rainy season. We all need to do our little bit to fend off

    global warming and help the environment. Having felt impending guilt creeping

    up on me, I had to go off to Google Earth and check my own environmental

    credentials. Having identified my garden as a substantially greener blob than the

    surrounds, I now feel better. Another excuse to add a tree to the garden even

    though I have been told it is full. I do already have some (well actually rather a lot

    of) bamboo which could come in useful for Chiang Mai’s latest star attraction.

    After many years of trying, Chiang Mai’s panda population has now increased by one more. Seeing the size of the newly born bears makes you wonder just how

    they survive in the wild in the first few months. This one certainly has all the

    advantages of 24hr care and incubators and is set to become a star attraction of

    Chiang Mai.

Khun Naphat Nutsati (Skal Secretary & GM Tamarind Village), David Thomas (Skal

    Director, Wanna Tours), Khun Anchalee Kalmapijit (Skal President & Elephant

    Life Experience), Mohamad Jesr (Skal Vice President, Lotus Hotel), Ken Hill (Skal

    Director). A photo that has almost caught all of the committee in one place at the

    same time!

Khun Suphani & Aidan Schmer (Chiang Mai Travel Media), Ken Hill (Skal Director),

    Dr. Howard Graves (looking resplendent in yellow & gold)

    Dr. Howard Graves, Khun Anchalee Kalmapijit (Skal President)

Khun Naphat Nutsati (Skal Secretary & GM Tamarind Village), Khun Somjate

    Srithongkham (Saenkham Terrace Restaurant), Khun Nittaya Sae-Lim (ASEV),

    Khun Suvimol Limlenglert (Eurana Boutique Hotel), Khun Anchalee Kalmapijit

    (Skal President)

Khun Suparp Pluempredee (Compass), Khun Anchalee Kalmapijit (Skal President)

& David Thomas (Skal Director)

Yvonne (Oasis Spa) & Jay

Khun Thanarat Wonglamduan (Vacation Magazine), Khun Saowaluck Janprom

    (Asst. Sales & PR Manager Rati Lanna Hotel), Matthias Froelich (Ban Sabai Spa &

    Resort), Khun Duanpen Chaladlam (Chiang Mai Friends Group)

Mohamad Jesr (Skal Vice President, Lotus Hotel), Annette Kunigagon (Eagle

    House & Skal Membership Development), Khun Anchalee Kalmapijit (Skal


Daniel Peterson (IO-WOW), Frans Betgem (Khiri Travel)

Aidan Schmer & Khun Suphanni (Chiang Mai Travel Media), Ken Hill, Arie De

Keijzer (Mokkador)

Pim Kemasingki (Citylife), Khun Naphat Nutsati (Skal Secretary & GM Tamarind

    Village) doing the bilingual Skal toast. Bottoms up & Skal! Well not quite, it’s a bit

    longer than that!

Pim Kemasingki (Citylife), Khun Duanpen Chaladlam (Chiang Mai Friends Group),

    Khun Somjate Srithongkham (Saenkham Terrace Restaurant), standing Khun

    Anchalee Kalmapijit (Skal President),

Dates for your diary:

    June 20-21 2009 , our Skal away weekend will be held at Le Meridien Chiang Rai

    Please see the details on the Skal website at:

Le Meridien Chiang Rai is offering very attractive rates for Skal members and

    guests for the weekend.

    The Legend Chiang Rai is also offering special rates for Skal members and

    guests, so no need to hurry back to Chiang Mai you can sample the delights of

    Chiang Rai making it a long weekend.

    Please mention Skal weekend when enquiring about or booking accommodation

    and check out the details on the “Special Skal Weekend” banner on our website.

Please remember your feedback is greatly appreciated; please feel free to send

    your comments to:

    Please just fill out the Contact Form. Your comments help us to choose our “Best Host Award”.

For now and on behalf of Skal Madame President, Khun Anchalee, and your

    Committee for Chiang Mai & North Thailand Cheers, All the Best and SKAL!

Written by Sarah Leelaphat

    Photos courtesy of Phinyo Sueato Elephant Life Experience

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