Marketing Master Plan, 1998-99

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Marketing Master Plan, 1998-99

    Marketing & Assessment

    Planning, Strategy and

    Implementation Schedule


Department of Intramural

    and Recreational Sports

Prepared by: John Smith

Information provided by: Dale Ramsay, John Smith, David Hatfield,

    Michael Mardis, Debby Woodall, David Rice

Marketing = black

    Assessment = red



    ? Promote the comprehensive recreational sports program through summer


    ? Strategy Meeting: July 5, 2001

    ? Planning team: John Smith, David Rice, Debby Woodall

    ? Implementation Date: Tuesday and Fridays of Orientation sessions

    ? Orientation provides a great opportunity to reach many incoming students who may

    not even have an idea of recreational sports or the opportunities it provides. We need

    to be certain to include all areas of the program including employment opportunities

    in our display/information. Staffing should rotate between various program area


? Stuff windows of commuter parking lots:

    ? Strategy Meeting: August 14, 2001

    ? Planning team: John Smith, David Rice st? Implementation Date: 1 week of Fall semester

? The best place to reach commuter students is the parking lots they use. This is thprimarily the 4 street lot, SAC parking garage and Papa John’s Stadium lot. During stthe 1 week of school we will undertake a large windshield-stuffing project aimed at

    getting our information to the commuter student. The commuter student has less

    opportunity to commit to league type programs and will get a great deal of benefit

    from having the facility schedules and hours of operation information. We will stuff

    windshields on 2 days to try and reach the Mon.-Wed.-Fri. student as well as the

    Tues.-Th. student.

? Continue web page promotions:

    ? Strategy Meeting: August 2, 2001

    ? Planning team: John Smith, David Rice

    ? Implementation Date: August 14

    ? There has been a great deal of work gone into making our page on the World Wide

    Web an attractive and useful one. More and more students are starting to use it to

    check facility schedules, get updated league standings, find out about upcoming

    meetings and events and more. We need to continue our promotions regarding the

    web site as students are becoming more and more dependent on utilizing the web as a

    general source of university information. Having a source of information that can be

    accessed at any time is significant to our student body given the number of commuter

    students we serve. David Rice will begin to assume some web page duties given his

    expertise and interest in the area. Other departments have two people with edit

    privileges through IT and we should as well. This will allow the page to be


    continually updated in the absence of one or the other of our IT approved editors. Our

    goals this year are to implement a “bump board” of intramural records and possible,

    dependent on band width, archive champions pictures in a thumbnail format.

? Serve as coordinating department for a Student Life Field Day celebration:

    ? Strategy Meeting: August 7, 2001 ? Planning team: Dale Ramsay, John Smith

    ? Implementation Date: Tuesday, August 22

     st? This would take place the 1 week of school during the lunch time period.

    Departments of Student Life would set up information tables etc. during that time.

    Free food would be provided and students would be free to wander from table to table

    and pick up information on anything of interest to them. The celebration/festival

    would take place on the West Plaza and Red Barn. Sport Clubs could do

    demonstrations to help attract a crowd, door prizes could be given away and other

    promotional items could be distributed. It would be a good event to show students

    how the different departments that make up Student Life are inter-related and to stress

    the importance of being involved with out-of-the-classroom experiences.

? Assess students on perceived benefits from participation in intramural programs

    ? Planning Meeting: February 25, 2002

    ? Strategy Team: John Smith, Dale Ramsay

    ? Implementation Date: March 18

We did an extensive survey on perceived benefits two years ago. We want to administer

    the same tool again this spring and compare results of the two.

? Survey student staff members as to perceived benefits from being an intramural

    staff member

    ? Planning Meeting: January 7, 2002 ? Strategy Team: John Smith, David Hatfield, Debby Woodall, David Rice, Janice


    ? Implementation Date: Friday of any pay week after planning meeting. Attach

    written tool to checks to be completed before getting check.

We believe that we assist academic units in preparing students for professional positions

    after college by developing lifetime skills. We need to be sure that our students recognize

    the skills that employment through our department can give them. Through tools like the

    Student Learning Contract and officiating schedules we can promote those qualities

    throughout the year. This tool will help us determine the level of recognition our

    educational efforts are achieving. The tool will be used for many different levels of

    student employees including game officials, facility staff and office staff.


    Sponsored Programs

? Retain relationship with Campus Concepts:

    ? Planning Meeting: John Smith, David Rice

    ? Strategy Meeting: August 7, 2001

    ? Implementation Date: 2 weeks prior to each sponsored program

? It is time to formally review our relation with Campus Concepts. The company is

    having financial problems, have not paid last year’s stipends and continues to have

    the same problems with timely delivery of premiums and program equipment. We

    have stayed involved with the company because of our support of the NIRSA, but

    given the current status of Campus Concepts, the end may be in sight. We will

    continue to participate if the company makes good on the money owed from last

    year’s programs and presents us with sponsors that are beneficial to our campus

    program. The company is trying to be aggressive in their rebound effort though. For

    the first time, there is a national sponsor for each of the four major team sports. We

    will participate in any of these that our existing schedule will allow.

? United Parcel Service Intramural Sponsorship:

    ? Planning team: John Smith, Dale Ramsay

    ? Strategy Meeting: June 3, 2001 ? Implementation Date: Various points of the intramural and camp schedule

? United Parcel Service is our main, local, source of sponsorship. UPS is highly

    involved on our campus to begin with but with the addition of the academic programs

    and the Metro Scholars program, will be to an even higher degree. UPS recognizes

    the amount of interaction we have with students and also is cognizant of the fact that

    students participating in our program posses the physical ability to perform their part-

    time job functions. We have entered into an exciting new agreement with UPS/Metro

    University that will cover the cost of our entire awards and promotions budget in one

    up front payment. This is a very significant achievement for us as that had been our

    goal in development from the very beginning of our marketing and fund raising

    efforts. The people from employment at UPS have told us we are the only department

    they work with that provides concrete data as to their benefit from our relationship

    with them. It will remain important to document the number of “lead cards” we

    generate through our program. This will become more important when we meet with

    them to let them know about the lack of men’s team basketball camps in the future.

    The lead cards will become a major justification of our continued sponsorship request.

? Procure income through selling advertising banners:

    ? Planning Meeting: June 3, 2001

    ? Strategy Team: John Smith, Dale Ramsay

    ? Implementation Date: June 10


    ? Given our demographics of over 400,000 visitors per year to the recreational sports

    area of the SAC, there is an amount of interest from local companies to have some

    type of exposure with us. We are in the process of selling space for advertising

    banners in appropriate areas of the SAC. Proposals were sent to 8 new agencies that

    would have a natural tie to the type of exposure we can provide. Two have responded

    positively. This will be an ongoing project throughout the year.


    ? Utilize e-mail to put information out to members on a regular basis: ? Planning Meeting: August 7, 2001

    ? Strategy Team: John Smith

    ? Implementation Date: August 14

In an effort to increase our communication with current members we started an e-mail list

    that allows us to get information out quickly to a good number of members. We use this

    anytime there is going to be a change in any facility hours or just to promote something

    like the renovation of Humana Gym. A number of members have commented that it is a

    good service and that they appreciate the notices. It has had a positive effect on our

    retention of members as well.

? Survey Alumni Members at registration time

    ? Planning Meeting: December 9, 2001

    ? Strategy Team: John Smith, Dale Ramsay

    ? Implementation Date: With January renewal notices

We are becoming more and more dependent on income generated through our alumni

    program. It will become increasingly beneficial to survey the current members to find out

    the strengths and weaknesses they perceive they derive from their membership. We also

    will ask about use of Humana Gym and how One Card applications would impact their


    ? Target current class of graduating students through cap and gown pick up days: ? Planning Meeting: April 2, 2002

    ? Strategy Team: John Smith, Dale Ramsay

    ? Implementation Date: April 9, 2002 or date of Alumni Association mailing

    ? Many current students that are preparing to graduate will remain in the Louisville

    area. Since they are users of the recreational facilities now, they would probably be

    interested in being able to continue that use. Recent graduates are our best target

    market for Alumni Membership participants. Those that have been out of school a

    number of years will probably opt for more traditional health club type memberships

    because of parking conveniences, increased hours of operation and fewer days closed

    than our situation allows us. However to recent graduates, and those just preparing to

    graduate, those situations do not present near as big a hassle. We will utilize several

    marketing tools to promote the membership plan to current students. One will be to


    display an advertising banner over the Service Counter of the SAC that will promote

    the program. Most users have to conduct some business at the Service Counter on

    each visit to the SAC. The banner will increase their knowledge about the programs’

    availability. There will be a special price break for graduating students that will be

    either a reduced cost for the remainder of the year or that will include membership for

    2001 as well. We staffed a table at cap and gown pick up again this year but got little

    response for out time. I did talk with the Alumni Association about piggy backing a

    mailing they do, which should be much more effective for us.

    Our membership totals are increasing each year. Providing information about the

    membership program to the current class of graduates, while they are still students,

    will serve to further strengthen those numbers.

? Banner the lobby of the SAC:

    ? Planning Meeting: Project Completed

    ? If we believe the benefits of exposure to our student, faculty and staff population

    through the selling of banner space in the SAC is legitimate, we should certainly take

    advantage of it ourselves. A banner promoting the availability of the membership

    could have significant exposure for our membership plan all year long. A number of

    students graduate in December each year and we have not done anything to promote

    the program to them.

    ? Have an information packet available at the service counter in late semesters: ? Planning Meeting: November 26, 2001 & April 2, 2002

    ? Strategy Team: John Smith, David Hatfield

    ? Implementation Date: December 1, April 25

    ? Having an information packet available would make it easier for people to get

    information on the alumni membership plan. A static “take one” display would be

    easy to manage and would reach a good number of potential members. The display

    should be set up towards the end of each semester to reach the students getting ready

    to graduate at that time.


? Humana Gym new equipment satisfaction survey

    ? Planning Meeting: October 23, 2001

    ? Strategy Team: John Smith, David Hatfield

    ? Implementation Date: November 5

Now that the weight room and cardiovascular renovations are complete at Humana Gym,

    we would like to ascertain the level of satisfaction among our users there. We will

    develop a written tool to survey users regarding the quality, installation and use of the

    new equipment.


    ? Conduct focus group meetings to review informal recreation program ? Planning Meeting: August 14, 2001

    ? Strategy Team: John Smith, David Hatfield, Debby Woodall ? Implementation Date: 3 meetings, early fall, late fall or early spring, late spring

Our informal recreation focus group has been a great contributor to the many changes we

    have made in the past several years. We have someone to represent all areas of

    programming as well as all user groups on the focus group. Their identities are kept

    confidential so they do not receive preferred treatment on their visits to our facilities.

    This enables them to form more accurate opinions and observations for us.

    ? Promote facility hours of operation expansion ? Planning Meeting: August 13, 2001

    ? Strategy Team: John Smith, David Hatfield

With the new extended hours of operation in the SAC taking place between Fall Break

    and Spring Break, there will be a need to market and inform our clientele of the expanded

    opportunities available to them. This should include all of our existing media outlets of

    web page, email, electronic message board, flyers and announcements.

? Request an article for Inside UofL to promote informal program and new Health

    Science Center.

    ? Planning Meeting: 10-15-01, pending construction schedule of Health Science


    ? Strategy Team: John Smith, David Hatfield, Debby Woodall

    ? ImplementationDate: TBA pending construction schedule of Health Science


We saw an immediate increase in facility use and personal assessment registrations as a

    direct result of the Inside UofL article last year. We need to see if we can get a similar

    type of article, only featuring the new Health Science Center to run again. While the

    article can feature the new center, it can still serve as a great promotional tool for the

    entire informal and fitness areas of the program.

    ? Promote the opening of the new Health Science Fitness Center ? Planning Meeting: TBA, pending anticipated opening date ? Strategy Team: John Smith, Debby Woodall, Dale Ramsay

The opening of the new HSC fitness center will be another landmark in the history of our

    program and the university. We need to do a good job of promoting the date, hours of

    operation and what will be available in the center to the HSC population. We will need to

    make sure and include lunchtime promotions, as that is the heaviest traffic time of the day

    on that campus. We should also schedule a time with George Howe to discuss the best

    ways to reach students on this campus as he has the most knowledge of their particular

    schedules etc. Ordering some specific promo give away items will be useful. A major


part of this process should come from continued communication with the Big 4.

    Obviously a web page promo should be included in the planning of this project.

    ? Document all planning meetings relating to the HSC ? Planning meeting: June 1, 2001

    ? Strategy Team: John Smith, Debby Woodall, Dale Ramsay ? Implementation Date: Started

It will be crucial for us to document the decision making process as the development of

    the HSC evolves. There will be questions from users regarding hours of operation,

    equipment selection, programming etc. and we will need to be able to explain why and

    how those decisions were reached. By keeping good notes and minutes of all meetings,

    we should be able to construct that process.

    ? Compare users statistics of Humana Gym and HSC ? Planning Meeting: Pending construction schedule of HSC ? Strategy Team: John Smith, David Hatfield, Debby Woodall ? Implementation Date: After HSC has had a chance to establish a regular user


We have long believed that Humana Gym hosted a significant number of users from the

    Health Science campus because of the ease of parking. After the HSC center has been

    open for an appropriate time, we will compare participation figures of the two. This

    information should be useful in determining future hours of operation.


? Promote Cardinal Corner to Campus Culture classes & residence halls

    ? Planning Meeting: July 31, 2001

    ? Strategy Team: John Smith, Debby Woodall ? Implementation Date: August 20

Campus Culture classes represent a great opportunity to gain exposure of our program to

    entering students who would have the potential to be long term participants. Most

    Campus Culture instructors are looking for special event types of programming. Hosting

    their classes in the Cardinal Corner is a natural relationship for both of us. Whether it is a

    specific day of class, or a class social toward the end of the term, it is a win-win scenario.

    We need to contact the Provost to get details on the program and find out how to contact

    each section of class. Similar to the classes, residence hall programs represent the same

    opportunity to us. Pathways guides, RAs etc. are looking for programming opportunities.

    Cardinal Corner should be a huge attraction to resident students.

? Promote the Cardinal Corner Anniversary

    ? Planning Meeting: Decembe 15, 2001

    ? Strategy Team: John Smith, Debby Woodall


? Implementation Date: January 14

The anniversary of the Cardinal Corner is usually celebrated with some type of

    demonstration and consequent tournament. The anniversary is the week of January 28. In

    the past, SGA has co-sponsored the cost of the event. If we are going to bring a trick shot

    artist in, planning needs to be completed mid to late fall.

? Conduct an entrance screening to better ascertain the demographics of our users

    ? Planning Meeting: September 17, 2001

    ? Strategy Team: John Smith, Debby Woodall

    ? Implementation Date: September 24

If we are going to effectively market Cardinal Corner, one of the things that we need to

    do is accurately identify who our users are. We will use a written tool with questions

    other than demographics, but will include a significant amount of demographic requests.

    This should counteract the apprehension some students have of providing demographic

    information only.


? Host an open house for Intramural Chairs the first week of school:

    ? Planning Meeting: August 6, 2001

    ? Strategy Team: John Smith, David Rice, Dale Ramsay

    ? Implementation Date: Week of August 20

? Starting the new year off right is very dependent on incoming Intramural Chairs

    getting information and making a good start themselves. In an effort to help facilitate

    this we will host an open house with soft drinks/pizzas. This will give us a good

    chance to meet the new chairs, make sure they have the information they need and

    insure they understand the logistics of registrations etc. This reception/open house ndstprobably needs to take place early in the 2 week of school as the 1 week is so busy

    it’s hard to make contact with all the groups in time for them to have a representative


? Increase utilization of e-mail to improve communication with teams and IM Chairs:

    ? Planning Meeting: July 17, 2001

    ? Strategy Team: John Smith, David Rice

Email is such an accessible, easy way to contact a number of people at one time that we

    need to make much better use of it. Each league should have a distribution list made of

    team managers. Another list of Intramural Chairs should be developed. These lists then

    can be easy utilized to notify chairs of upcoming meetings and deadlines for entry. Rule

    interpretations, general information and schedule changes could easily be sent to involved

    teams or a sport as a whole. Another benefit of using email is the confirmation that we

    get that a message has been opened. A manager would not be able to tell us “I didn’t

    know about the schedule change” if we were able to document when they opened their


notice. The use of these lists should be emphasized in the council and manager’s

    meetings in the early fall. We should also use these lists to contact previous year’s chairs to get updated information.

    ? Promote Cardinal Park through special event & tournament programming ? Planning Meeting: July 5, 2001

    ? Strategy Team: John Smith, David Rice, Dale Ramsay

Given the student investment in the new Cardinal Park, it is only fitting that there be

    programmed events scheduled in the park. A blacktop 3 on 3 basketball tournament

    should take the place of the Welcome Back Softball tournament, which had recently

    declined in participation. Sand volleyball tournaments and/or leagues should be offered

    during the traditional school year and as an alternative to Speed League Softball in the

    summer. The blacktop 3 on 3 may be a good event for UPS to be involved with.

? Market the recruitment of sports officials:

    ? Planning Meeting: July 16, 2001

    ? Strategy Team: John Smith, David Rice

    ? Implementation Date: Start of Orientation

    ? This will be done by a number of means. Summer orientation displays need to have

    employment opportunities included for all program areas. Officiating opportunities

    also need to be promoted at every council and manager’s meeting. A reception early

    in the fall semester also needs to be organized to try and get people with a general

    interest in officiating involved early. So many of our programs with large officiating

    needs are in the fall semester it is critical for us to attempt and recruit a new layer of

    officials every year. Officials recruitment information also needs to go on all team

    sport publicity, web page, e-mail lists and led message boards.

    ? Conduct Team Sport Satisfaction surveys upon completion of each team sport ? Planning Meeting: two weeks prior to completion of each regular season ? Strategy Team: John Smith, David Rice

    ? Implementation Date: Final week of each regular season

We survey each team, by written tool, to find out their level of satisfaction with the soon-

    to-be-completed season. We develop a set of questions that will be asked in all sports

    along with several other specific sport questions. This allows us to compare results from

    various sports. This tool has been very beneficial to our department in making program

    changes for the next year. This year we have two specific areas we want to make sure and

    ask. The first will be on each team sport tool and will question participants use of The

    Cardinal as a source of campus information. We hope to provide The Cardinal with

    information that would spur them to cover intramural sports on a regular basis by

    showing the potential increase in readership. With the use of Cardinal Park and the larger

    soccer field, we want to see if teams want to increase players to regulation sized teams

    rather than the 7 person teams we have been using because of the small field used in the



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